Kaspersky AntiVirus Review

Kaspersky AntiVirus is an excellent antivirus program with a comprehensive suite of tools and options, including different scan types and scheduling capabilities.

Also included is protection from malware and phishing attacks, tools to block online tracking or ads that do not belong to you, and advanced technologies that help secure banking apps. In addition, an app locker and anti-theft features for mobile devices are provided as additional benefits.

Detects and removes malware

Kaspersky’s antivirus detects and removes malware by comparing files against an extensive signature database, and quarantining anything matching these signatures that is considered potentially dangerous. Furthermore, Kaspersky employs behavioral detection technology to stop any potential attacks from running on your PC.

This program helps protect your devices against unauthorized access to sensitive data by using password protection and an antitheft feature that locks or wipes it if it’s stolen. Furthermore, ransomware protection ensures your files don’t become hostages to cyber hostage-takers who demand money for decryption keys that encrypt them – thus keeping ransomware at bay!

Kaspersky offers comprehensive customer support options, from 24/7 live chat and phone support to knowledge bases and FAQs. They even offer trial versions so that customers can try it before buying it – with an optional 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

Detects and removes spyware

Kaspersky Lab continues its battle against malware and viruses despite the controversy over their alleged links with Russia, offering antivirus software with robust detection and removal features designed to safeguard devices.

These tools include a password manager, VPN service, safe browsing for kids and parental control features that let parents set usage schedules and content filters. Additionally, this software features system cleanup tools, file encryption/shredding/backup features as well as backup.

Kaspersky’s antivirus program has long been recognized by testing labs as providing a balance of simplicity and feature-richness at an economical price. Its intuitively designed interface makes the program simple to use with clearly labeled options and a straightforward user experience. Kaspersky is known for being open with information regarding source code changes, threat detection rules and data collection procedures – something many brands struggle to provide; furthermore it comes in subscription plans designed for one device, three devices, five devices or unlimited.

Detects and removes adware

Adware may be annoying by showing annoying pop-ups and redirecting you to dubious sites, but it can also be dangerous as it gathers data about your browsing habits for use by its creators to sell advertising space. Therefore, it is crucial to employ a reliable adware removal tool in order to clear away any potentially unwanted programs on your PC.

Kaspersky AntiVirus goes beyond simply offering antivirus and adware detection; it offers additional features not offered by its competitors, such as “Online Payment Protection.” This feature helps protect your financial data by opening an encrypted browser when making online purchases; thus helping prevent it from falling into cybercriminal hands while complying with state privacy laws that safeguard consumers’ data privacy.

Kaspersky offers an extensive knowledge base and 24/7 support, with live help available should more complex issues arise. If you have any inquiries about their security solutions, they offer 24/7 access to both. For any other inquiries they offer a convenient contact phone number as well.

Detects and removes rootkits

Rootkits are malware that runs invisibly on computers, enabling hackers to gain control over system files and configurations remotely as well as remote controlling an infected machine. Rootkits typically consist of two parts: dropper (which imports the rootkit into memory), and loader (which activates it as needed).

Kaspersky offers rootkit scanning through signature scanning, which compares software’s set of numbers against an internal database of known rootkits. Furthermore, Kaspersky can scan a hard drive using “Full Scan”, as well as check removable drives using “Custom Scan.”

Kaspersky offers an exceptional combination of knowledge bases, forums and FAQs as well as 24/7 phone support team for complex issues. Furthermore, this company has an established Global Research & Analysis Team dedicated to combatting advanced cyberthreats.

Detects and removes keyloggers

Modern antivirus programs are capable of detecting and removing keyloggers; however, it should be noted that they often operate covertly to bypass such software detection measures. Therefore, additional precautions should be taken against keyloggers, including using strong passwords, practicing safe browsing habits, and regularly updating antivirus software.

Triple-layer protection system works 24/7 to shield devices and data from common and complex cyberthreats such as viruses, ransomware, spy apps and other forms of malware as well as suspicious websites and online risks.

Kaspersky provides various support options, from human assistance to knowledge bases and FAQs, with free trial periods for customers to try the product prior to purchasing it. They even offer student discounts of 10 percent through UNiDAYS! Plus, Kaspersky is an established name in cybersecurity with nearly two decades of service in the market!

Detects and removes viruses

Kaspersky AntiVirus excels at spotting all forms of malware, from ransomware attacks to adware, worms, rootkits and trojan horses.

In our tests against a recent ransomware threat, Avira proved one of the top performers at blocking program processes and recovering encrypted files. Malware only managed to encrypt five test files before it was eliminated – less than what Bitdefender managed in our trials.

The suite leverages machine learning to hone its detection abilities. It automates analysis of internal sandbox execution logs to discover new indicators and refine mathematical models used for non-signature detection methods.

Other security tools offered by this suite of programs include password managers, VPNs, parental controls and the capability of remotely cleaning severely infected computers. You can also utilize it to keep your data safe when connecting to unsecure Wi-Fi networks – plus schedule any scan type daily, weekly or monthly to minimise performance impact on performance.

Detects and removes worms

The program detects and eliminates malware that can hinder computer performance and put your privacy at risk, including deleterious programs like viruses. Malware can even steal or delete data from devices; for this reason it is wise to eliminate it as soon as it comes across them in order to safeguard both yourself and your devices from harm.

While worms can be hard to detect, Kaspersky AntiVirus’s fast response time allows it to quickly identify and block them. With various protection components covering different threats and frequent updates reducing delay between when new worms appear and when they’re detected by Kaspersky to an absolute minimum.

This program can also detect worms in compressed executables and archives, using special technology that safely disinfects infected objects within ARJ, CAB, RAR and ZIP archives with ARJ, CAB, RAR or ZIP extensions. Furthermore, AV-Comparatives has awarded top marks for these functions too!

Detects and removes trojans

Trojan malware poses as an authentic program and infiltrates your computer or mobile device, stealing information or infecting other programs with harmful files. Kaspersky AntiVirus can detect and remove trojans from your device to give you control of your digital domain once more.

Antivirus software can quickly identify and delete suspicious files as well as emails with potentially dangerous attachments, as well as identify and block network connections used for downloading or spreading malware. Furthermore, vaults encrypt your data making it inaccessible by hackers.

Kaspersky Lab provides its security technology to over 120 software vendors. These include Check Point, Clearswift, Netintelligence, FrontBridge and Wedge Networks – however due to allegations regarding connections with Russia it has been banned from government computers in both Canada and the US; although according to Kaspersky all non-Russian users’ data is sent directly to servers located in Switzerland for processing.

Detects and removes phishing

Kaspersky’s Anti-Phishing component monitors emails for malicious links and prevents attempts to follow them. In addition, its web traffic scan checks for known phishing URLs which are regularly updated in its database of known phishing URLs.

File Anti-Virus protects computer files by safeguarding them against infection. The program checks every opened, saved or executed file as well as any connected drives and disinfects them if found to be infected; additionally it can automatically send infected files into quarantine until they can be fully cleaned up.

Kaspersky File Anti-Virus also provides protection against ransomware, which encrypts user data and demands payment in return for decryption keys. If they can’t pay, their data could be permanently lost; Kaspersky’s File Anti-Virus can protect against such attacks by scanning USBs before plugging them in to computers – this helps ensure no malicious files enter them unknowingly.

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