Kaspersky Endpoint Security Review

Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Kaspersky Endpoint Security offers complete IT infrastructure protection as well as employee devices from malware attacks with its comprehensive suite of IT security tools, such as antivirus to block threats and anti-theft features that allow for remote locating or wiping stolen computers.

The application also comes equipped with a host intrusion prevention system to identify signs of manual hacker attacks in log files or data on the device, and block or undo changes made by malicious software programs.

Threat detection and prevention

Kaspersky Endpoint Security provides comprehensive IT security to desktops, servers and mobile devices. Its advanced threat detection and prevention technologies defend against various malware attacks such as ransomware. In addition to malware protection it also includes network and phishing protection tools to guard against data theft on iOS devices and a centralized management console for easy control and management over IT assets as well as policies from one place.

Adaptive security, server hardening and application control make this product an excellent option for protecting businesses of all sizes against complex threats. Furthermore, its multi-layer defenses are supplemented by patch management technology, which removes vulnerabilities in operating system and application software and patch management vulnerabilities in operating system and application software vulnerabilities. File encryption protects sensitive business information if a computer is stolen or lost.

A centralized management console enables users to oversee all IT security features from one convenient location, while the self-service portal provides comprehensive product documentation and how-to articles. The user-friendly UI makes learning how to use this tool simple; its unified dashboard displays vital information at a glance so users can take immediate action if a threat or incident is identified by clicking it directly from its display.

The platform quickly recognizes infected files and quarantines them for later analysis by employing hash-based execution deny policies and behavior analysis. This prevents malware from launching its malicious code into the operating system while simultaneously blocking access. Furthermore, this security suite detects command and control servers associated with detected malware, blocks them. Furthermore, suspicious applications are identified and their files encrypted to prevent unauthoritie access.

Security solutions protect PCs against unauthorized access to startup disks by encrypting all files – such as those in My Documents and cookies – on disk. They use anti-phishing features with access to millions of URLs in their database to detect potentially dangerous websites and block bogus or malicious links, password managers and mobile device management capabilities which allow IT administrators to remotely lock or wipe devices that have been lost or stolen remotely from IT administrators’ control.

File encryption

Kaspersky Endpoint Security’s file encryption features provide protection for sensitive information on laptops and workstations by automatically encrypting files as they are written to disk. The encryption process is fast, robust against system failures, does not consume significant memory resources, enabling employees to continue working uninterrupted. Moreover, its transparent nature means no special application or program is needed to decrypt files.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security protects files on local hard disks and USB drives by encrypting them with AES256 encryption, blocking unauthorized users even with access to password or keys from accessing them directly. In case of data loss or theft, IT departments can remotely decrypt the encrypted files remotely in order to recover lost or stolen information remotely.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security’s elegant design makes it simple and straightforward for users. The management console is straightforward, while each component of its functionality unfolds gradually when clicked upon. Deployment and management is straightforward as well, making Kaspersky Endpoint Security suitable for various IT environments.

Anti-malware and threat detection capabilities of the software have been firmly demonstrated by independent testing lab AV-Test Institute, who ran over 13,500 malware samples against it – and stopped every one. This performance far surpasses industry averages, and demonstrates its strong foundation of protection capabilities.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security stands out in another aspect, its ability to avoid false positives – programs incorrectly classified as threats by its software. In one test it scored 100% compared with an industry average of 98.9%.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security provides comprehensive security tools, as well as other features which make it a good fit for small businesses. These features include advanced threat hunting, network firewall and host-based anti-virus engine to provide additional protection from ransomware to spyware and malware threats.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security can be deployed as both an on-premises solution or managed service, featuring a light touch control and management model to make deployment and management of IT infrastructures, including cloud servers, easy. Centralized console management enables efficient administration and software can be customized to fit into every organization’s workflows seamlessly.

Service functions

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is an innovative cybersecurity solution designed to protect desktops, laptops and mobile devices in your organization from all manner of threats and attacks. Offering advanced detection and prevention features as well as single management console control of endpoints without impacting performance or productivity negatively, this comprehensive tool offers integrated IT security training as well as root cause analysis functionality as well as additional modules designed to enhance functionality such as audits and compliance checks.

Software designed to protect computers against an array of threats ranging from viruses and spyware, phishing attacks and DDoS attacks is essential in today’s online environment. With its advanced heuristic, behavioral and cloud detection technologies that provide extra layer of protection against unknown malware. Network protection scans all incoming and outgoing network traffic for potential threats before blocking any potential attacks; additionally it encrypts hard disk drives so as to safeguard sensitive information in case it gets stolen or lost computer or device.

This solution offers various tools to manage user activity, applications and the operating system. The application access control feature monitors all attempts to run applications and regulates their operation according to pre-set rules; its file and folder control component restricts access to My Documents folder data, cookies and system resources while enabling users to select files, folders and registry keys they would like protected; while its web protection feature blocks access to websites which distribute malware and phishing attacks.

Additionally, this solution provides IT audit and compliance checks as well as the Role-Based Model, which enables users to assign different endpoint groups or management tasks to specific administrators via the IT administration console. Each administrator can customize his or her view so only relevant tools and data appear before them based on their responsibilities; additionally it integrates seamlessly with SIEM systems like IBM QRadar and HP ArcSight for improved monitoring capabilities.

Licenses can be purchased to unlock all functionality and update application databases and modules as well as providing technical support specialists via phone and email for any issues during installation, configuration or use of the program.


Kaspersky Endpoint Security offers businesses a range of features designed to keep corporate data secure. This software protects users, servers and mobile devices across their network from intrusions; ensure compliance with industry regulations and company policies; as well as allow centralized management console access of all installed endpoint protection components from one convenient place.

Adaptive security, server hardening and additional application and device controls provide multiple layers of defense against advanced threats. Backed by world-renowned threat intelligence services, these technologies help your business protect itself against cyberattacks, data breaches and other security vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security’s central management console offers an efficient way of overseeing all deployed components – anti-malware, file and device protection, web security, IT security, endpoint detection and response as well as security awareness training – in an easily navigable interface. You can customize configuration of each component based on your individual requirements.

It also features a centralized management tool for the deployment of OS golden images to endpoints remotely and with minimal impact to performance. Additionally, this tool supports UEFI boot and can automatically scan and patch systems during system startup to identify vulnerabilities and repair them; additionally it offers effective remote troubleshooting, software distribution, and application updates.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security also allows for monitoring software status on computers and providing information regarding work task progress as well as recording all actions performed by Kaspersky Endpoint Security. You can easily filter events by category to view only those relevant to you; such as informational messages, warnings and critical incidents.

The platform also allows you to deploy and manage applications across a network, monitor mobile device usage, block suspicious websites used by criminals to steal or misuse sensitive data, protect against DDoS attacks and other network attacks as well as encrypt files on computers to protect against unauthorized access and prevent DDoS attacks – although this could consume resources and impede performance on certain machines.

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