Kaspersky Internet Security Review

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is consumer cybersecurity software designed to detect and remove malware as well as block hacking attempts on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. The suite also comes equipped with password management features and VPN protection.

Highlight features include robust anti-malware protection, on-screen keyboard support and parental controls. In addition, it boasts an impressive private browsing mode as well as an outstanding password manager with biometric authentication support.


Kaspersky Internet Security offers multiple layers of protection that work together to offer real-time protection against a range of information security threats, such as antivirus, antispyware, firewall and advanced network attack prevention functions.

This program’s three-layer defense engine provides protection from common viruses and malware such as worms, Trojans and spyware as well as more complex threats like cryptolockers and ransomware. Furthermore, it blocks hacker attempts to infiltrate your home network and steal your data.

As well, it provides additional protection to personal files and data when connected to unsecure Wi-Fi networks, protecting you against malicious websites and phishing attacks by scanning each website, checking it against a database of known threats, and blocking it if it proves dangerous.

Kaspersky’s interface is user-friendly and clear, though it takes time to fully explore all that it offers. Starting off on its home page with an overview of your current security status that you can click to expand further for more details, then access to manual scans (Quick Scan, Full Scan and an examination of external devices), updates, a hardened browser, password manager and parental controls are available through boxes on its left.

Kaspersky’s reputation has taken a blow over recent years due to allegations regarding its links with Russia and potential impacts on user privacy, but the company has taken steps to demonstrate its transparency: they moved their data centers from Russia to Switzerland, opened up their source code, joined the Global Transparency Initiative and offer various customer support options such as 24/7 live chat support as well as phone and email contact for complex issues.


Malware is malicious software designed to do damage on your computer or device by slowing it down, blocking access to files, erasing data or even stealing personal information. Malware often enters devices via advertisements, links or spam emails containing malware – but Kaspersky Internet Security consistently outshines competitors at protecting you against it, with top scores in protection trials conducted by AV-Test.

Antivirus protection that provides additional features is very useful; Norton Security Suite boasts an exceptional antivirus scanner while offering several other useful features, including password manager and parental controls, VPN to keep browsing private and phishing protection tool. All plans offer competitively priced protection plans with plans available for one, three or five devices with an exceptional money-back guarantee policy.

Kaspersky is an excellent brand, boasting high malware detection rates, an intuitive dashboard and numerous tools designed to protect privacy. However, its roots lie in Russia; many governments have voiced concerns regarding any links the company may have with that country and worries that any malware attacks from there might threaten user security.

Since the US government banned Kaspersky on computers that store sensitive information in 2017, and European nations informed companies responsible for critical infrastructure about potential Russian hacking threats, some people have decided to switch cybersecurity providers out of safety concerns.


Kaspersky Internet Security’s anti-phishing feature can protect you from various online threats. It detects phishing attacks, attempts at conversation hijacking or spoofing and any malicious links sent via email as well as BEC (business email compromise) attacks by using expertly developed detection rules that are regularly updated by the application.

Once installed, getting started takes only minutes. The app’s intuitive and visually pleasing user interface shows your current protection status and recommends actions; clicking Details displays more comprehensive security status details where you can control if new apps and files are scanned automatically, enable adware detection as well as activating app locks and call filters.

Kaspersky Internet Security’s other features include File Anti-Virus, which monitors all files saved, opened or executed to guard against infection and defend against ransomware attacks in which cybercriminals encrypt your data before demanding payment to decrypt it. Other protective measures include Web Anti-Virus which scans incoming data for potential infections as well as IM Anti-Virus which blocks malware attachments or suspicious URLs found within chat conversations.

Though some users have doubted Kaspersky’s integrity, the company continues to work hard at earning their trust. Their transparency report provides detailed information on source code, threat detection rules and data collection processes. They even passed a Service Organization Control for Service Organizations Type 1 audit in 2019. In addition to these measures, Kaspersky is dedicated to protecting customer privacy – promising not to share any customer personal data with the Russian government which has become particularly significant following Russia’s military actions in Ukraine.


Kaspersky’s firewall features monitor network connections based on settings set within Kaspersky (not within Windows OS). They control access to local area networks and Internet through these settings; providing another layer of defense against threats from external sources.

Kaspersky Internet Security software provides comprehensive protection from malware, phishing attacks and other cyber threats. With multiple methods for detecting threats – including powerful cloud-based threat analysis and blocking suspicious websites – as well as comprehensive settings and features for controlling the behavior of applications on their computers (including parental control ), this product makes an excellent choice.

Kaspersky stands out by protecting multiple devices at once – from PCs and mobile phones to tablets – making it ideal for families that share devices for both work and personal purposes. Furthermore, their customer support service provides 24/7 assistance in troubleshooting issues or solving them quickly.

Kaspersky offers several protection components, but also has a privacy component which offers extra safeguards against online dangers. The privacy feature can protect private photos, text messages and emails as well as hide data in case of unwarranted discovery.

Kaspersky offers an intuitive, visually-appealing user interface. The program’s main functions are easily accessible through tiles on its control panel; clickable icons at the bottom part of your screen provide fast access. Furthermore, users can monitor computer protection status and adjust Kaspersky Internet Security’s settings as needed.

Safe Money

Kaspersky Internet Security Suite was one of the most comprehensive protection packages we tested this year, boasting top-level malware detection rates, solid web protection features such as password manager and strong mobile app functionality. Furthermore, its easy user experience was coupled with transparent business practices from Kaspersky – making this an outstanding option for both consumers and businesses alike.

Safe Money, available within our security package, utilizes Secure Browser to protect financial transactions against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks as well as prevent interception of entered data on forms in online shopping and banking sites. Safe Money will automatically activate when visiting any site supporting this feature and can also be expanded by users to protect any additional sites they want.

Safe Money offers more than financial data protection: it also assists in combatting identity theft. By scanning a computer for suspicious activities such as unused apps and services, identifying files which might be stealing data, and tracking down devices being used by you; as well as notifying of any possible inappropriate activity on social media networks.

Kaspersky Lab has long been considered a trustworthy cybersecurity firm by independent experts; however, their involvement in Ukraine’s ongoing civil war has raised legitimate fears that they could be used by Russia to spy on their customers. Since the conflict started, some governments have banned Kaspersky products from federal government computers and warned their citizens against it; furthermore, in March 2022 the US Federal Communications Commission included Kaspersky on their list of companies which pose national security risks; to respond to such fears Kaspersky has set up their Global Transparency Initiative while moving their data centers to Switzerland – as an independent experts have considered these concerns carefully enough that independent experts judge them trustworthy enough that independent experts have judged them reliable enough by independent experts to put aside these worries about Russian government involvement by setting up their Global Transparency Initiative while moving their data centers there

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