Kaspersky Security Cloud Free Review

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free provides all the features expected from a premium antivirus program in an intuitive interface that only contains eight rectangles: Scan, Database Update, Password Manager (a separate download), Mobile Protection, Secure Connection and Safe Money.

Other useful features include a secure browser for online financial transactions and an on-screen keyboard that blocks keyloggers, with 24/7 customer support as an added benefit.


Kaspersky Lab stands out among antivirus protection solutions by being compatible with all major devices and platforms, and offering easy user experiences. Their latest releases add extra layers of security and privacy, including password managers that sync across devices, a VPN for secure browsing, system cleanup tools and the capability to scan for vulnerabilities on operating systems.

Kaspersky Free includes all the essential features you’d expect from their professional versions, such as real-time protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and other threats such as hidden dangers. Any detected threats are isolated in quarantine areas for you to review them or restore or delete as necessary. In addition, this software blocks phishing websites while monitoring weak settings on home Wi-Fi connections so as to ensure no additional devices connect.

Another fantastic feature is its ability to schedule scans at specific times or every night, unlike many free antivirus programs that do not include this capability. You can use it to scan an individual folder, partition or external drive without significantly slowing down your PC; additionally it detects intrusive programs running while they’re running!

Finally, this software contains a password manager; however, I was less impressed that it lacked features such as two-factor authentication or dark web monitoring that are common among its competitors. Instead, there is a backup and recovery option that saves your passwords to Dropbox for safekeeping; there’s also a system cleanup utility and VPN that offers several regional options to connect.

This software also allows you to set parental controls for kids’ devices, enabling you to view their daily screen time and block adult content. Furthermore, you can set an area for your child to stay within and receive alerts if they stray outside it.


Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is an antivirus program with some additional features. It combines malware protection with an efficient scanner, providing minimal slowdown of computer performance. In addition, Kaspersky offers plenty of customizability. However, many advanced features desired in a full security suite may not be present here.

Kaspersky Security Cloud is also an ideal choice for those concerned about their online privacy, offering both free and paid versions with VPN that protect data from spying programs and make it harder for trackers to monitor online activity. In the latter instance, paid versions include more comprehensive features like password manager, mobile protection, adblocker, payment protection and safe browsing for children.

This program boasts an extremely user-friendly interface with soothing color schemes and is visually stimulating for any type of viewer. The main screen contains eight rectangular boxes which represent various tasks; when everything is working smoothly they turn green while any issue needs attention turns red. Unfortunately, only Scan and Database Update are supported in free versions, along with 15 items of settings menu access; password manager and adblocker downloads must be obtained separately while PC Cleaner remains grayed out while Secure Connection opens a separate Kaspersky VPN client client.

Kaspersky has long been at the center of controversy, leaving many users doubting its software. Most recently, in 2017 Kaspersky was accused of stealing US intelligence data and passing it along to Russian government operatives – claims which the company denied but nevertheless caused significant backlash in terms of using federal computers or major vendors like Twitter or Best Buy withdrawing support of it altogether. Although these allegations may seem credible at face value, no evidence existed to prove Kaspersky gathered private user data in any form whatsoever.

Kaspersky has taken steps to demonstrate its reliability despite criticism. They have moved their data processing centers from Switzerland to other locations around the world and established transparency centers there as well as passing an SOC 2 audit. Furthermore, they offer 30-day money back guarantees as well as first year discounts on plans.

Kaspersky provides several plans that cover three to 20 devices at once, each offering one-year contracts with several benefits and offering free trials so users can evaluate its product and decide if it meets their needs.


Kaspersky may be well-known for its links with Russian secret services and can cause some to question its product legitimacy; however, the company maintains that its Security Cloud Free offers premium antivirus protection. The software scans files and programs in real-time to detect potential malware threats like ransomware, phishing attempts or even potential security risks; users can manually initiate system scans for specific folders or the entire system as needed.

As with most software programs, the features available will vary based on which pricing plan users choose. Generally speaking, more expensive plans tend to offer more robust tools that can protect more devices while offering additional services like password management.

To install Kaspersky Security Cloud, the installer file should be downloaded from its official website and opened to begin the setup wizard’s installation and configuration of software. When complete, launch it to access its main screen where a green check mark indicates protection or yellow exclamation point indicates issues to address.

Kaspersky Security Cloud features an eye-catching layout on its main page that organizes its features in convenient tiles on the left side. A gear icon in the lower-left corner allows access to settings, while clicking any tile will provide further information and advice for action. Furthermore, this program also includes access to its support portal which offers 24/7 live chat support as well as phone support for more pressing inquiries or issues.

Not only can this software offer basic antivirus capabilities, it also comes equipped with additional security features such as a secure browser with VPN protection for online shopping and banking transactions, and ransomware protection modules that prevent ransomware from encrypting personal files and demanding payment to decrypt them. Furthermore, the software blocks suspicious websites or phishing pages which could use your personal information against you accidentally visiting harmful pages on the internet.


Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is an effective suite that protects multiple devices with just one subscription. Adaptive settings automatically adjust for optimal protection without needing input from users, and an intuitive My Kaspersky portal makes managing systems easy. In addition, this suite features PC optimisation tools, password managers, VPN connections (Hotspot Shield-powered) and parental controls to safeguard systems further – as well as warning if personal data leaks online and alerts if your device becomes rooted.

Kaspersky Lab’s Suite utilizes a bright and user-friendly interface that makes navigation simple. A check mark indicates when all areas of protection have been met; an exclamation point or red X indicates any gaps that require immediate attention. Since being accused of spying on customers in 2017, Kaspersky is making every effort to prove its trustworthiness by publicizing its internal processes list as well as conducting Service Organization Control 2 Type 1 audits to demonstrate this.

Clicking on the ‘Run update’ button starts the main program downloading and installing updates, typically taking around 5 minutes before being paused at any point during this process. Once complete, you will be asked to create an account and log in before starting scanning your computer for potential threats.

From the menu, you can run either a full or quick scan and view detailed reports on your device. In addition, this program can detect and remove malware missed by other antivirus solutions; its self-defense method prevents other viruses from changing files, memory or system settings; it monitors network traffic processing ports to protect against hackers; plus more!

This program also comes equipped with a “Dark Web” monitor to track leaks on the dark web. While its free version only checks for personal and banking data leakage, premium versions provide comprehensive monitoring including leakage from social media posts or photos.

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