KingRoot Review – How to Root Your Android Safely


Kingroot is an app that helps you become the administrator of your phone, while simultaneously uninstalling any bloatware and making it faster and more powerful.

Rooting your phone has never been simpler with Kingroot. The app is intuitive and safe, making rooting your phone hassle-free. Please be aware, however, that not all Android devices or versions of OS support this application.


Rooting Android phones has long been considered one of the quickest ways to unlock their full potential, but it comes with risks. If you aren’t careful enough, rooting could damage your device; fortunately, there are tools like Kingroot which help minimise these risks; these apps allow you to root Android devices quickly.

To use the app, first enable installation from “Unknown Sources” by going into your stock Android device’s settings and tapping on “Security”. Afterward, download and install the program to complete rooting process; follow any on-screen instructions and download a root checker from Google Play as proof that your phone or tablet has been successfully rooted.

Before beginning the rooting process, it is wise to back up all essential data on your device. Rooting may cause this information to be lost forever so making a backup may save your valuable files from irretrievable loss. Furthermore, as rooting can take some time you should ensure you have reliable internet and enough battery power for the operation.

Once the program recognizes your Android device, connect it via USB cable to your computer and follow its prompts for rooting it. When finished, reboot your system and enjoy its newly rooted status!

Kingroot and other one-click root apps seek to exploit software bugs on phones to gain root access, however if your device is unsupported it’s likely because its developers haven’t found any suitable exploits yet.

An alternative approach is using a PC-based rooting app. These programs tend to be more reliable, providing support for more devices while offering an easier user interface that’s easy for beginners to grasp. Unfortunately, however, they may not be as effective or compatible with certain phones; so be sure to carefully read your user manual before beginning rooting process.


Rooting your phone can give you greater control of how it operates, including customizing its interface and uninstalling unnecessary applications. However, you must use this tool with caution as misusing it could damage your device permanently – if you’re considering rooting your Android phone follow these tips for doing it safely!

Before beginning with KingRoot, be sure to back up your phone in order to safeguard against potential problems that might arise later, like losing data or having your device reset. Also be sure to temporarily disable antivirus software when installing KingRoot so as not to be blocked by Google Play Protect and have its installation denied.

Once that is accomplished, download and install KingRoot from its website on your PC, launch its program, enable USB debugging on your phone, click “Start to Root”, wait a few minutes, and hit “Done Rooting.” It will inform you as soon as it has finished rooting your phone!

This app boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface and is completely free – no registration is needed! Compatible with most Android devices and all versions of OS. However, one drawback lies within: its PC version only displays Chinese in its interface.

Note that KingRoot does not automatically install SuperSU, making managing root permissions less simple than with another app. If this bothers you, SuperSU is available as an official alternative and should be installed directly. Alternatively, consider another rooting app such as iRoot which offers both PC and mobile versions and has proven more stable over time; additionally it supports multiple languages including English.


KingRoot is an all-in-one root application designed to provide comprehensive support for Android devices. No downloads are necessary; KingRoot works directly on the device with just one click! Easily root nearly all recent Android phones and tablets using cloud and active Internet connectivity as it searches for the appropriate rooting exploit to complete its task.

Kingroot can also help remove bloatware from your device. Bloatware includes apps preinstalled by manufacturers or cellular companies to provide additional features or services; these often consume memory and slow down performance on your phone; when removed with Kingroot you should experience an increase in performance as well as extended battery life span.

KingRoot stands out as an important feature among other Android rooting tools due to its compatibility with all devices running Android OS, without requiring PC access for rooting process. Furthermore, there’s also a free version available – perfect for beginners!

Rooting using KingRoot generally takes 30-60 seconds, depending on several factors including device model, network connection speed and firmware version. If rooting takes too long it could be due to any of these components – so be aware of any delays!

To begin the rooting process on an Android device, first activate USB debugging by visiting Settings Developer options USB debugging switch to ON position. When completed, connect your device via compatible USB cable to your computer and launch KingRoot; click Root button located on toolbar for rooting process to begin.

Once your device has been successfully rooted, you can gain access to its hidden features. One such popular application is Purify which helps remove bloatware and block startup apps as well as clean cache and optimize battery performance. However, rooting does involve some risks, so always follow instructions provided by KingRoot as modded versions could expose your device to malware as well as security risks.

Final Words

Rooting an Android device can be complex. There are various rooting applications on the market and each offers unique features, but KingRoot stands out by being user-friendly and working on a wide variety of devices. As such, its popularity has skyrocketed.

Rooting a device should be approached with caution, as doing so could potentially damage its hardware and nullify any software warranty coverage that was once in effect. Therefore, if you feel uncertain or uncomfortable with taking this risk it would be wise to wait and conduct additional research prior to rooting your device.

KingRoot stands out as an exceptional way to root virtually all kinds of Android smartphones and tablets quickly and successfully, boasting one of the fastest rooting programs. Furthermore, its application is constantly being upgraded with support for new models – an especially valuable benefit when dealing with older devices that may not be supported by other rooting programs.

KingRoot stands out by improving the speed of Android devices. A device running slowly can be difficult to use, and this app can make yours run faster by uninstalling unnecessary applications and increasing processing capacity. In addition, KingRoot can prevent apps from running in the background thus decreasing CPU and GPU utilization.

One of the key advantages of this application is its ability to back up applications and video games, restore system settings to previous states, root various devices (including Huawei and HTC ) as well as help save memory by deleting unwanted files or apps.

This app is free to download, but requires an active internet connection and working USB port. Once the apk file has been downloaded, users can initiate rooting by selecting “Start root.” Once this process has completed, they can install Super SU as a means of managing root access.

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