KMPlayer Review

KMPlayer is an immensely popular video player that gives users immense flexibility and virtually limitless ways to personalize. Furthermore, this platform can record audio/video/snapshots.

KM Player boasts an extremely small footprint, taking up less than 16 megs in memory and using only negligible space on your hard drive. Plus, no additional codecs are necessary!


KMPlayer is widely considered to be one of the most comprehensive video players available. It boasts numerous audio and video quality functions like equaliser, screen adjustment, image rotation and 3D support – not forgetting Hardware acceleration settings to allow smooth playback of media files.

This player allows you to switch audio tracks during playback and utilize an external decoder if needed, for improved sound quality in movies. Furthermore, it is equipped with features for loading and customizing subtitles, including controlling their positioning (positioning font size orientation etc) as well as customizing their appearance (positioning font size orientation etc). When watching movies with embedded subtitles you can set this program automatically search and load any available file compatible with your video codec if you choose that option.

One great feature of the program is its seamless playback capability, enabling you to join together multiple video parts into a continuous movie. This is extremely useful when viewing videos that have been broken up into different parts or ones with out-of-sync subtitles; simply go into Preferences > Seamless Playback to configure these settings accordingly.

Video Editor provides a wide range of video effects such as blur, slant and zoom, along with an easy search function for quickly finding specific scenes or parts of movies. Furthermore, brightness, contrast and hue adjustments allow you to further personalize images for viewing pleasure.

This program also lets you easily create customized playlists to more efficiently organize both your music and video collections. With its robust library management features, files are organized into folders according to categories; import and export playlists may also be performed as well as adding new material from multiple sources.

This program boasts an intuitive and modern user interface with plenty of customizability options available, including skins to meet individual preferences. Furthermore, the program is compatible with multiple file formats including Technisat Digicorder files (TS), VCDs, DVDs, AVIs, MKVs, Ogg Theora OGMs and WMV files for playback.


KMPlayer is one of the most sought-after free video players available, and for good reason. With its multifunctionality and the ability to make changes that standard video players cannot provide – such as synching audio/video sync tools and 3D playback options – KMPlayer stands out as an attractive choice for Windows users looking for more from their video player than what Microsoft provides as standard options.

This program boasts an aesthetic design that emphasizes functionality and ease of use, making it suitable for novice and expert users alike. All main controls are clearly displayed and easy to access while other options and customization features are accessible through a menu accessible on any screen.

KMPlayer supports an expansive list of media file formats, from 4K and UHD videos to DVDs and screenshots, making capture simple and capture-capture even for novice users. Users can customize audio and video settings as desired such as brightness, contrast and saturation settings for optimal playback experience.

KMPlayer stands out as an amazing software solution because of its ability to download videos from online media sites like Facebook, Youtube and Daily Motion. Furthermore, it can record or convert audio files directly into MP3 format. Finally, there’s also the option of installing new codecs for improved software performance.

KMPlayer stands out from the competition by being capable of playing back all types of multimedia files without needing external codecs or decoders, thanks to an internal decoding engine and filter system which interacts in an entirely controlled environment, eliminating potential conflicts between different internal and external decoders that would cause KMPlayer to crash or not function correctly.

The program is easy and lightweight to install, with users even being able to design custom skins for it. Once downloaded, users will be given the opportunity to support KMPlayer by purchasing a cup of coffee for them from within their installer file.


KMplayer stands out as a free player that is capable of installing and using external codecs without the user needing to download third-party software like QuickTime, Windows Media Player or VLC. This capability is made possible through its built-in reClock multimedia engine which enables real time hardware or software rate adaptation as well as audio timestretching (pal speedup compensation) and dynamic range compression features for HD videos played back via HD player.

The ReClock multimedia engine supports many audio formats. KMplayer can play back multi-track LPCM audio files, AC3 files and MKV files without needing any plugins or decoders; additionally it features video filters such as motion blurring, sharpening, color balance adjustments, contrast saturation hue screen resizing flipping frame capture settings etc. Furthermore, it imports subtitles while recording TV channels.

KMplayer stands out as a unique media player because of its unique ability to support 2D game playback, an ability not often found among free media players and much appreciated. Frontline Defense 2 currently is the only title supported, providing simplistic tower defense with intuitive controls and simple graphics.

KMplayer also features an inbuilt video cropping function which enables users to easily adjust video sizes or shapes while maintaining quality, which can save mobile phone storage space significantly. This is especially beneficial for frequent video viewers who may otherwise have difficulty fitting videos onto their phones.

KMplayer also comes equipped with an extensive set of advanced audio processing features, designed to appeal to audiophiles. Users can customize various sound enhancement options, including an equalizer and various ambience effects through its Preferences window.

KMplayer makes audio track selection simple with right-click and context menu selection of “Change Track.” Furthermore, users can connect external splitters, decoders, audio/video transform filters and renderers through fully controlled environments to avoid direct interaction with system filters.


KMPlayer is an extremely popular media player for Windows PCs, drawing over 100,000 unique visits a day and being downloaded millions of times annually. This success can be attributed to KMPlayer’s high functionality and seemingly limitless ways of customizing its settings to meet users’ individual needs. Most video players on Windows provide limited capabilities; so having KMPlayer offer so much more is truly astounding.

KMPlayer stands out as an indispensable video player due to its compatibility with multiple file formats, making it the ‘universal’ video player. Many users have had difficulties when trying to play different videos in other players; but with KMPlayer this won’t be an issue.

Decoding capabilities include all essential decoders internal to the program, while it interacts with system filters in a fully controlled environment – meaning no external codecs are needed for playback. Furthermore, DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) API enables hardware-accelerated decoding which can make an enormous difference on older computers as it consumes less CPU power than most video player’s default decoding engine.

KMPlayer stands out as an exceptional media player by its ability to simultaneously play multiple videos at once. Doing so is simple and the program will automatically resume where you left off in each file. To enable this option, open KMPlayer and press F2 for Preferences menu; select General settings then clear out “Disallow Multiple Instances” check box in right pane of General settings pane; hit Save to save changes made and exit program.

KMPlayer provides an exceptional feature: adding subtitles to a video. This can be especially helpful if you are having trouble understanding dialogue from movies, or speaking a language other than English. To use this feature, simply open KMPlayer and click Movie in its top menu bar before selecting Subtitles on its left-hand pane.

If you are having issues with KMPlayer or having difficulty viewing video files on your computer, consider some of the solutions outlined above. If they do not work, we advise installing Stellar Repair for Video to fix any corrupted video files you might have on your system.

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