Kodi – The Gateway to a Multimedia Jukebox

Kodi is an award-winning media center program for PCs that can transform it into an entertainment hub, seamlessly streaming multimedia. Free to download for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Raspberry Pi (RPi) devices alike.

As it supports most audio and video formats, streaming services, and has an expansive add-on library, Roku makes life easy for cord cutters who need all their local and subscription content in one convenient place.

Free and open-source

Kodi is free and open-source software, meaning that anyone may modify and update it at will. While this may make installation and use harder, its flexibility ensures greater reliability and security as well as supporting various media sources.

Kodi can play videos, music and audio files, TV shows, photos and movies stored locally or remotely across networks or from the internet. It supports SMB/Samba/CIFS, NFS and WebDAV file formats and even upscaling standard definition videos to 720p or 1080p quality! In addition, it runs smoothly on different types of hardware from small Raspberry Pis up to large home theater PCs.

Add-ons are key to Kodi’s success. These applications expand its functionality and give access to an incredible library of free content online; additionally they can enable watching live TV streams either online or from cable/satellite boxes.

Kodi is available for multiple platforms, such as Linux, Android, OSX and Windows, with its 10-foot user interface designed specifically to work with televisions and remote controls. Furthermore, it is also compatible with various set-top boxes and streaming devices including the NVIDIA Shield TV.

Kodi is an open-source project managed by an international community. Its source code can be found on GitHub and licensed under GNU General Public License version 2 or later; furthermore, Kodi Foundation offers technical support services.

Though the Kodi Foundation cannot be held liable for any illegal activity that takes place using their software, they recommend users take extra care when downloading add-ons from unofficial repositories. Some may contain copyrighted material which violates local law – to avoid this situation it is best to only download add-ons that have been reviewed and approved by the Kodi community and Wiki provides an up-to-date list of safe add-ons that users should install.

Streaming media

Kodi is a free, open-source media player that allows users to stream content from various sources. It was designed for compatibility across devices and is capable of playing all popular audio and video formats as well as network streaming; making your PC into an audio/video jukebox. However, using Kodi to stream illegally obtained material could breach copyright laws; therefore it’s wiser to utilize add-ons available through its official repository instead.

Kodi is compatible with multiple operating systems, such as OS X, Linux, Android and iOS/tvOS. Its 10-foot user experience interface was designed for use with televisions and remote controls; plus it offers many personalization and configuration options that you don’t have to use all at the same time in order to maximize its potential use by cord cutters who wish to store all their local media in one central place that they can then access across devices.

Kodi developers are committed to keeping the software as secure as possible, employing various testing tools including unit testing framework and continuous integration server. Security audits and penetration tests help them ensure their software meets industry standards; The XBMC Foundation serves as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization supporting this project by handling donations and financial matters.

Kodi offers many add-ons that enable you to access an abundance of media content ranging from movies and TV shows, live sports broadcasts and news updates. Some add-ons are free while others require subscription fees; you may also choose a VPN provider like CyberGhost in order to protect your privacy while watching.

Kodi is easy to set up and operate, making it the ideal solution for anyone who wishes to enjoy streaming media. Compatible with PCs, game consoles, smartphones and more – its intuitive dark color scheme makes navigating with a remote control simple!


Kodi add-ons provide access to an expansive library of free content, from movies and TV shows, live streaming and sports and news feeds – not forgetting some addons offering sports and news feeds! However, you must remember they do not host their own videos; rather they simply aggregate video links from various sources and stream video through. In order for Kodi addons to work successfully they require internet connectivity as well. Ideally disable “Unknown sources” when not needed as this will reduce potential malware risks while sticking with well-known builds will prevent unscrutinized configurations or any potential security risks from install addons from unknown sources or unknown builds from installing addons with untrustworthy configurations or untrustworthiness.

One of the best ways to increase security is with a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN will hide your identity, protect from censorship and make addons easier to use while also blocking other users from accessing your device. A reliable provider should offer good VPN solutions for Kodi.

As another way of strengthening security, Kodi should be run in a sandbox environment. This will isolate it from your operating system, decreasing risk from malware and other threats. Unfortunately, setting this up can be complex; for help on how best to do this, try installing one of Kodi’s builds optimized specifically for security.

Kodi addons come in many different forms. Some specialize in specific content types – for instance, PBS Kids offers educational programming for children through its intuitive user interface and collection of kid-friendly videos; it works on all Kodi compatible devices as well.

Other addons provide access to on-demand content of various kinds. Base offers movies and TV shows as well as documentaries and docuseries, music videos, content for kids and family videos; its library is extensive while supporting Real Debrid integration for superior streaming quality.

Elementum is an incredible addon that allows users to stream movies and TV shows directly from the internet using torrent technology, download videos for offline viewing and integrate Trakt into their library system – though it requires an established internet connection and secure VPN to operate effectively.


Kodi is an open-source media center software that is free and available for any platform imaginable, providing access to various audio/video files as well as live TV shows and add-ons. Compatible devices include desktop computers, Android phones and tablets as well as Amazon Firesticks; using it with a virtual private network (VPN) will ensure privacy and security when accessing the internet.

Kodi features a centralized media library that enables users to store all their media in one central place and access it remotely. The software features an intuitive 10-foot user interface designed specifically for television audiences that can be controlled either remotely or with keyboard input, or customized according to individual tastes by changing its layout, skin and menu arrangements.

Kodi software is distributed under the GNU General Public License and managed by the tax-exempt registered nonprofit technology consortium XBMC Foundation, making it available across multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, with support from an international free software community. Kodi was designed as a platform to support various applications; with an extensive list of add-ons that expand its capabilities.

Some Kodi add-ons violate copyright laws by providing free access to first-run Hollywood movies and other types of content that would normally require paid subscriptions or can only be obtained illegally, such as music downloads. Such illegal add-ons can often be found in unapproved repositories; while Kodi tries to remain immune from them, many skin developers include utilities in their installs that check user add-ons against a database of problematic add-ons for detection purposes.

Users looking to avoid unwanted add-ons should always use a VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, especially to access their data securely and anonymize themselves online. While using a VPN will help shield identity and personal data, it cannot stop malware from masquerading as useful third-party add-ons or redirecting browsers towards fake login pages that harvest account details.

After installing Kodi quickly on their devices, users can enjoy watching television shows and movies using Kodi. With its variety of features such as streaming movies directly from a USB drive, weather forecasting on the main screen, system information and storage usage tracking – Kodi allows viewers to watch everything they want on any screen at anytime!

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