Krita – Create Digital Paintings, Illustrations and Animations


Krita is a free, open source painting software offering artists a wide range of brushes, textures and tools to express themselves visually. Additionally, Krita features special tools designed specifically to assist animators.

Krita views are subwindows that contain various functions for color selector, layer panel and tool options docker – these can all be moved or customized according to your workflow needs.

It is free

Krita is free software designed to facilitate high-quality digital painting and 2D animation, available across multiple platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Linux and Chrome OS. As an open source project it is constantly being improved and upgraded by people from around the globe. Krita features include an OpenGL-accelerated canvas with advanced brush engine; non-destructive layer management and color correction features are also included along with non-destructive layer management and color correction tools. Krita comes complete with online manuals and guides to assist new users as they start working alongside textures, brushes and Python plugins – perfect for 2D creation!

The program is tailored towards illustrators, concept artists, comic book creators, animators and matte painters and features an intuitive graphical user interface with support for multiple languages. Desktop and tablet users alike can take advantage of features like an extensive brush library, powerful painting engine and import/export functionality that let users import/export layered files as well as onion skin that allows users to manage animation timelines.

This free application is extremely user-friendly and yet relatively less-known than some of its rivals. As a result, beginners may require less tutorials and documentation when starting out; however, an active community provides users with assistance for any problems that might arise.

On the official Krita website, there is an educational area that includes a reference manual and various developer and user-created tutorials. Furthermore, there is also a community forum where questions and answers may be posted; and YouTube videos that give newcomers an understanding of how the program can be used are also available to them.

Krita offers another great feature with its support for raster animation. First introduced in version 3.0, this functionality makes creating GIFs and movies much simpler – an especially helpful asset when working with complex images or shapes – making life easier for artists tasked with crafting characters or environments.

Krita features an intuitive user interface that enables the user to customize their workspace according to their workflow needs. Dockers and panels can be moved around and configured according to individual preference; there are also preloaded brushes from professional artists that allow for various effects like shaky effects or watercolor looks.

It is open source

Krita is an open source digital painting program used by artists worldwide. Its wide array of features make it invaluable to illustrators, concept artists, comic book creators, animators, matte painters and game designers. Furthermore, this software is freely downloadable and customizable by anyone; compatible with various devices and operating systems; with tutorials and documentation provided to get users up and running quickly.

Krita allows you to manipulate your image in various ways, including using multiple viewports. Use the mouse wheel or space key to zoom in or out or pan your image; set custom keyboard shortcuts for commonly-used commands; rotate, crop, rotate rotation–all can be done quickly! Furthermore, switching between raster and vector modes is possible!

Krita software uses layers to store all the information required for painting. You can easily create and edit multiple layers that can then be combined or flattened as necessary to keep your painting organized. In addition, Filter Layers provide filters that can be applied either transparently or opaquely – they’re very versatile tools! Combined together and combined into other layers for maximum flexibility.

Krita offers many features to make life easier when creating artwork, such as its ability to import brush and texture packs created by other users, providing an expanded toolbox as well as sharing your brushes with the community. Furthermore, this software also supports importing and editing ICC color spaces, helping integrate Krita seamlessly into existing workflows.

Krita stands out among paid programs by being dedicated specifically to digital painting. It can be used either alone or alongside established programs like Photoshop and Corel Painter to augment digital artwork creation, supporting various file formats including PSD. Other advanced features of the software include its customizable user interface, support for onion skinning and an extensive brush selection – features that are particularly beneficial to professional and beginner artists alike. Krita can be run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems without issue – ideal for professionals as well as novice artists!

It is available for Windows

Krita is an advanced program that allows users to create digital paintings, illustrations and animations. Professional illustrators and animators utilize Krita for its comprehensive tool set that rivals more expensive software packages. Users can easily download it via Krita’s website, Windows Store or Steam and can choose to install both 32- and 64-bit versions based on your processor type – or download its portable version that can run directly off USB drives.

Krita offers a familiar image editing interface with its menu bar, tools, and panels – customizable to meet your preferences – and supports both keyboard shortcuts and mouse commands for effortless use of complex images. In addition, its layered file system makes complex images simpler to work on while auto-saves and crash recovery provide plenty of file backup options.

Krita stands out as an innovative graphics editor because of its support of high-dynamic range (HDR) images, which allows you to see all of its colors. However, HDR may not work correctly across all hardware; specific drivers are required in order to operate correctly.

Krita offers an easy and efficient way for Windows users to access and open files with the program from anywhere on their computer. Plus, its installer EXE makes installation effortless on any machine!

Krita offers both industry-standard and innovative features to make painting simpler and more enjoyable, including powerful brush engines, stabilizers for smooth freehand inking, assistants that help construct complex scenes, an undistractionary canvas-only mode and multiple types of layers and masks. Furthermore, it can display HDR images on supported hardware to allow users to see more color details within an image.

It is available for Mac

Krita for Mac is an image editing and drawing program with features comparable to commercial giants such as Adobe Photoshop. Free and continuously improving with new features, its open source nature allowing users to contribute back into its development makes Krita an excellent choice for artists seeking flexible yet feature-packed software solutions.

Krita offers an intelligent layer and color management system, supporting raster, vector, filter, programmatic group and file-backed layers as well as full sets of tools for working with colors and textures. In addition to supporting RGB, CMYK, grayscale as well as perceptual models like LAB it also boasts support for an extensive variety of color models.

The interface was created specifically with graphics tablet users in mind, offering both pen buttons and keyboard modifiers. Furthermore, an icon-based HUD provides quick access to commonly-used functions.

Brush engines and blending modes offer an abundance of effects and styles, while our special system for favorite blending modes enables quick access to your preferred combinations. Furthermore, wrapping-around mode enables seamless textures and patterns by drawing around objects for seamless textures and patterns.

Another useful feature is raster animation support, which enables you to quickly and easily make movies or GIFs out of your artwork. Vector tools in the program enable you to draw and resize shapes without losing quality; additionally, the built-in vector text tool lets you add text directly onto artworks.

Krita’s Layer Navigation and Search Tools can make life much simpler for artists working with multiple layers, making it easy to organize them and find what you need quickly by name or type (raster, vector or color).

Krita offers many plugins and extensions that expand its capabilities, as well as a community of dedicated users and developers working on improving it. Online forums and communities provide great resources for learning new techniques or sharing tips and tricks with fellow artists. Plus, with its open-source design you can download it at no charge from its website and use it without incurring monthly subscription costs!

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