LaunchBox – A Frontend For Emulators and PC Games

Launchbox is an excellent way to organize both PC games and console classics alike, plus emulator software and ROM files.

Import your games from various services like Steam, Origin, Uplay and GOG with just an email address needed for verification. The process is quick and painless!


Launchbox is an emulator frontend that offers an attractive, customizable user interface for managing games and emulators in one convenient place. Featuring multiple views, filters and search functions to organize your collection quickly and locate what games you want to play quickly; highly configurable; supports various plugins to add extra functionality; as well as boasting an active community and extensive support; Launchbox makes managing emulators fun!

LaunchBox provides a quick and straightforward method for importing games from multiple sources, such as Steam and other gaming platforms like PlayStation and Xbox. LaunchBox automatically downloads metadata and box art from the internet, making it easier to organize and identify titles in your library. It even features a full-screen “Big Box” mode perfect for use with TVs or large displays.

This program can also manage other media formats, including music files and videos. You can create playlists to play games sequentially. Furthermore, its intuitive graphical user interface makes navigation effortless; and an integrated media player enables playback of movies or music albums.

LaunchBox also comes equipped with an intuitive game manager that lets you assign keyboard shortcuts for your emulators, customize game controller mappings, and find games quickly thanks to an integrated database of game manuals and background music.

LaunchBox makes it easy to organize games any way you like, with customizable fields for genre, ESRB rating, developer, publisher and more. Be sure to back up your database regularly in case it needs restoring later.

Another useful feature of M3U Player is its ability to generate multi-disc M3U playlist files for emulators and cores that support them (such as mednafen_saturn_libretro, mednafen_psx_libretro and flycast_libretro). Furthermore, it can import roms from specified locations as well as Windows shortcuts or media items; furthermore it features an archive feature that saves your library as an archive in ZIP format for later access.


Launchbox is a frontend that organizes game libraries and emulators into one accessible interface, enabling users to browse and play their games from a central place. Its library includes popular PC and console emulators and can support various file types; its highly configurable settings allow for customized gameplay experience while plugins expand its functionality further.

LaunchBox is a free program, but to operate successfully it requires certain prerequisites. It must run on a Windows-based operating system and be installed on a computer with compatible hardware; additionally it requires internet access in order to download additional features and updates as well as import game services from Steam, Origin, Uplay as well as download ROMs.

LaunchBox setup is relatively straightforward. First, enter a valid email address; when the download link arrives, simply open and follow its instructions to install LaunchBox. Upon completing installation, customize LaunchBox settings as you see fit before diving right in and playing games!

LaunchBox features many unique capabilities, from custom fields and filters to the Big Box Mode display for use with TV or other large displays, controller support, PDF manual files and background music access and platform administration features allowing the user to modify game menu.

One feature worth noting is the ability to download artwork and game information from third-party websites, which can be especially beneficial if your collection includes games without official artwork. Unfortunately, this process takes quite some time and adds significantly to its install size.

LaunchBox Premium gives users more customization options, with over 40 color themes and over 30 plugins to choose from. In addition, LaunchBox can add background music for games and contains detailed metadata on each game it lists; its database also allows for playlist creation as well as finding similar games based on their genre.


Are You An Avid Gamer? The chances are high that as an avid gamer, your collection spans across various platforms such as PC games, console games or emulators. LaunchBox Frontend provides a convenient graphical interface for managing and playing all these titles – as well as providing access via emulators – giving your games all a home for effortless launch and launching!

LaunchBox stands out from other software that organizes and displays video game collections by being more than just a front end for them. Not only can it support an array of emulators and platforms, it can also import games automatically from popular gaming services like Steam, Origin, Uplay (formerly Uplay), GOG Amazon Games Store or Microsoft Store.

LaunchBox can be downloaded directly from its official website, then follow the installation wizard instructions to complete installation on your computer. When the installer completes, double-click its file to start Launchbox; its portable nature also means it can run from USB drives or cloud storage folders.

Once installed, Launchbox makes adding games easy: simply select them and click “Add”. If they run on emulators, Launchbox will search automatically for their ROM file if applicable; import those, play them instantly! Its intuitive UI also makes navigation effortless.

This program is compatible with a range of controllers, such as Xbox and PlayStation controllers. Furthermore, it features full-screen Big Box mode for use on televisions or large displays and also allows you to create personalized themes and plugins to enhance your experience.

LaunchBox is available as freeware software, however if you wish to take full advantage of its features you must purchase a license – either $20 per year, or $30 for lifetime updates and support.

Final Words

Improvement: New custom DOSBox version field added when editing games individually (also available for bulk edits) which enables you to select an alternate DOSBox version than that integrated into LaunchBox. Also added support for Viking’s Colorful 4K platform videos in video downloader; give him thanks on forums!

How can I import Final Burn Alpha games into LaunchBox to run on retroarch? All I get is the loading splash screen before it shuts down again.

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