LaunchBox Review


LaunchBox is an intuitive frontend that makes managing and organizing your gaming library simple, and supports various emulators and platforms allowing retro games to run seamlessly on modern systems.

This program automatically scans and builds a database containing information about all your games. Additionally, it can import from services like Steam.


No matter what genres or time periods of games you enjoy playing, LaunchBox provides an ideal solution for organizing and enjoying your gaming library. As PC gaming software designed specifically to be comprehensive in its offerings for PC gamers, this solution features extensive customization options, immersive features, seamless emulator integration, game import support from multiple platforms or Steam libraries and more to meet all your gaming needs.

Main advantage is ease-of-use and customization capabilities; you can tailor it to meet your exact preferences by changing default themes/layouts/playlists/filters etc. Furthermore, this software automatically fetches metadata/box art so as to enhance visual experience while making library more organized.

LaunchBox stands out from other programs thanks to its sleek interface and comprehensive feature set with its active community and developer support. Developers are quick to address any concerns, while community members share custom themes or add-on features – making this an excellent choice for both newcomers and experienced users alike.

New Feature: When running the Import Metadata and Media Wizard, its “Download Updated Community Star Ratings” option now remembers your chosen checkboxes for each import/run (where applicable), making it simpler to keep your game’s star ratings current without manually restarting it again.

Startup Time for Platforms View has been significantly decreased to be faster. When populating, the “Populating Platforms” portion of the Startup Screen now fades out and disallows selections while processing, which should serve as an improved visual cue and reduce confusion/misselections. Furthermore, Big Box games views now return either parent platform names or known arcade playlist names when nesting categories and playlists which should make nesting more flexible while remaining compatible with our latest unified theme and provide greater nesting options. Lastly GOG achievements can now be displayed both Big Box (if enabled) and LaunchBox (if enabled).


LaunchBox is an excellent solution if your emulators and ROM files are scattered across your hard drive or you simply wish to organize your video game collection better. The program boasts an eye-catching user interface combined with numerous features to enable you to enjoy games on your computer, from seamless integration with different emulators to being able to import your Steam library.

This frontend for Windows- and Android-based video games offers an organized interface, making launching games simple. It scans game directories to build a database which stores information about each title’s genre, release date and developer. Plus you can sort your games based on platform, genre or developer to quickly locate what you need!

LaunchBox makes it easy to access box art and metadata from the Internet and add community ratings to your games. While the free version of LaunchBox only supports up to 30 titles, upgrading to premium unlocks unlimited gaming. Furthermore, skins and themes allow you to personalize the look of your gaming experience further.

Once you’ve downloaded game art and metadata, using LaunchBox’s “Add Game” wizard is an effortless process. The application will scan game folders to collect this data before creating an attractive database that visually presents this information. In addition, LaunchBox automatically loads any emulator or ROM file if they exist within your directory.

Launchbox’s most recent update features some notable upgrades. Now supporting more games and consoles – such as PlayStation 3, 4, and Portable. Optimized for Windows 8, making touchscreen use simpler; new features include searching by title, region, or publisher – plus optimization for touchscreen use on touchscreen devices.

This program boasts numerous other useful features, including creating profiles for different emulators and fine-tuning settings to optimize performance. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with several other programs, such as Steam and RetroArch; furthermore it boasts a large user base and rich set of customization options, making it an excellent option for any gamer.


LaunchBox makes life easy if you have multiple emulators and roms scattered across your hard drive, as it consolidates them all into an orderly library. Originally built as an attractive frontend for DOSBox, LaunchBox now supports modern PC games as well as emulated console platforms – offering one stop shopping for all of your gaming needs, both contemporary and historical alike!

Workstation works by scanning game directories to build a database with information about each individual game – cover art, release dates and genres included – which enables you to organize them further into categories and tags for easy reference. When games have been added to your library, this frontend handles launching them using their appropriate emulator or platform.

The program can also import games from popular game services such as Steam, Origin, Ubisoft Connect and GOG; however it does not support multiplayer or online play if any subscription exists for such services; any payment must be made separately to cover such subscription costs.

Launchbox goes beyond native search to integrate with emulator software like RetroArch and PCSX2. By connecting these emulators with Launchbox, users are able to use one interface for managing and launching games from console and classic arcade titles on Windows computers.

LaunchBox can be downloaded for free from its website and comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit installer versions, depending on your system configuration. After downloading the installer, open it up and follow its instructions to install LaunchBox – providing valid email addresses will allow updates about software changes to reach you directly via emails. After installation has completed, LaunchBox is easily launched by either clicking its desktop icon or searching the Start menu for it.

Final Words

LaunchBox is one of the best tools available to manage and organize your gaming library, whether that involves classic DOS titles or more modern titles that never made it past Steam’s walled garden. Setup requires minimal technical expertise; once installed it can scan drives for all sorts of games and content delivery platforms to provide one central interface for accessing them all.

It boasts a comprehensive database of game information, which includes an exhaustive description, brief blurb and cover art for every title in its database. Manual updates to this information can be conducted, while images such as wallpapers and fan art may also be added for each game. In addition, MAME arcade full sets and emulator support is supported as well as accessing an online repository of game ROMs can all be imported into this app.

The interface is user-friendly, stylish and straightforward – everything can be displayed as either one large list or subdivided into categories depending on your personal preferences. Plus there are tons of custom themes you can select and customizing the layout with one touch is effortless! Furthermore, this program supports various controllers and runs seamlessly in fullscreen mode!

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