Leawo iTransfer Review

Leawo iTransfer

Leawo iTransfer is an easy and efficient iPad, iPhone and iPod transfer program that enables users to move 12 kinds of files between iOS devices, iTunes and computers – with no prior technical skills necessary! Its intuitive design makes this experience seamless.

However, its shortcomings must be carefully considered before making a purchase decision.


Leawo iTransfer provides an easier, safer solution than iTunes for transferring files between iOS devices without losing data. Furthermore, this lightweight interface doesn’t strain system resources too heavily and comes backed with a 30-day money back guarantee for added peace of mind.

Leawo iTransfer is an excellent iTunes alternative for those seeking a seamless synchronization process without Apple’s software. While Leawo can’t update iOS software or provide access to an App Store, it offers plenty of useful features unavailable elsewhere and works perfectly with most iOS devices without needing internet connectivity or Internet access.

This program allows iOS devices and PCs to share media files such as music, movies, TV shows, ringtones, photos and more easily between themselves. Furthermore, the app can transfer apps with all their associated documents (config information etc) directly between each other as well as function as flash disks for users allowing them to store anything they need on them.

Leawo iTransfer not only transfers files but can also help manage them on your computer – copy, rename and delete them as you see fit; additionally it supports multiple languages for Windows and Mac computers and makes copies of apps installed on iOS devices while renaming file folders accordingly.

With so many amazing features, Leawo iTransfer is no wonder such a top choice among iOS users. Easy to set up and use, it features features for users of all ages; backup/restore capabilities make this program invaluable – giving Leawo iTransfer an edge against competitors as one can even backup/restore the operating system of any iOS device! It is definitely worth giving a try and downloading its free trial version can give you enough information on its suitability for you.


Leawo iTransfer is an effective and user-friendly iPod, iPad and iPhone transfer software designed for easy use on all platforms. As an alternative to iTunes, this program enables users to transfer apps, music, movies, TV shows, ringtones, eBooks photos Camera Roll files between iOS devices, iTunes PCs as well as create backup copies on computer without the need for sync between iOS devices and iTunes – something many find convenient. Furthermore, it works without needing sync synchronization which means no synchronization between iOS devices, iTunes PCs which is convenient.

Leawo offers fair product pricing compared to its competitors; however, some users may prefer other programs for various reasons; these could provide better user experiences or additional features; another factor may include compatibility with new iOS devices and operating systems.

Leawo iTransfer is one of the best file transfer programs for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod users. Easily accessible for download for a free trial at their company website and offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, this program comes equipped with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux support as well as an impressive 30-day money-back guarantee – not bad at all. Leawo’s program belongs to Mobile Phone Tools category in iTunes Store as an iPhone File Managers option.


Leawo iTransfer is an exceptional program that facilitates transfer between iOS devices, iTunes and computers. Users can transfer apps, music, TV shows, ringtones, books, photos and Camera Roll files without restrictions imposed by iTunes synchronisation. Furthermore, this software also serves to backup contents on iOS devices while eliminating sync limitations.

This app is user-friendly and compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, providing quick data transfers at lightning-fast speeds. Files or folders requiring transfer can easily be located using its built-in search feature; and users can even create and manage playlists easily with this software.

Leawo iTransfer is a free trial program offered by Leawo Software Co., Ltd and can be found under Backup & Restore within System Utilities software section. Minimum system requirements include 1GHz processor speed and recommended 1GB RAM with 100MB free space available; it has been thoroughly scanned for viruses and malware and fully functioning!

Users looking to try the program can download its installer from its official website and follow its instructions to install it safely on their computers. It does not contain any harmful viruses, spyware or adware.

Once installed on a computer, this software will immediately recognize any iOS devices connected. It then displays files to be transferred, asking the user which ones need to be transferred and offering to select them for transfer. It’s extremely straightforward; no technical expertise is necessary – up to 25GB worth of files can be transferred in a single session!

This software can also be used to back up and restore the contents of an iPhone or iPod. It provides users with an effective means to back up current state, app data, settings, etc. This feature can especially benefit those with large amounts of information stored on their devices. Backups can be saved as either ZIP files or directly in iCloud.


Apple’s mobile operating system may be one of the smoothest and easiest on the market, yet its limitations prevent files from easily exchanging between iPhones, iPads and computers. To address these limitations, many users turn to third-party solutions like Leawo iTransfer; it enables them to transfer files easily between iOS devices, iTunes and computers – backup and restore files easily as well.

Leawo iTransfer stands out as an alternative to iTunes due to its seamless data transfer features, comprehensive device management options, and fast transfer speeds. Unfortunately, Leawo does not support non-iOS devices, its free version has limited functionality, its visual design is somewhat bland, and there may occasionally be minor bugs; but regardless of these flaws Leawo iTransfer remains a worthy investment for those needing to transfer large volumes of information between iOS devices and computers.

No matter if it is for music, photos, ebooks or contacts transfer between iOS devices and iTunes, Leawo iTransfer reviews can help you identify the optimal solution. But before making your final decision to purchase this application, make sure that other alternatives may meet your individual requirements more efficiently or provide an enhanced user experience.

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