Leawo iTransfer Review

Leawo iTransfer is an all-in-one program that enables users to transfer files between iOS devices, iTunes and PCs easily. Furthermore, it enables them to manage device playlists without iTunes syncronization as well as use iOS devices as flash disks.

Transfer various files such as music audios, movie videos, photos, TV shows, podcasts, ringtones and apps easily with this freeware. Unsupported files can even be converted so they can be transferred.

Easy to use

Leawo iTransfer is an intuitive transfer software program designed to facilitate file transfers between iOS devices and computers, backup their files and manage iTunes library. With an easy user interface and smart filter function that quickly locates what users are searching for.

This program can be used to transfer any kind of media file between an iPhone and computer. Users can create and manage playlists – perfect for music enthusiasts! Furthermore, its straightforward transfer process does not rely on an Internet connection – unlike many other programs.

Leawo iTransfer software also boasts the capability of backing up iOS device files onto a Mac computer, providing peace-of-mind should anything go wrong with or steal your phone. In addition to backing up files, Leawo iTransfer can also transfer music, videos, photos, contacts and text messages between iOS devices and computers.

This multifunctional iPad/iPod/iPhone transfer software enables users to transfer files between iOS devices, local PCs and iTunes without the need for sync. Users can transfer apps, music, movies, TV shows, ringtones, ebooks photos Camera Roll files plus backup any configuration information and documents inside apps that can later be restored back at any time.

Leawo iTransfer features an easy and intuitive user interface, without any confusing or hidden features, making it perfect for people without enough storage space on their computers to store media files locally. Free download with limited trial period; to purchase, visit Leawo’s website where there may be discounts or special offers available if purchased sooner.

Supports all iDevices

Leawo iTransfer is an all-in-one iPod, iPhone and iPad transfer software solution that enables users to effortlessly transfer media files among iOS devices, local computers and iTunes. Furthermore, this powerful iPad/iPod/iPhone tool also enables you to back up iOS devices onto computers for later use and has a smart filter function to easily locate specific files; its friendly user interface makes this easy even for newcomers!

Transfer apps, music, movies, TV shows, ringtones, ebooks, photos and Camera Roll files between iOS devices, iTunes and PCs easily without losing data or slowing down transfer speeds. Furthermore, its high transfer speed enables users to complete this process quickly and efficiently; and its multilingual support and latest version compatibility means users will always have a great user experience!

This iPhone, iPad and iPod transfer program aims to assist users in getting rid of iTunes synchronization and simplify data transfers between iDevices, iTunes and computers. It can transfer up to 12 types of files (music videos ringtones text messages and contacts) among iDevices iTunes computers as well as backup your iOS devices safely against accidental deletion or loss.

Switching from Apple to Google devices? This app makes the transition seamless by automatically importing media, notes, and contacts from one device to the next. In addition, it detects non-iOS audio files to convert them to iPhone compatible formats and features a search bar to help quickly locate files of interest.

Another key benefit of the iPod, iPhone and iPad transfer app is its ability to create and manage playlists. You can even make custom ringtones from songs in your library! Using it is as easy as connecting your phone via USB to your computer and clicking on the Transfer tab; once connected it will display all content from your iDevice as well as any playlists you’ve made.

Works with iTunes

Leawo iTransfer works seamlessly with iTunes to facilitate file transfers between iOS devices and computers, and back them up securely on PCs as well as to protect data security. Its intuitive design ensures it runs seamlessly on both Windows and Mac computers alike.

Users are able to transfer files without an Apple ID, supporting multiple file formats and multiple transfers simultaneously. Furthermore, it allows for copying songs directly from devices into iTunes libraries as well as creating playlists – plus sharing music with friends!

As opposed to iTunes, this software is free and offers faster performance while offering various features which make it an attractive option for Windows users. In addition, its highly optimized performance can work on even low-end machines while its intuitive user interface makes it perfect for newcomers to the software world.

Leawo iTransfer is an all-in-one iPod, iPhone and iPad transfer that makes file movement simpler between iOS devices, local computer and iTunes library. Users can transfer files between iTunes and iOS devices directly, backup iPhone/iPad to iTunes library as well as transfer photos, videos, podcasts etc between various media files sources such as photos/videos etc.

This app makes it simple to backup apps, music, movies, TV shows, ringtones and photos from iOS devices to your computer, offering easy use for novices as well as experts alike. Furthermore, it works on older iOS devices no longer supported by Apple.

iTransfer is a free software designed to transfer files between iOS devices and PCs. Additionally, its various functions include video conversion and creating backups of iPhone. Furthermore, PDF documents can be converted to ePub format as well as managing content of your iTunes library. iTransfer works seamlessly with all versions of iTunes to help transfer your files quickly and efficiently.

Works with Windows

Leawo iTransfer, developed by Leawo Software Co., LTD for Windows operating systems, falls into the Backup & Restore category and comes in four languages – English, Chinese, German and Japanese. While its free trial period lasts, upgrades and technical support will only be offered during that time frame.

It is an intuitive program for iPod, iPad and iPhone transfers that enables the safe transfer of apps, music, movies, TV shows, ringtones, eBooks photos and Camera Roll among iOS devices, iTunes computers and computers. Furthermore, this transfer service supports non-purchased media files to iDevices as well as backing up iPhone/iPad/iPod contents to iTunes – you can even use your iOS device like a flash drive to store files! Furthermore, during transfer processes no configuration information or documents of apps will be lost during transfers!

This program also lets you manage and create playlists without iTunes, with an intelligent search function for fast file retrieval. Furthermore, you can back up apps and restore them later if needed – while it may not offer as much functionality as iTunes, this software provides a viable alternative solution if you need to move files between iOS devices and PC without Apple restrictions.

Apple Transfer is an excellent solution for anyone who needs to move files between their iDevices and another computer or device, as its intuitive design makes even novice users comfortable using it. Unfortunately, its visual style may turn some off; nevertheless it may be worth giving this transfer program a shot if solid and reliable transfer programs are what you require.

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