Leawo Tunes Cleaner Review

Leawo Tunes Cleaner

Leawo Tunes Cleaner is an efficient and intuitive music library cleaner designed to quickly remove duplicate songs, missing album information and incorrect song tags with only a few clicks. Furthermore, it intelligently downloads missing album artworks while enabling users to edit music tags manually for customization.

As part of its multifaceted functionality, iTunes Music Library Manager also scans local music folders to detect missing information and automatically retrieve it – all this in just one click for convenient use!


Leawo Tunes Cleaner is an all-inclusive music library organizer designed to make managing iTunes, as well as local audio files easier. It can help eliminate duplicate songs, search for missing album artwork and song tags and address various other common issues associated with an unorganized music collection.

This software can easily and quickly clean out your iTunes Music Library or a specific folder, as well as manage music stored elsewhere on your computer such as MP4 players or handheld smartphones. Even larger libraries can be handled effortlessly as it operates independently from an iTunes Store account.

It has a user-friendly interface and works on both Mac and Windows computers, scanning your iTunes music library or specified folder automatically to display incomplete songs as fixing references on its program interface. Once launched, this application allows you to easily select songs needing fixing with one click before applying them with just another. Furthermore, its saving projects feature allows for convenient pause/resume capabilities should you ever become unable to complete all steps at once.

Tunes Cleaner’s most sought-after feature is its ability to detect and delete duplicate songs, saving space on your hard drive by getting rid of files you may not even be aware existed. You can select criteria such as name, artist or album for detecting duplicates as well as include/exclude certain file types from detection.

This application can also be used to correct music tags that have been incorrectly set, including incorrect lyrics or missing artist information. It can also update track numbers, genre and year of release information in music that has been mislabeled or doesn’t contain these details at all; you can even replace original song metadata with customized details specified by you.

Another great feature of this tool is its ability to recognize and download any missing album art for selected tracks, giving your music library a more professional appearance when displayed within a music player.

Detecting Duplicates

Leawo Tunes Cleaner is a comprehensive iTunes cleaner designed to assist users in organizing their music library and rectify issues such as duplicate songs, missing album artworks and incorrect metadata. With one click it’s possible to identify and eliminate duplicates as well as restore and correct information about files for a more organized library experience. Plus there’s even a free trial version so you can test its abilities before purchasing.

The latest version of the program has enhanced its screen adaption feature to be auto compatible with any 4K display screen, as well as revamped text descriptions on its interface to be clearer and understandable for people. Furthermore, more accurate detection of duplicate song files has also been made possible – now based on file size, path, tags, length and other parameters to eliminate potential duplicate songs faster and easier.

Also, this software has become more efficient at scanning iTunes music library and external folders to detect and remove duplicate songs. Furthermore, this iTunes cleanup tool offers other useful features including downloading album artwork for iTunes music files as well as adding and editing music tags like artist, album name, song name, year etc. for iTunes files; supporting manual editing of tags; saving unfixed songs for future fixing; applying fixed results quickly into iTunes etc.

iTunes Library Cleaner’s unique ability to fix and complete music information, such as updating album artwork or downloading and resizing original covers is also invaluable – particularly useful for users with large music libraries who want to ensure all their song files are backed up and accessible for playback. This tool makes ensuring everything stays backed up and available is particularly advantageous.

Leawo Tunes Cleaner is an outstanding iTunes music cleaner and management tool, designed to help users organize their iTunes music library while keeping all information about each track accurate and up-to-date. It’s user friendly, fast, and provides a range of features suitable for both novices and experts alike.

Identifying Missing Information

Leawo Tunes Cleaner is an iTunes cleaner program that is designed to identify duplicate songs and fix missing information in your music library, as well as help organize external folders like MP4 files more efficiently. Featuring easy navigation and a free trial version for testing out its abilities.

Use it on a Microsoft Windows computer to identify songs with missing information or incorrect metadata and download album artwork to fill the gaps in information. Furthermore, it can identify duplicate songs and fix incorrect filenames; making this tool an essential resource for anyone aiming to keep their music organized and error-free.

One of the greatest strengths of this software is that it’s user friendly and can accommodate many different preferences. Users can customize its operation by visiting its settings section to specify various options – this may include changing application language or replacing original songs metadata with updated information. You may also choose how it recognizes songs by either removing certain file extensions or adding keywords that help identify songs.

Once Leawo Tunes Cleaner has completed analyzing your music library, it will display all songs requiring fixing in categories so users can select which category to fix at will. After song fixing has taken place, Leawo Tunes Cleaner can apply those results directly into iTunes and external music folders with just one click, taking up minimal space while not impacting computer speed or memory capacity.

Leawo Tunes Cleaner may not offer all of the advanced features found elsewhere, but it still serves as an effective option for keeping music organized. With its user-friendly interface and ability to quickly detect errors, this affordable program also provides free trial versions so users can try it before making their purchase decision. Users should take note that it only works on Windows operating systems.

Fixing Missing Information

Organization is essential when it comes to your music collection. Unwanted duplicate songs and incorrect metadata can quickly accumulate over time, which is why Leawo Tunes Cleaner can come in so handy. It works on both iTunes music library and local folders on Windows computers by scanning for incomplete files while gathering relevant information online to fill in missing data gaps.

Once the scan is complete, a list of issues found within your library such as duplicate songs, missing album artwork and incorrect song tags will be presented for fixing. Once complete, your music library should become much easier to manage and navigate.

The software is user-friendly and accessible by anyone – even novices! Simply select the source of your music and click on the ‘Clean Up’ button; it will scan it for duplicate songs and albums that need fixing and alert you accordingly. Upon completion of this process, any changes that were made can either be saved individually or all applied at once.

Another wonderful feature of this software is that it can also repair and clean up external music folders for iTunes, such as MP3 libraries. This feature can be especially beneficial to those who have a large music collection stored outside their iTunes library – keeping tabs on multiple folders may prove more challenging!

Leawo Tunes Cleaner is an essential tool for anyone with an extensive music collection. This software will scan both iTunes and any other folders containing songs on your computer to detect duplicates, update album art and song tags as needed and remove incomplete data that could otherwise clog up your files – helping to organize them and make finding what you’re searching for easier. Plus, its user-friendly design gives trial versions so users can try before making their purchase decision!

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