LetsView Review


LetsView is an innovative screen mirroring app that makes sharing photos, videos, and mobile games on larger displays easy. Plus it comes equipped with whiteboard and screenshot capabilities!

Mirror your iPhone screen onto PC for free by installing and launching LetsView on both devices, then viewing its content through your TV screen.

Screen mirroring

Screen mirroring is an excellent feature that allows users to display the screen of their smartphone onto a computer or television screen. This is an invaluable tool for presentations and business purposes as it makes sharing content much simpler and more convenient. LetsView is an app which makes screen mirroring effortless for iPhone and PC users alike – its intuitive user interface requires no technical expertise for use while its many features provide users with all they need to mirror their devices to their computers.

To mirror your device to your PC, first make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, download and install LetsView software on both computers; once both computers have LetsView installed, click “Mirror” to initiate connection process and select PC name from available list of devices – once mirroring is complete you can adjust mirroring via settings menu of app.

LetsView is a cross-platform program compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac computers that allows users to mirror phones using ApowerMirror and TeamViewer mirroring apps; in addition to this it offers recording and whiteboard features – and is free for personal use without subscription costs or charges.

This app is lightning-quick and allows screen mirroring in seconds. Furthermore, its no-degradation policy keeps your display clear without altering its clarity; furthermore it includes a snapshot feature to capture actions in progress such as recording or mirroring.

It supports various Android versions, even those older than 5.0. Additionally, it’s compatible with various smart TV models allowing for effortless sharing of photos, movies, mobile game screens and other content from your phone onto a larger display screen.

LetsView stands out from other screen mirroring programs by not restricting the number of devices it can connect with at once, making it ideal for families wanting to share games and movies among themselves. Furthermore, its support staff are available 24-7 for answers or assistance should any arise.


LetsView is an app that enables users to easily mirror their smartphone or tablet screen onto a computer screen using Wi-Fi without compromising image quality, making this ideal for showing presentations or handwritten explanations to groups of people. Furthermore, LetsView allows you to record screenshots and video clips while mirroring your device, so creating instructional videos or live-stream tutorials are now possible!

LetsView makes mirroring devices to laptops easy and straightforward, just by connecting both devices to the same network with its latest version installed. After this step is complete, launch the app and select your PC name from its list of available devices before being asked to grant access by clicking the circle icon in LetsView’s interface; alternatively you may use “Record” button or stop recording by simply pressing this same button again.

LetsView is one of the best apps available to mirror Android phones onto laptop screens, with support for Miracast and an easy interface that enables screen mirroring. Furthermore, LetsView allows you to record audio from the microphone of your Android phone as well as record screen shots using Miracast technology.

Mobizen Mirroring and ScreenCam are among the many alternatives to LetsView that offer wireless screen mirroring without watermarks; both tools are also reliable and user-friendly; Mobizen offers more professional features, including screen recording, capture, whiteboard integration, remote casting capabilities and remote casting support.

Once you have a compatible smartphone and computer running the latest version of an app, they can be linked together via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Two devices not on the same network may also be joined via scanning a QR code or entering a passkey; and you can even share content to multiple screens at the same time – making collaboration between teammates much simpler!


LetsView is a free screen mirroring app that enables users to wirelessly display their phone’s screen on a computer/TV and vice versa. By eliminating systems, networks, distance limitations and distance barriers; LetsView enhances collaboration through features like whiteboard presentations, streaming media playback, file sharing, recording screen activity as well as taking snapshots.

LetsView’s whiteboard feature allows users to easily share drawings and graffiti with family and friends. Simply access its iOS or Android apps, navigate to “Discover,” select Whiteboard option and enjoy.

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Remote Cast

With LetsView’s latest version, it is easier than ever to mirror your phone or tablet onto a television screen. Even under variable network conditions, its seamless operation enables an excellent remote casting experience, providing access to games, presentations, photos and much more on a larger screen. Available both for Android and iOS devices (also DLNA supported computers).

LetsView, developed by Wangxu Technology (HK) Co., Limited is an intuitive remote casting solution. For over 10 years now, their experts have focused on crafting resourceful tech solutions, creating reliable screen sharing tools to facilitate multi-screen interaction – like this application that lets you access phone content on PC and stream movies to bigger screens!

The app makes connecting your computer, TV and smartphone without cables or wires easy, supporting both Wi-Fi and LAN connections as well as working even when offline. Use it to access popular video streaming apps such as iQiyi, Tencent Video, Mango TV and Bilibili as well as play games and stream live videos – its user-friendly interface makes this straightforward to use for anyone regardless of technical expertise!

Another impressive feature of this program is its remote access and control function, enabling you to operate your computer from anywhere remotely. This feature can come in handy if you need access to files stored on a work computer while away from the office, or wish to show something on your screen when chatting online with someone. Furthermore, its use could assist with creating instructional videos or live-stream tutorials.

LetsView stands out from other screen mirroring apps by being compatible with multiple devices and operating systems, including Apple TV, iOS devices, Windows and Mac computers as well as offering high-quality audio/video streaming compatible with popular Chinese video services like iQiyi, Tencent Youku Mango TV etc. Additionally it can also be used to broadcast games and other content to a big screen display.

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