Lightshot Review


Lightshot is a screen capture and editing software program compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms. With customizable hotkeys for taking screenshots of any window or area on screen or of all of them simultaneously.

Image Retouch provides basic image editing tools and allows users to search images similar to them; however, the cloud storage provision of this tool poses a difficulty for gamers who wish to share their gaming achievements or private conversations online with their friends.


Lightshot stands out among screen capture software offerings on the market as being one of the most versatile and intuitive programs, with its user-friendly interface allowing them to easily snap a screenshot, annotate or edit it live, then share their findings online for feedback or errors in programs. Lightshot includes useful tools like arrows, lines, markers and text that help highlight specific areas on a screen for creating tutorials, providing feedback or spotting errors in programs. Furthermore, its hotkey functionality enables it to capture entire desktops or select particular regions to capture.

Automatic upload of captured images to any cloud service of your choosing makes this program an invaluable asset, perfect for sharing or archiving screenshots with others. Furthermore, editing tools provide basic functions like cropping and resizing as well as automatic saving to specific folders or clipboards.

Lightshot’s unique feature lies in its ability to find similar images on the web based on screenshots taken, making this tool particularly handy for tutorials or video game demonstrations that need an image to demonstrate action taken within them. Unfortunately, however, this search function may not always yield optimal results.

Lightshot can be used on various operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux and as a browser extension in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. You can configure various keyboard shortcuts for easy accessibility; however there may be a small delay before your requested action takes place when pressing hotkeys.

Lightshot also comes equipped with various privacy-protection features to safeguard sensitive data from being accessed by unintended third parties. These privacy protection features can come in especially handy for sharing screenshots that contain personal or confidential data – Lightshot can automatically blur or obscure specific parts of a screenshot image to ensure maximum protection of its content.


Lightshot is an excellent free software program to use as a basic screenshot tool, being lightweight and user-friendly with options to capture portions of screens rather than whole ones. Furthermore, Lightshot supports multiple platforms – however for professional content production there may be better solutions such as Gemoo Snap that offer more robust solutions.

Users are able to capture screenshots instantly and edit them, adding text, arrows and transparency adjustments as needed. Furthermore, Hotkeys make the process even quicker, and allow users to save or copy captured images directly onto their clipboards.

Though most images posted online are innocent, occasionally there may be instances in which it seems as if they have been intentionally shared. We have seen screenshots which appear to contain password recovery emails for cryptocurrency wallets or screen grabs of intimate video calls; WIRED ran 11,000 random URLs from their database of screenshots and found that 63% contained sensitive personal information.

Though it’s a free app, be mindful of where and from whom you download it. Downloading from untrustworthy sources could pose security threats while taking up space on your hard drive; if this concerns you, consider uninstalling the application from your computer instead.

Jumpshare is an incredibly useful tool that makes sharing files with colleagues and customers much simpler. Users can upload and view documents, presentations, images, audio tracks, markdown text and more – it even features an online file viewer with support for over 200 file types that allows users to preview them directly without downloading.

Feedback-O-Matic is an outstanding tool for designers, developers, and other professionals who wish to provide feedback on designs or assignments. It is extremely easy to use and works well across most browsers; available both for Windows and Mac computers and with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer extensions as well as an Android version making this versatile solution available to users worldwide.


Lightshot download is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10), macOS (10.9 or later), and Linux. This versatile software captures entire screens, browser windows, active windows or active frames – as well as offering basic image editing tools – plus uploading them directly to cloud services so users can share screenshots online.

This program is easy and intuitive, featuring a straightforward user interface. The main features are represented within the screen capture window itself, making navigation effortless while eliminating clutter on screen. A toolbar offers options to edit an image such as lines, arrows, freehand drawing rectangles and text while additionally giving users access to various image sizes and orientations.

Advanced features of this software include the ability to search similar images, which is useful for gathering additional information or verifying authenticity of captured content. Furthermore, customized hotkeys make taking screenshots simpler and faster, particularly useful for gamers who take them often during gameplay. Unfortunately, however, it is not equipped to handle sophisticated editing tasks.

Lightshot can be downloaded as both a standalone application and web browser extension, with the latter designed to work seamlessly with social media platforms for effortless image sharing. Lightshot integrates with various programs so users can easily create and edit content, and ensures users will capture screenshots that suit their environment and workflow best.

Lightshot is available as a free download and compatible with most computers and devices, making installation quick and simple. Downloading can be easily completed from its official website with an update checker notifying users when new updates become available for this program. It should be noted, however, that other sites may bundle additional software which requires further installation steps; when downloading from these sources it is best to choose a version which meets both your computer requirements and technical comfort level for best results.


When it comes to taking screenshots on Windows PC, there are various software solutions. From advanced programs with special features that make taking images simpler to basic tools that suit any need imaginable – each will serve a purpose in taking snapshots. It is important that you carefully evaluate each option available and identify which best meets your requirements as this will determine which tool is the right one.

Lightshot is a free and lightweight software application that makes capturing an image on your screen easy with various tools to highlight it. Requiring only 4.44MB of memory while running in the background, Lightshot allows users to save images to any location on their computer and supports both JPEG and PNG files.

Main Window of this Program. Its main window consists of a simple toolbar with options to take, edit and share photos. Users may select any area of the screen to capture photos with text, arrows, lines or rectangles added for emphasising certain parts. This unique feature of the program makes it particularly helpful when explaining complex ideas in greater depth.

Additionally, this program can save the captured image to any file location on your computer, and offer various sharing options like emailing or sharing through URL. Unfortunately, however, not many image formats are supported yet.

Another useful feature is the ability to search online for images similar to any screenshot taken of sensitive information, which may help prevent unauthorized access. WIRED reports that many people abuse this function to upload sensitive personal data like names, addresses and bank account numbers – an unusual act indeed!

Overall, Lightshot is an ideal solution for anyone in search of a basic yet reliable screenshot tool. It is lightweight and efficient while boasting exceptional editing and sharing features. However, those seeking advanced features should explore alternatives like Snagit or ShareX as these may provide more advanced functionality.

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