Lightshot Review – Capture, Edit and Share Screenshots


Lightshot is a free program that makes the process of taking, editing and sharing screenshots simple and efficient on desktop computers and web browsers via its native application, extension or plugins.

By setting customizable hotkeys, users can capture an entire screen capture, browser tab or window capture or specific portions of a screen capture. Basic image editing tools are also built into this program.

Easy to use

Lightshot offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface, with all its features on a single screen. You can take full screenshots, add shapes and text, use arrows to highlight certain parts of a screenshot, undo buttons and a large “X” for closing altogether. Alternatively, click on the floppy disk icon and it will automatically save in your computer.

One of the key differences between Lightshot and other screenshot programs is its integration with cloud storage. You can upload screenshots directly into its gallery feature and access them from any computer – an excellent feature if you need to share screenshots with colleagues, yet can pose privacy concerns when sharing screenshots with third parties. If that worries you, VPN should be considered when uploading them directly into Lightshot.

LightShot provides many advantages, yet it has some drawbacks as well. Most notably, LightShot does not support delayed screenshots – this could prove problematic when writing how-to guides as action must take place before taking an image of them.

Unfortunately, the app can sometimes be unreliable when it comes to recording certain actions – for instance, it might miss an error message that pops up on your screen, which can be frustrating if you are trying to demonstrate how to resolve an issue.

Lightshot remains an effective tool for taking and editing screenshots, thanks to its ease of use, extensive set of tools, and compatibility across platforms. Plus, its best part: its free use without complicated configuration or downloads! Simply head to Lightshot’s homepage and select your OS version; or install as Chrome extension or Firefox add-on! Lightshot supports Windows, macOS and Android as well.

Powerful editing tools

Lightshot software enables users to capture an entire desktop or a select area with its screen capture feature. Lightshot offers several editing tools designed for improving screenshots such as text, shapes and colors addition. In addition, there are annotation tools such as lines, arrows and markers which help draw out features while emphasizing significant details in an image. Finally, Cropping and Uploading capabilities round off this program’s offerings.

The interface of this software is extremely user-friendly. To take a screenshot, press “Prt Scn” on your keyboard; once that has taken place, a dark overlay will cover your screen from which you can select any area by clicking and dragging your mouse; all features and tools available to you will appear around that selected area; once complete simply save by clicking “Save” button and save your screenshot!

Lightshot stands out from other traditional screenshot programs with several distinguishing features that set it apart, including its ability to select individual windows or applications, capture specific portions of a screen, create tutorials or demonstrate something. Thanks to its versatility, Lightshot is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users alike.

Lightshot’s instant file annotation feature sets it apart, enabling users to markup images, documents, and websites instantly. Google Drive and Slack integration makes sharing annotations much simpler while the program can generate short links quickly for easy sharing of annotated files.

Jumpshare stands out from other screenshot programs by offering real-time file sharing capabilities, making collaboration simpler for teams by enabling members to view files without needing to download them first. Furthermore, its powerful file viewer can display over 200 file formats.

Seamless integration

Lightshot is an intuitive and user-friendly screenshot capture and sharing solution designed to integrate with various software packages, making it simple for users to capture, edit and share screenshots. Available as standalone desktop app, browser extension or online editor editor – Lightshot makes a perfect solution for individuals or professionals who regularly create visual documentation requiring editing tools, privacy and security settings as well as instant sharing options.

Lightshot’s intuitive interface will quickly make itself apparent as soon as you try using it for yourself. While other screen capture programs require users to press Print Screen key, Lightshot allows them to quickly and effortlessly take screenshots by prompting them to select an area on their screen before instantly saving it to their hard drive. Furthermore, users can set custom hotkeys that make taking a screenshot even quicker and simpler!

Lightshot goes beyond simply capturing and saving screenshots to offer powerful editing tools that can enhance and annotate them, which is especially helpful when creating presentations or providing feedback to others. Users can add text, arrows and shapes to highlight important elements or provide context and instruction; and also obscure or blur sensitive data for extra privacy or compliance with security regulations.

Lightshot offers one of the unique features available today by providing users with the ability to search similar images. This can be particularly helpful for creative workers in search of inspiration for their projects. Furthermore, Lightshot makes it possible to upload screenshots directly to blogs and websites for posting purposes.

Lightshot is a free screenshot program compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers and compatible with many third-party software and hardware devices such as web browsers. Users have the option of saving their screenshots either to their local computer folder or cloud storage service account for sharing with others. In addition, Lightshot will upload it automatically onto an external server with its own link so users can share with their networks as needed.

Privacy and security

Lightshot is a comprehensive screenshot-taking tool with numerous useful features, making it suitable for individuals to capture images for content creation, educators to enhance instructional materials, professionals to streamline document flow and businesses to communicate internally. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and seamless cross-platform compatibility, Lightshot makes for an efficient solution when sharing images between platforms.

This platform also features various editing tools that enable users to easily customize and annotate their screenshots, including text, shapes, arrows and text boxes for adding emphasis. Users can select an area of their screen to save as a file on their computer or instantly share via social media platforms.

Although this platform provides numerous advantages, there are also serious privacy and security risks. Being an online service, any screenshots uploaded are publicly viewable by anyone using any browser – this feature could prove particularly dangerous if users share sensitive or personal information with it.

The service warns its users that every screenshot they upload will be publicly viewable, yet many fail to read through and comprehend its terms of service. Furthermore, since these screenshots can be accessed by anyone with an internet browser they can be searched using reverse image search and scraped using automated scripts uploaded onto Github for this process.

Though this may seem minor, this could have serious repercussions for certain users. For example, someone who accidentally “doxes” themselves by sharing screenshots of their work email account may become vulnerable to identity theft and phishing attacks.

Greenshot and ShareX both provide alternative screenshot-taking apps that offer greater privacy and security, including features to help capture, edit, and share images – as well as supporting multiple operating systems and browsers.

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