Lightworks Review


Lightworks is an outstanding video editing software tool with an intuitive user interface. Compatible with all major formats and offering FX packages including Boris Graffiti effects.

At launch, editors are met with a tiled grid of thumbnails representing projects as they come to life. Every project appears under one of four workspaces – Log for importing and organizing media; Edit – with its familiar dual monitor timeline approach; VFX for real time effects and color grading; or Audio.


Lightworks is an editing software capable of handling various video formats. While originally intended for film editing, Lightworks also makes an excellent choice when editing digital media. Lightworks boasts incredible speed and features with a user-friendly interface; there’s even an extensive library of tutorial videos and an active community to provide support to newcomers.

Lightworks features four distinct workspaces: Log, Edit, VFX and Audio. Each workspace is tailored specifically for specific workflows and users can quickly switch between them as their needs require. This feature makes working faster and more efficiently possible while they can also change each panel layout to their liking.

Another impressive feature is its ability to add multiple effects at the same time to one clip, making this feature especially helpful when working on complex shots with many elements. Furthermore, there is an extensive selection of color correction tools which are simple and user-friendly; and node-based system allows easy organization of clips and video effects.

This software also supports HDR workflows by displaying HDR metadata in bins and on a sequence timeline, supporting an extensive variety of media file types, detecting frame rates accurately for clips, and displaying them – an especially helpful feature when working with high-resolution footage that could cause accidental frames mixing.

Lightworks comes equipped with an impressive collection of plugins that enable you to produce an array of effects, from 3D images created from video or music files, complex masks and mattes, animation keyframes or even keyframing of objects.

Notable features of Waveform Studio Pro include real-time viewing of waveforms and their settings; layer creation/resizing options to suit any project; editing audio files easily while listening back in real time as changes take place; display of pre/post levels of audio in timeline and analog-style scrubbing support – these features all make for an impressive toolkit!


Lightworks provides an accessible user interface designed for those new to video editing, and includes access to effects and production music libraries such as Audio Network and Pond5. Furthermore, Lightworks supports all frame rates including 30fps – which is the standard format for smartphones.

This advanced video editing software offers premium features designed to bring Hollywood-level editing capabilities to broadcasters, filmmakers and YouTubers. As an NLE system (nonlinear editing system), it includes powerful trimming tools for trimming clips before proxy-editing proxy editing and stereoscopy editing as part of its unified workflow; its flexible workflow also blends the best aspects of linear and nonlinear editing for an enjoyable, fast, customizable editing experience on Windows Mac or Linux platforms.

As one of Hollywood’s first professional film editing softwares, Avid was used to edit some of Hollywood’s iconic movies such as Pulp Fiction. Today, social media marketers and film makers continue to turn to Avid for video creation; its drag and drop functionality enables quick clip creation while its color grading/blending tools enhance image quality while keyframing allows for users to control effects intensity within clips.

Lightworks Free offers most of the same features found in its Pro counterpart, except with regard to export resolution and format capped at 720p – although this limitation may prove too restrictive for home users, but is an excellent way to test drive this program before purchasing. In contrast, Lightworks Pro offers monthly or annual subscription plans and comes equipped with tools such as Boris Graffiti FX packages as well as other nonlinear editing features.

Lightworks video editing software does not rely on an Internet connection to operate, making it ideal for professionals working remotely or on mobile devices. While installation takes slightly longer than other programs, so make sure your connection is stable before beginning work on this program.

Ease of Use

Lightworks software is an ideal choice for filmmakers who require editing videos professionally. The user-friendly platform works well across various platforms and offers an impressive variety of effects suited for various uses. Lightworks comes both as free and paid versions; although paid versions provide more advanced capabilities for most users.

The program is organized into four useful sections: LOG, EDIT, VFX and AUDIO. The LOG tab serves to import and organize source files while the EDIT tab performs basic editing tasks while adding visual effects to videos; finally the AUDIO tab edits sound in videos – making this program intuitive to use with no special training required to get going!

Lightworks is one of the premier video editing software programs used by film professionals. Originally used by Hollywood editors on films such as Pulp Fiction, Jerry Maguire, LA Confidential, Heat and The Wolf of Wall Street to craft some iconic scenes in movies like Pulp Fiction, Jerry Maguire LA Confidential Heat and The Wolf of Wall Street; although professionals typically utilize the paid version of Lightworks it can also be used by anyone with some nonlinear editing knowledge for free!

One of the great features of this video editing software is its ability to rotate videos that were shot with an incorrect orientation, something often required by vloggers looking to optimize their videos for YouTube or Vimeo. Furthermore, this program boasts high-quality color grading tools.

Not only does the program include editing tools, but it also features professional-grade 3D and motion graphics tools – from titlers and motion effects to node-based compositing systems allowing for quick creation of complex effects – along with an impressive library of effects including green screen keying and text effects. Furthermore, its export formats support is wide, and speed optimization ensures maximum output performance.

Final Words

Lightworks is an invaluable video editing software, perfect for producing professional-looking videos quickly and effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface and various features set it apart from its competition; for instance, adding captions or subtitles saves both time and money when providing services that require video production for clients.

Lightworks supports an assortment of formats and compression codecs, such as H.264 and MPEG-4 AVC. You can use Lightworks’ built-in plugins to expand its capabilities; these enable you to create titles, manipulate audio tracks and adjust color.

The software comes equipped with a library of reusable effects called “Shots” that allows you to apply multiple effects in one pass – saving both time and mistakes by eliminating duplicated effects for every shot. Furthermore, Crawl and Roll effects enable text editing by moving words vertically up or down on screen; font size/color adjustments; as well as adjustment tools for text editing tools are included as well as tools for text sizing/position.

Your text can also take on a three-dimensional appearance with the addition of a shadow effect, thanks to Titles tab’s customizable font type and size options and background color selections. Choose your font style like bold or italics as well as adding dropshadow effects like bold/italics styles for text. Animate it further by including typewriter effects that scroll the text back and forth across its field of vision.

Fingerprint icon, the toolbar button that displays useful settings and keyboard shortcuts for the program. This feature can come in very handy for users who prefer working with keyboard shortcuts; additionally, pressing this icon can switch off hardware console to create more space on screen for program windows.

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