LinkAssistant Review

Beginners to marketing may benefit from using Link Assistant’s free tools as they begin their careers, while advanced features may require upgrading to a paid license package.

Marketing software like HubSpot provides marketers with an ideal solution for servicing client accounts; all reports can be white-labeled with your branding and sent to clients automatically.

Keyword Research

SEO can often be full of hype and gimmicks, yet few SEO services have the client base, testimonials and overall positivity that Link-Assistant does – let alone offer all this to users for free (with upgrade options available if desired).

Link-Assistant is an exceptional keyword research tool. It can assist in discovering popular niche-related search keywords that rank highly across search engines, as well as targeting relevant content keywords to increase website traffic and rankings. Furthermore, its free trial period gives you three months of unlimited usage before committing to purchasing it.

Link-Assistant can also assist with creating an effective link building campaign, by helping to form relationships with potential link partners and sending automated emails keeping them informed on progress. With its built-in email system and number of templates provided for easy organization of campaigns.

Link-Assistant provides another great feature by giving you access to a list of keywords most likely to place your website on the first page of Google search results. This data is invaluable in terms of marketing strategy; eliminating keywords which won’t bring results can save time by eliminating wasted effort.

Link-Assistant’s Rank Tracker allows you to monitor the ranking progress of your website over time, monitor competitors’ sites and compare performance between yourself and them, display total visits and backlinks as well as identify keywords likely to bring visitors.

Rank Tracker’s Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) allows you to quickly identify terms with high search volume and low competition. Suitable for use by both novice and advanced marketers alike, the KEI can be utilized alongside other SEO tools like KWFinder or Answer The Public. Furthermore, integration with Google Analytics helps identify which keywords are driving more traffic towards your website.

Link Building

LinkAssistant software is an efficient way to make link building simpler and faster. It helps you identify quality link opportunities, manage outreach effectively, ensure a diverse backlink profile, track and monitor progress and generate reports with visually appealing reports that are visually professional. Export templates enable customization of data display. Custom graphs and charts are easily created. With its intuitive design it makes this part of SEO PowerSuite available on both Windows and Mac computers.

This link-building tool can be utilized by anyone seeking to boost their website’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, including small businesses who need to enhance their online presence. With features like backlink analysis and auditing as well as numerous other functions it makes an ideal solution. Both free and paid versions are available; installation on either computer or server is straightforward.

Search engine optimization (SEO) features of LinkAssistant are one of its hallmarks, quickly finding potential link partners based on keywords relevant to your business and searching reviews, active giveaways, or any niche influencers that could provide additional link opportunities. Furthermore, it can determine a site’s potential worth by looking at both page and domain authority metrics.

Monitoring competitors with this tool is another beneficial feature, helping you understand what strategies your rivals are utilizing to outrank you on search engines and taking steps to increase your own rankings. In addition, this feature can reveal any potentially spammy practices employed by competitors.

LinkAssistant makes life much simpler when it comes to tracking all the websites you reach out to – this saves both time and effort in terms of follow ups.

Also unique to our tool is its capability of sending customized email messages directly to website owners, making your request seem more like something from real people than an automated program. This personal touch makes them more likely to respond positively.


Have you ever found it challenging to manage all the emails sent and replies received when contacting multiple link partners? LinkAssistant makes this task simpler with its email management feature, plus customizable email templates designed to leave a positive first impression with prospects.

LinkAssistant provides various ways for you to manage your link building campaigns, including tracking each keyword’s performance. By assessing search volume and competition level of targeted keywords, this software gives a clear picture of what work needs to be done to boost rankings on Google SERPs – something particularly helpful for local business owners.

LinkAssistant goes beyond traditional link management tools by also offering quality analysis of your backlink profile. By looking at factors like number, anchor text and domain authority of linked pages, this software can evaluate whether new backlinks will rank in search results – an essential step to ensure they will increase traffic to your site and boost its effectiveness.

No matter if you’re searching for specific links, or are simply curious to see which types your competitors have, LinkAssistant makes finding what you need effortless. With over 1,000 websites to tap into for information retrieval and filtering of prospects to display only those relevant to you – LinkAssistant can find exactly what you’re after quickly and effortlessly.

Once your research is complete, LinkAssistant can help you reach out to potential link partners through its built-in mail system. With email templates at hand, the software can send multiple emails simultaneously out to potential link partners in bulk – while also tracking each prospect and notifying you if any emails haven’t been replied to yet.

LinkAssistant is part of SEO PowerSuite tool bundle and available free for beginners looking to start digital marketing careers. The free tools can help hone skills while the paid versions allow tracking up to 10 competitors and exporting data in various formats.


Link Assistant’s main advantage lies in its powerful automation features, making the software truly game-changing. By automating processes like finding new links, finding potential partners, and contacting them efficiently it allows you to focus on other parts of the business while still offering your clients superior results.

Link Assistant is an invaluable tool for any SEO professional, offering many features that make this software indispensable. These benefits include discovering profitable keywords to attract end users willing to buy what you sell; helping build safe links so as to avoid Google penalties; spying on competitors to see how they’re ranking for certain keywords – providing opportunities to nab some of their rankings; as well as spying on competitors to gain knowledge on ways you could take their lunch away!

Link Assistant’s free version makes getting started easy, offering many useful optional settings. After installation, simply create a project by entering in URLs you would like to promote; Link Assistant will then search the web to identify new links using SEO industry-proven techniques – then rank them based on how well they’re doing so you can select which websites to focus on targeting.

Once your results are in, you can choose websites most suited for your campaign and the software will reach out on your behalf. To save time and ensure an effective response from webmasters, pre-made email templates that invoke personal connections may help. Furthermore, tracking who and when was contacted makes reporting to clients much simpler and efficient.

Link Assistant stands out among SEO tools as it’s completely free for download and use, without a trial period or setup time required to get you up and running quickly. Plus, their team offers live support should any questions arise regarding how best to utilize their software.

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