Lively Wallpaper – Enhance the Desktop of Your Windows PC With Animated Wallpapers

Lively Wallpaper

Lively Wallpaper is an innovative program that makes creating captivating animated wallpapers on Windows PC easier than ever before. Leveraging hardware-accelerated video codecs and providing access to an array of GIF and video backgrounds, Lively Wallpaper lets users set captivating animated wallpapers without breaking a sweat!

Wallpapers may cause issues on laptops such as slower performance. This article will demonstrate how to effectively address this problem and maximize performance from software applications.

Animated wallpapers

Lively Wallpaper stands apart from most wallpaper programs by offering video clips as background wallpapers, rather than static images. Users can select from preloaded library of wallpapers or create their own using its built-in editor. Furthermore, Lively comes equipped with options to set playback speed and screen saver settings for video clips as background wallpapers; supporting popular file formats including MKV, AVI, MOV and WebM video containers and hardware-accelerated playback using MPV media player to reduce resource utilization and system performance impact during full-screen applications or games to reduce resource consumption and system performance impact impact and reduce resource consumption and system performance impact impact and reduce resource consumption and system performance impact impact.

This free and open-source application lets users customize their desktops by turning GIFs, videos and webpages into beautiful wallpapers. Users can add new wallpapers by dragging-and-dropping them directly into the application’s interface, browsing their hard drives for them or using various monitor configurations and resolutions – it even supports HiDPI displays!

Another feature that sets this program apart from others wallpaper solutions is its unique capability of playing audio files as wallpapers. The program can display lyrics of songs currently playing on Spotify or web browsers and synchronize with their beat. Furthermore, this wallpaper solution offers temperature and weather updates on desktop monitors.

While the app does have some downsides, it remains an excellent choice for those seeking a fresh new look on their computers. Its functionality and quality compare well with that of more costly wallpaper programs such as Wallpaper Engine; but without breaking the bank.

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Use of animated wallpaper can negatively impact computer performance, particularly on non-high spec systems. Furthermore, animated wallpaper will consume more battery power than static ones.

Customization options

Lively Wallpaper not only allows you to select a pre-loaded wallpaper but also allows you to upload videos and GIFs of your own for use as wallpaper. Simply click the plus icon located on the menu, select your files and set them as wallpaper!

Your options for viewing video output include selecting audio output. Furthermore, the application performance settings allow you to configure it so as to pause wallpaper playback when resource-intensive programs are running on your PC; this feature can prevent animated wallpaper from slowing down your system and is especially helpful if animated wallpaper slows it down too much.

The application also supports various video formats, aspect ratios, and resolutions. Furthermore, you can customize your wallpaper size and add custom borders or borders based on text/image combinations or interactivity features such as animated wallpapers that respond to mouse movements; or create intricate layouts as wallpapers!

User interface design adheres to Windows 11 principles for an appealing and modern experience, making this desktop wallpaper program fast and responsive compared with others that may eat into CPU or GPU resources, thus making it an excellent option for users with limited hardware resources.

Additionally, Wallpaper Engine can be easily customized to run in the background without interfering with any foreground applications, so that you can focus on work while enjoying an entertaining and creative backdrop that changes live – an excellent alternative to more costly and intensive programs such as Rainmeter or Wallpaper Engine.

If you need to make changes, simply navigate to the menu bar and click “Control Panel”. From here, many options are available, such as setting an individual file as wallpaper or disabling animations completely. In addition, accessing help documentation or downloading new backgrounds from their official website are all possible through this menu.


Some don’t care much for the wallpaper on their computer screens, which is fine; others, however, prefer keeping it fresh and lively – Lively Wallpaper makes that possible by offering free-of-charge and open source customization software which enables users to turn GIFs, emulators, videos, shaders games HTML into animated wallpapers for Windows computers.

This program comes equipped with a small selection of free wallpapers, but you can use the built-in creator or external codecs to quickly create and convert any multimedia file into desktop wallpaper. With its minimalist interface and easy use for beginners alike, once installed it runs as an icon on the system tray and you can customize its settings according to your individual preferences. You can even set it so it begins or pauses automatically whenever other applications run fullscreen mode.

Lively Wallpaper offers comparable performance to other wallpaper applications like Wallpaper Engine. However, unlike its competitor it is entirely free to use and uses less resources than other applications – making it an attractive option for users looking to enhance their PCs while not straining resources too heavily.

However, when using the program it’s important to remember a few points. First of all, be mindful that using it may affect your computer’s performance if your GPU is weak and ensure that no lag or other issues arise as a result. It is therefore highly advised that you monitor its usage carefully so as to avoid lag or any other complications with performance issues caused by using it.

Keep in mind, however, that when active the program can utilize some CPU resources. This is due to processing images and data for display as wallpaper – it shouldn’t be too much of a concern though it should be kept in mind if using on a laptop with weak GPU performance; you can minimize its effects by changing settings to reduce CPU useage.


Lively Wallpaper is an efficient program for customizing the desktop of your Windows computer, offering animated effects to make it come to life on screen. However, unlike similar programs which could potentially strain performance or battery power usage, Lively Wallpaper doesn’t impact either, enabling you to change wallpapers at any time without needing to reboot first.

The program features an impressive collection of free animated wallpapers for you to select as backgrounds. Furthermore, you can even make custom live wallpapers by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages – but please remember that these files must be acquired legally as the program doesn’t support piracy.

Once you’ve selected a wallpaper, click on “Preview” to preview how it looks before clicking “Set as wallpaper”. When satisfied with your selection, you can apply it directly by clicking “Set as Wallpaper”, as this app also lets you set wallpaper across multiple screens simultaneously.

If you want to share a wallpaper, just generate and copy its link from the main app interface. Customize its colors by either choosing from a preset palette or creating one of your own and including audio as part of it if desired.

Another unique aspect of the program is its ability to pause wallpaper playback when running resource-intensive software programs in full-screen mode. Furthermore, you can customize how much memory and CPU usage it uses so as not to hinder performance on your PC.

Lively Wallpaper is available for both Windows 10 and 7 computers, offering easy installation and use. Visit its official website to access the latest version, along with troubleshooting steps that may help resolve any issues arising while using this program.

Lively Wallpaper is an open-source, lightweight wallpaper program that turns any video into stunning animated wallpapers. Featuring user-friendly controls and customizable settings, Lively Wallpaper boasts an active community that regularly contributes new animated wallpapers as well as tools to help create your own. Furthermore, Lively supports various codecs as well as hardware accelerated media playback.

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