Logitech G HUB Review

Logitech G HUB

Logitech G HUB is an innovative software program that empowers gamers to transform their gaming experience with powerful customization features and advanced functionality. Gamers can personalize gaming settings, manage device connectivity and maximize performance – all from the same place.

Logitech Gaming Software is designed to work with most Logitech gaming devices including keyboards, mice and headsets and offers extensive customization features including lighting controls, button assignments and macros.


Logitech is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of PC and Mac gaming accessories, such as keyboards, mice, headsets, speakers and more. Their G HUB software suite enables users to configure and personalize their devices quickly with one convenient application; be it altering settings on a mouse or keyboard or configuring lights on their headsets.

Like its predecessor, Logitech Gaming Software, G HUB features several tools that enable gamers to tailor their gaming experience according to individual tastes and preferences. You can create different profiles for different games that automatically change button configurations and settings on Logitech gaming gear; using LIGHTSYNC, users can also create personalized lighting patterns and intensities on keyboards or mice.

G HUB offers another key benefit of saving both time and effort with its ability to import profile settings from LGS, making the initial setup process less cumbersome and time consuming. You should only ever do this once as running both programs simultaneously could cause hardware mismatch issues that require technical support to resolve.

G Hub boasts not only its functionality, but also a clean and modern design that’s easy to navigate. It features an intuitive left-hand column which displays all available profiles with their settings – when clicking one opens a detailed window that allows you to tailor each setting according to the equipment that’s connected – such as changing DPI/acceleration for mice or creating macros on keyboards.

G Hub also works seamlessly with OBS Studio, giving gamers access to control their Logitech gear while livestreaming.

G Hub is not particularly resource-demanding, though certain functions do require an internet connection of sufficient strength. Furthermore, you will require sufficient RAM and hard drive space in order to run this program effectively. Finally, be mindful that cloud syncing and firmware updates may take some time; if you experience difficulty using G Hub try temporarily disabling your antivirus software and then rebooting your computer if problems arise.


Logitech G HUB is software that oversees Logitech gaming devices. It features numerous tools to enhance your gaming experience, including profiles for each game that apply specific settings when launched; macro creation; recording/displaying button heat maps showing how often and for how long someone presses a particular button over time; as well as button heat map visualization capabilities.

Interface of this program is user-friendly and customizable settings can be organized into categories like mouse, keyboard and headset for easy navigation. A search function makes finding what you’re searching for easy; plus it includes profile customization so that it can be saved later and surface tuning which lets you optimize mouse or keyboard sensors by dragging on-screen until achieving optimal results.

Although it has many features, this application doesn’t consume too many resources. To ensure smooth operation on your system, make sure it has sufficient hardware and an internet connection. It even comes equipped with the option to choose your installation path; ideal if you prefer installing it somewhere other than where originally intended.

If you are having issues with G Hub, this could be due to incompatible drivers or faulty devices; or it could even be related to conflicts between other applications running on your computer. If that is the case for you, resetting your device could solve this problem by clearing away settings files and other temporary data; it should resolve it entirely.

Firewalls may also be to blame when it comes to the G Hub software becoming stuck on its loading screen. Your firewall could mistakenly identify it as a threat and block accessing your device; in such an instance, it would be wise to temporarily disable or modify your settings so the application has access to your device.

Right-clicking an executable file and selecting Run as Administrator should do the trick, or opening Task Manager can be helpful; look for LGHUB, LGS Updater or similar tasks and select End Task on each one individually.


Logitech G HUB is an impressive software application that offers unparalleled control and customization of Logitech gaming hardware. It lets you adjust lighting, create macros, assign button functions, fine-tune other settings, and more with its user-friendly interface that’s accessible even to beginners. Furthermore, cloud support means you can save and reuse settings across devices.

G Hub is designed to work with most recent Logitech gaming devices, such as keyboards, mice and headsets. However, due to specific system requirements it may not work on older or lower-end computers; additionally it may clash with other programs so it would be wise to install G Hub separately from other programs at first.

If you are having issues using Logitech G HUB, restarting or updating the drivers may help. Also try running it as an administrator or enabling firewall access and see if that helps; if not try switching USB ports. A recent Windows update might also be blocking it; in that instance it might be best to uninstall and reinstall.

Logitech G HUB features numerous enhancements that make it more stable and powerful, such as its new Sensitivity feature that allows you to tailor mouse sensitivity based on game or activity; you can even copy DPI presets from another previous Logitech mouse! Furthermore, its wireless 2kHz report rate option improves responsiveness and tracking smoothness for an even smoother gaming experience.

G HUB differs from its predecessor in that it only supports Logitech gaming hardware and cannot be installed on Linux systems, both of which were known for being reliable and versatile software applications.

Furthermore, this software contains bugs and glitches that could compromise your gaming experience. Some may find the learning curve too steep while others struggle with all its features and options. Luckily, customer service can assist with any issues related to G HUB; simply visit their official website to download their latest version and begin.


Logitech is well known for producing some of the top gaming peripherals on the market, as well as offering an array of software to manage, optimize, and configure them – including remapping buttons and altering RGB lighting – creating custom profiles for various games, and more. One such popular piece is G HUB which replaces Logitech Gaming Software; but is this worth switching over?

Beginning your G HUB experience is straightforward. The application recognizes all supported hardware, and provides access to its configuration features – from macros and key binding, lighting effects, firmware updates and device firmware checking, through creating different user profiles for different games and instantly switching between them on-the-fly.

G Hub is also an invaluable way of optimizing peripheral performance for various games and applications, such as competitive gaming. It enables you to get the most from your gaming experience; unfortunately however, the app currently does not offer an auto switch between profiles when starting up a game.

G HUB stands out with some noteworthy community features. You can share your settings and profiles with other users, which can help you discover new configurations for your gaming setup. Furthermore, there’s a built-in Discord integration that lets you manage Logitech gear from within Discord itself.

G HUB is a fantastic piece of software to manage Logitech hardware, featuring sleek modern design and feature-rich functionality that make it worthwhile for anyone who uses Logitech hardware. Unfortunately, some older devices do not work and it may have issues finding community profiles for certain games; nevertheless it offers great gaming experience enhancement so give it a try today and see if you like it!

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