Lunascape Browser Review


Lunascape is a Japanese web browser designed to combine the best features from several major browsers. Among others, its most distinctive characteristic is supporting multiple rendering engines; specifically Trident (used by Internet Explorer), Gecko and WebKit (utilised by Firefox/Chrome/Safari).

Choose an engine to use when visiting a particular website to ensure it always displays optimally, as well as take advantage of additional features not usually found in browsers.

Multiple rendering engines

Lunascape is a web browser which supports multiple rendering engines. It allows web designers to test designs in different browsers without installing all of them separately – while displaying side-by-side results of each engine for easy comparison.

Apart from multiple engines, this browser also boasts numerous other special features. It recognizes mouse gestures, supports multiple tabs, has an RSS reader built-in and offers customizable plugin systems capable of running Firefox extensions – not to mention over 100 preloaded functions that save users from installing add-ons manually.

Users can quickly switch rendering engines with the engine-switch button near the address bar, using it to quickly find one most suited to each page they visit. A site designed exclusively for Trident can even be registered in an Auto-Engine-Switch list so the browser automatically switches over. Furthermore, setting it as the default engine may decrease startup times and improve javascript execution speeds significantly.

This browser comes equipped with the tab-on-multiple-rows feature, enabling you to place multiple tabs across several rows of its tab bar for better control and easier navigation. Furthermore, its image capture function automatically captures and saves current pages as image files for easy storage; bookmarks and settings from other browsers can be imported; user settings import functions can transfer your preferences such as tab layout and column counts between browsers; as well as capture current pages automatically as images files for easy saving; it even automatically captures pages to image files for easy browsing later viewing!

Tabs on multiple lines

Lunascape tabs are displayed in multiple lines, making navigation of web sites much simpler while making it easy to keep an eye on each tab’s contents. With one click you can even close all your open tabs! Plus there is a comprehensive right-click menu which provides quick access to actions relevant to that particular tab.

This browser stands out from its rivals with many unique features, such as triple rendering engines and full support for mouse gestures. Additionally, its user settings import feature is useful – you can import all your Firefox bookmarks and settings easily into it! It also boasts a large screen mode to let you focus solely on websites and not sidebars/toolbars!

Another useful feature of browsers is their ability to switch among three distinct rendering engines, which is particularly handy for web developers as it allows them to see how their sites look in each. Furthermore, the browser allows webmasters to save settings so their website always opens using the engine that best presents its content.

The iLunascape app’s tap-hold functionality gives users quick and easy access to all browser functions without requiring long finger presses, making it convenient for use even with one hand on mobile devices with smaller screens. Furthermore, this feature supports “Highlighted Search,” a very handy search function which highlights words or phrases with your finger as you search the page – especially useful when traveling and needing web pages on-the-go!


Lunascape’s auto-engine-switch feature enables users to choose which rendering engine they would like used on any website they visit. For instance, if a website designed for Trident and Gecko but you are using a browser which uses WebKit engine instead, select Smart Engine button in address bar to force use of a different rendering engine – especially useful if using an Internet Explorer security certificate!

This latest version of the browser boasts a faster Gecko engine, which enhances startup and javaScript performance, in addition to supporting various Gecko extensions. Furthermore, its development utilizes independently developed technology and boasts even faster performance than other browsers that utilize Gecko engines like Firefox.

Lunascape also includes important features such as mouse and keyboard gestures, RSS readers, an effective search tool and support for plugins designed specifically for it. Furthermore, there is a private browsing mode which automatically deletes browser history and cookie data when you close the browser – an especially handy feature if using shared computers.

User agent switching is another handy feature, helping to view websites designed specifically for certain browsers or mobile devices. For instance, on a Netbook you can switch to a small-screen view without menu bars and toolbars, as well as using highlight search function which searches highlighted text instantly and displays results instantly; furthermore it includes dictionary translation options; as well as remember and restore settings, bookmarks history plugins preferences as well as back up.

Cascade view

Cascade View allows you to tile and cascade tabs, making it an invaluable tool for web developers and designers who need to compare multiple versions of the same page. In conjunction with Auto-engine-switch feature, this function also enables side-by-side views rendered by all three browser engines simultaneously; plus provides comprehensive menu for every tab providing instant access to its features.

Lunascape is a triple-engine web browser designed to combine the best elements from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome into one application. Its features include Gecko, Webkit and Trident rendering engines; add-on support such as Gecko plugins; as well as customization features including mouse gesture support. Its customizable interface enables it to accommodate a range of mouse gestures.

Lunascape provides a user settings import feature to help anyone transitioning from another browser. Simply click on the checkbox in Lunascape settings, and let Lunascape handle everything else!

Lunascape’s latest version offers numerous minor revisions. For instance, its user interface (UI) has been refined slightly while compatibility with most Firefox add-ons has increased substantially. Furthermore, tab pinning (like in Firefox) supports keeping tabs from closing automatically and comes equipped with both an RSS feed reader and multi-search tool – making Lunascape an attractive browsing solution.

User settings import

Lunascape is an efficient web browser with many built-in functions designed to meet today’s needs. It comes equipped with three rendering engines, allowing users to switch among them with just a click, giving you plenty of flexibility in picking which engine best fits you based on your requirements – perfect for web designers who must test designs across various browsers. In addition, Lunascape features unique built-in functions like highlight search, mouse gestures and skin support – perfect for designers.

Lunascape stands out from other browsers by its ability to automatically backup and restore settings, helping protect privacy on shared computers. Lunascape also deletes personal data when it shuts down automatically, while users can customize mouse gestures as well as create custom commands for actions such as double-click, wheel click or left/right clicks.

Lunascape’s Tab Management feature is extremely robust and configurable. It displays open websites in tabs with an extensive menu accessible via right-clicking the title tabs; giving instantaneous access to operations applicable for individual tabs like switching the rendering engine or capturing pages.

Lunascape’s user settings import feature allows you to seamlessly import bookmarks, history and preferences from other browsers into Lunascape – something particularly helpful if switching from Firefox or Internet Explorer. It is simple and safe for use, even saving settings that no longer support them; additionally a password protection can keep private information safe; plus blocking tracking improves browsing speed while offering Ghostery-grade protection!

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