Lunascape Browser Review


Lunascape is an innovative browser, taking an unprecedented approach to browser wars by employing three rendering engines – this allows page displays to be easily compared side-by-side and makes browsing an unparalleled experience.

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Lunascape is an innovative web browser that takes advantage of three rendering engines to ensure optimal compatibility with every website they visit, as well as giving developers the ability to test their creations across them without needing multiple browser installations or virtual machines. Users can select which engine works best with every website visited, giving them more choice in selecting what engine best meets their needs for optimal viewing experience. Lunascape’s cutting-edge features enable developers to test their creations across all three engines simultaneously without multiple browser installations or virtual machines needed.

Lunascape stands out with its improved tab browsing system, which displays each tab on a separate line rather than all at once, for easier navigation and management. Furthermore, mouse gestures are supported as well as many customization features – for instance you can set any double-click or click on the wheel to execute specific commands.

This browser’s various features make it a top choice for both casual and power surfers alike. Utilizing Trident, Gecko and WebKit engines enables it to support an impressive range of websites while accommodating most major plugins and extensions to customize users’ browsing experiences exactly how they see fit.

Lunascape stands out as one of the fastest browsers available, thanks to its unique triple-engine design which enables it to load web pages faster than other browsers and built-in features like ad blockers and other security measures that protect against online threats.

Lunascape’s innovative design makes it user-friendly even for novice browsers. Its straightforward user interface is straightforward to navigate and intuitive, making Lunascape an appealing alternative to more complex browsers like Chrome. Lunascape comes equipped with numerous other functionality – such as being able to highlight text within webpages and select from an extensive range of search options – that enhance its overall usability.

This browser is perfect for those seeking a fast, reliable, and customizable browsing experience. With its unique features and excellent performance, Opera is worthy of consideration as one of the leading browsers available – not to mention it being free with many built-in functions that save both time and money by eliminating additional add-ons altogether.


Lunascape’s developers claim it to be “the fastest browser in the world.” Although its load times might not match those of more popular browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer, its unique combination of three engines – Gecko (Firefox), Trident (Internet Explorer), and WebKit (used by Safari and Chrome) makes Lunascape stand out as something different and offers unique features for web developers and geeks.

Not only is Lunascape equipped with three engines and triple add-on support, it allows users to import user settings from other browsers – something not many other browsers support – making it an excellent choice for switching browsers without reentering all your bookmarks and settings.

This multi-engine browser is especially beneficial to designers who must test their work across different rendering engines, like Gecko and WebKit, or Firefox and Internet Explorer. Furthermore, it provides an effective means of comparing browser performance on a given page.

Lunascape was first developed in Japan and has been evolving ever since 2001, being one of the first web browsers to incorporate multiple rendering engines. Due to this unique feature as well as being capable of supporting multiple tabs and mouse gestures, this browser quickly gained popularity among geeks worldwide.

Lunascape may not have seen updates for some time, yet still boasts an extensive set of features – native support for RSS and podcast feeds, tab crash protection, an impressive library of Lunascape-exclusive plug-ins and skins, form auto saver support, as well as numerous tweaks and settings in its default menus are just a few to name.

Internet Explorer stands out among browsers as one of the few capable of supporting video playback in its own separate window. Furthermore, you can drag-and-drop files from other applications onto websites through Internet Explorer’s drag and drop support and “cascade view”, a useful feature which enables simultaneous viewing of sites in three engines simultaneously.


Lunascape developers have integrated three major Web browser rendering engines (Trident, Gecko and WebKit) into one convenient shell, making it easy for users to choose which engine best meets the needs of a particular website while also solving compatibility issues that frequently plague browsers. This exciting development could radically alter browser competition!

The browser offers an expansive selection of extensions and add-ons that let you tailor your browsing experience, designed to increase productivity and strengthen security. Furthermore, there are numerous built-in functions designed to expedite common tasks quickly and easily; whether that be viewing RSS feeds in a scrolling ticker format, using keyboard shortcuts for frequently performed actions or blocking ads, there are endless possibilities available.

Lunascape also allows you to set up mouse gestures using various keys on your keyboard or mouse, making the experience of browsing more efficient. This feature is especially beneficial for those who spend a great deal of time online as it enables quick switching between accounts without needing to log out every time.

Other handy features include saving bookmarks, conducting searches with one keystroke and using multiple windows simultaneously. Furthermore, toolbars can be created and customized for accessing favorite features as well as watching videos while browsing – another great feature. Moreover, settings from other browsers can also be imported and auto-backed up automatically to protect user profiles.

This browser boasts an engaged community of users and offers comprehensive support through forums and FAQs. Furthermore, the company frequently releases updates and security patches to keep their browser safe and secure – it even features a feature to prevent leaving behind traces when surfing the Internet!

Lunascape provides an open-source browser, suitable for most Windows operating systems, that can be freely downloaded for free from its website and downloaded free of charge from Lunascape’s server. At least 500MB of hard disk space and 512MB RAM is required in order to run this application properly.


Lunascape is a freeware browsers and plugins software for Windows designed to make browser navigation simple for both beginners and experts alike. Compatible with XP/Vista/7/8/10 operating systems.

Lunascape combines the functionality of three major Web browsers into one versatile shell. Utilizing rendering engines from Internet Explorer (Trident), Firefox (Gecko), and Chrome/Safari (WebKit), Lunascape can display virtually every website online with ease, boasting its unique side-by-side view and bookmark sync feature to provide users with a robust browsing experience. Offered by Tokyo-based Lunascape Corp. and available as an iPhone version called iLunascape Lite from Apple App Store.

Lunascape stands apart from most browsers by offering a feature which enables the user to rapidly switch between rendering engines when necessary, which is especially helpful when accessing websites that require different browser versions for proper display and when experiencing problems with specific rendering engines. This function also helps when your browser experiences issues related to any specific engine.

Lunascape stands out from other browsers by being able to easily import settings and bookmarks from other browsers, making the switch from other browsers quick and seamless – especially those switching from Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. This feature can especially beneficial to those switching from these systems.

Other features of the browser include a privacy feature that completely deletes traces of online activity when the browser is closed, including cached files, cookies and search history. In addition, a tabbed browsing system similar to those seen in Chrome and Firefox makes tabs easier to access; they can be arranged horizontally or vertically and even pinned at the bottom of your browser window for quick and easy access.

Lunascape’s highlighting function allows users to perform quick searches by simply highlighting words or phrases on a webpage, with results appearing in a popup window where users can make selections from a selection of options. Furthermore, Lunascape browser can block malicious scripts and trackers for increased online security.

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