MacPaw CleanMyPC Review

CleanMyPC from MacPaw is an intuitive PC cleaning and optimization program with many useful features, with an user-friendly, fresh layout.

It contains numerous tools that will assist with cleaning junk files, optimizing registry settings, decreasing startup times and uninstalling applications. Other features include privacy protection and browser extensions management.

Boost your PC’s performance

MacPaw CleanMyPC is a renowned PC tuning software designed to optimize computer performance by cleaning away junk files, invalid registry entries, managing startup programs and more. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of features make this a fantastic solution for users seeking to optimize their machines.

The program’s scan function is quick and straightforward to use, providing users with a list of items to be cleaned or fixed in just a click. In addition, additional tools have been included that help increase internet speed, clear browser cookies/history/histories/extenders, stop memory-intensive background tasks as well as many others. Plus it is compatible with Windows 11 making this an excellent solution for users wanting to keep their computer running smoothly and efficiently!

CleanMyPC was more thorough in my tests, identifying over 110 registry issues that should be fixed. While most users might never notice these problems themselves, it’s good to know that CleanMyPC is keeping an eye on your system for potential issues that need addressing.

I appreciate how quickly and easily the program allows you to free up space by deleting duplicate files. Furthermore, its tool for clearing out Windows hibernation files – which often occupy valuable storage space and slow down computer performance – is useful. Likewise, its extension manager lets you view and manage all browser extensions quickly and efficiently.

Although its features are extensive, the application remains lightweight and doesn’t take up too much of your computer’s resources to run. Furthermore, its user-friendly UI makes navigating easy for people of all skill levels; and there are backup and recovery tools that enable users to recover lost files, wipe a drive clean and more.

Though I have only recently begun using this program, I’ve found it to be an ideal choice for anyone seeking to optimize their computer’s performance. With its user-friendly interface and numerous optimization tools designed specifically for novice techies as well as experienced users alike, it provides a solid solution.

Remove junk files

Junk files on your computer may seem temporary and unnecessary, but over time they can clog up your system, slowing it down and diminishing performance. By regularly clearing away these temporary and unnecessary files from your system, you can declutter it and free up storage space, helping improve overall performance while prolonging its lifespan.

Junk files such as browser cache, duplicate files and system logs can significantly slow your PC down while taking up valuable disk space. They can also cause errors, so regular cleanup of these files is a must to avoid error-causing complications. Luckily there are multiple tools to remove them such as duplicate file finders or the Registry Editor that can help free of charge; we will explain both here in this blog post!

CleanMyPC is a comprehensive computer optimization program with numerous optimization tools designed to target various parts of your computer, including junk file removal and registry cleaning. CleanMyPC also features multi-uninstalling capabilities and privacy tab for browser extensions, along with hardware monitoring that monitors CPU, RAM and disk space usage. CleanMyPC’s user-friendly design makes this an excellent way to boost computer performance without breaking the bank.

CleanMyPC features are generally helpful, yet it could use some additions. One such would be automatic disabling of programs running at startup which could save considerable time during boot up. While these can be disabled manually without CleanMyPC, having this capability would make life much simpler for end-users.

CleanMyPC does not currently offer the ability to delete large files from your system, which can be an extremely time-consuming and annoying process for many users. Luckily, there are third-party applications such as AOMEI Partition Assistant that provide quick and efficient ways of removing large, unnecessary files quickly and effortlessly from Windows PCs – one such tool being automatically detect and delete large unused files free of charge!

Securely erase sensitive data

Secure data erasure utilizes software-based techniques to securely erase information from hard drives in an effort to make it inaccessible, making recovery impossible. This can be accomplished without impacting operating systems and is often required when disposing of old hardware or transferring ownership of devices. Furthermore, secure data erasure serves compliance purposes while offering companies the chance to delete sensitive files that might otherwise be vulnerable to being recovered by hackers.

CleanMyPC features several tools for securely erasing files and information, including Shredder and SecureDelete. While deleting data simply deletes it from the Recycle Bin and prevents recovery, SecureDelete overwrites existing hard drive data with random information in order to make recovery impossible – an invaluable feature when disposing of computers or portable storage devices as it will guarantee no one can retrieve sensitive information after it has been abandoned.

SecureDelete works with Windows XP and Vista computers, but its other components require modern versions of OS. Older computers may benefit from using other programs to sanitize and securely erase data such as Microsoft’s free Sysinternals tool SDelete which runs from CMD prompt. SDelete offers more control than CleanMyPC File Shredder feature when overwriting data is performed.

CleanMyPC offers users a secure wipe feature known as SecureDelete that enables them to securely erase an entire hard drive or folders with its use, both SSDs and traditional hard drives are supported; plus it’s compatible with both Windows 11 and 10. This makes CleanMyPC an excellent option for those wishing to sanitize devices before disposing of or selling them off.

CleanMyPC is an efficient and effective PC maintenance program that offers a host of features designed to maximize performance. However, some features should be used with caution – particularly the registry cleaner which could cause instability if misused. Therefore, before making any advanced features active it is advisable to backup the registry first.

Disable unnecessary apps on startup

Many programs start running automatically at startup, and if any are unnecessary or demand too many resources they can severely slow down your PC and even cause crashes or security threats. Luckily, you have an easy way to disable such applications without downloading and installing additional programs.

You may already know about CCleaner as an efficient optimization tool to clean up junk files and fix registry errors, but did you know it can also manage startup applications? This feature can speed up boot times by eliminating unnecessary apps from your startup list; saving both time and effort while allowing you to focus on important tasks rather than waiting for your PC to load.

This app boasts an easy and user-friendly interface that’s simple to use, enabling you to view a list of apps running at startup and sort them by software publisher, status and startup impact. Right-clicking any app can allow you to remove it from startup sequence – though keep in mind that some may remain enabled as necessary applications should remain enabled during start up.

Older Windows versions allowed you to access and manage startup apps through the System Configuration tool (msconfig), but this feature has since been removed in Windows 10 and 11. If you wish to see and change this list of startup applications, use either Settings screen or Task Manager instead.

There are other free and paid tools that can assist in managing startup applications, including CCleaner, Glary Utilities and Advanced SystemCare. These programs can detect and remove invalid registry entries as well as optimize startup items to manage auto-run programs with an intuitive user interface. Furthermore, these applications may detect any malware which might be impacting performance on your computer system.

CleanMyPC team are available via phone and email if you have any inquiries or require any assistance with their comprehensive PC maintenance and optimization tool. It can clean junk files, fix registry errors and delete sensitive data safely while offering features such as browser extensions management, automatic updates and privacy protection.

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