Macrium Reflect Review

Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect is an easy, cost-effective way to backup, image, and clone data – an invaluable asset when disaster strikes!

This software can clone an entire hard drive or specific partitions, verify and encrypt backups, explore images to extract specific files or folders and even boot into an image file.


Protecting your operating system with full backups can save you from having to rebuild everything from scratch in case of disaster. Macrium Reflect’s Rescue Media feature enables you to do just this, using optical discs (CD/DVD) or USB Flash drives as rescue media. Simply expand the Other Tasks menu and choose Create Rescue Media before inserting your rescue media and following on-screen instructions for use.

Macrium Reflect makes creating backups easy, and will feel familiar to those familiar with other imaging software. You can quickly create an image of an entire hard drive or partitions to protect, with additional options to filter files and folders to optimize speed and storage space requirements.

Once your backup is completed, a summary window will display what has been accomplished and any settings used. If you are satisfied with the results, simply click “Finish”, otherwise wait for your rescue media to boot and restore from this latest full backup.

Cloning a hard drive is not only useful for backing up data and OS, but can also serve as an efficient method for moving everything from one PC to another without losing apps, settings or personal files – an amazing feature of this software that makes its download well worth your while.

Macrium Reflect is an excellent tool that is recommended to any user who needs to recover or clone images and files quickly and easily. With its user-friendly interface and compatibility across Windows versions, this program makes the task of data backup simple and stress-free. If you are uncertain whether the software is right for you, take advantage of its 30 day free trial or browse its extensive knowledge base for premium users. Plus, installation should be quick and effortless with no special system requirements! Note that while the free version doesn’t include technical support, premium users can receive direct email and telephone assistance from the company.


Macrium Reflect provides powerful cloning features, saving both time and effort when upgrading a PC or moving your operating system between machines. You can even use Macrium Reflect to copy an entire drive; this feature can come in particularly handy if you need to quickly migrate files, settings and programs onto a faster, more efficient machine.

When creating an image, you can choose files and folders to back up as well as filter specific items out based on filter criteria. Once complete, this compressed backup file can be restored onto disk, partition or individual files & folders in case of system crash recovery. Furthermore, software provides differential and incremental backup images to maximize backup speed and storage requirements.

To restore your system, either use Macrium Reflect from within Windows itself, or create a rescue DVD/USB flash drive that can be booted up at startup and used to restore OS without reinstallation. For this, use the Other Tasks menu of Macrium Reflect to choose “Create Rescue Media.” Insert either DVD/USB drive and select Build; Macrium Reflect will then generate its DVD or USB device.

Macrium Reflect’s latest update focuses on optimizing both its clone and backup capabilities, with particular attention paid to automating fill/shrink operations if the destination disk differs in size from its source; additionally, this process will add free space before/after copied partitions for greater reliability.

Backup function enhancements also allow users to quickly restore an existing backup from their list of available backups in the left pane, or create custom jobs to run backups at specific intervals or upon events.

Macrium Reflect offers a user interface that is clean and intuitive, with an overview of all drives and storage space. Designed to be as user-friendly as possible, most users should find getting started effortless; more experienced users may wish to explore additional options available via its menu on the left.


Macrium Reflect is designed to backup data from computers, disks and partitions. Additionally it can clone disks and create images of them so they can be restored in case of hardware failure; furthermore it includes a file transfer utility for moving files between computers.

The program’s scheduling feature enables it to run backups during off-peak hours when your computer isn’t being used, thus saving resources for other tasks and making this software highly flexible for modern workplace environments.

Backup creation can be a resource-intensive task that takes up much space in storage systems. This is particularly true if your backup set contains large files or multiple items that require compression software; using this tool can significantly decrease its size.

Macrium Reflect provides more than just scheduling features; it includes many helpful tools for backing up and restoring data, from remote sites and cloud services to local storage devices and local network drives. Furthermore, Macrium Reflect supports numerous file systems such as NTFS, FAT16/32/exFAT.

This software features various security settings to safeguard your data. These include being able to encrypt backups and password protect them as well as restrict write access for certain folders and files. Furthermore, monitoring for ransomware activity or blocking unauthorised changes could also be configured into it.

Free trials of the software are available, while paid-for versions come with 12 months of technical support included. Users can submit support tickets or browse the Knowledge Base to locate answers to any queries that arise.

The program utilizes Windows Task Scheduler to schedule backup tasks, making it susceptible to some Windows errors. For instance, if Reflect executable is unable to read its scheduled definition file then its job may fail with an “Access denied” error code being reported in its log.


Macrium Reflect is an outstanding disk imaging and cloning application with backup related functionality, such as ransomware protection for backups, file encryption, instant virtualization and support for ReFS/exFAT file systems. For Windows users it makes the perfect tool.

Macrium Reflect is safe to download and run on your PC as long as you follow a few key steps. Make sure that only download from trusted sources to avoid malware and security risks; additionally, install the most up-to-date version to maximize its features.

Once installed, once can begin backing up your system and restoring files or entire systems as part of a full functional recovery solution. For instance, this could allow you to go back in time or even perform disk clone backup to transfer or upgrade.

This backup software offers several plans tailored specifically to businesses. These plans feature features like backup scheduling, image archiving and verification as well as centralized management console. Furthermore, disaster recovery capabilities are built-in as part of its capabilities.

Macrium Reflect is one of the few backup and disk imaging tools capable of creating both full and differential images, supporting granular recovery to recover specific files or folders, and supporting both Windows file system and Linux partition formats. Furthermore, it can restore images to dissimilar hardware systems.

Macrium Reflect is one of the few solutions capable of quickly and efficiently selecting partitions to backup, making the backup process quicker and more effective than ever before. Plus, Macrium Reflect supports Hyper-V and VirtualBox so moving backups between physical and virtual environments is straightforward!

Furthermore, the software can detect and select for backup all partitions used by Windows; however, please keep in mind that some files on certain partitions may be missed; especially those which contain system files or programs which cannot be moved elsewhere.

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