Malwarebytes Premium Review


Malwarebytes Premium delivers exceptional performance, reducing system resource utilization by up to 50 percent and featuring signature-less behavioral detection technology to detect malware that bypasses antivirus protection by analyzing its behavior.

One drawback of Cyrus Security’s service is the absence of additional tools like password managers and system tuneup tools; however, this lack is likely for good reason since they recently acquired Cyrus Security and intend to incorporate identity theft monitoring tools as part of their offerings.


Malwarebytes’ user interface is straightforward and user-friendly, making choosing which type of scan to run, scheduling it and setting real-time protections straightforward. All of these features can also be found in its free edition; however, its Premium edition offers additional benefits, such as priority customer support.

Real-time protection is a background process that blocks various online threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware and adware from entering your computer. Malwarebytes’ real-time protection runs quickly using minimal system resources so as to not slow down the computer itself much at all. Furthermore, its hackers attack protection helps keep malicious programs from taking control of it.

Notable about this software is its lack of extra features like parental controls, firewall protection and password management; rather it specializes in offering antivirus protection without the fuss. It does its job very effectively!

Malwarebytes offers you a number of settings and options you can adjust to tailor your experience, such as altering how frequently the program checks for threat intelligence updates or changing its theme. Furthermore, its “Permission List” enables you to add programs you trust to bypass scans.

Your system allows you to set custom alerts when it detects and blocks certain threats, and notifications from programs. In addition, penetration testing attacks–used by hackers to test out their own malware and hacking tools–can be blocked as well.

This software is extremely easy to use and comes equipped with plenty of helpful support resources. From finding answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQs section to seeking assistance for specific problems on a community forum – or talking directly with an actual person for support through their chat feature – everything needed for successful use can be found within its reach.

Malwarebytes software is compatible with many major operating systems, including Windows, macOS and Linux. However, when new versions of these operating systems come out – for instance XP no longer being supported – Malwarebytes may stop supporting older versions and Lehigh advises all users upgrade to modern operating systems in order to take full advantage of its protections.


Malwarebytes offers both a free version for cleaning infected devices, as well as a premium version that provides comprehensive protection from malware, ransomware and other threats. A subscription of up to five computers will be protected using this premium version bundled with VPN technology for enhanced privacy and security while online.

Malwarebytes Premium Service works by combining real-time protection with anti-malware, anti-exploit, ransomware and ransomware protection technologies and heuristic analysis. Furthermore, Malwarebytes uses its Katana Engine to improve detection and response times; system resource consumption during scanning can be reduced up to 50% faster compared to competitors; additionally it detects advanced threats like worms, trojans and rootkits more effectively than competitors.

Malwarebytes’ premium version stands out from its competition by providing uninstalling software a breeze. While other antivirus programs may leave behind remnants, Malwarebytes completely wipes away traces of any removed program and even finds hidden files and registry entries; plus it offers an advanced custom scan option to check for potential problems on a computer system.

One major drawback of the premium version is that it does not support older operating systems such as Windows XP and Vista due to most of its features and technologies relying on modern APIs and OS core functions that may not be supported in these older OSs. Users currently using these older operating systems should upgrade as soon as possible to the most up-to-date versions of Windows.

Comparative to similar products, Malwarebytes’ price is quite affordable; however, it does not provide comprehensive security – for instance parental controls and firewall protection can be found elsewhere.

Malwarebytes offers discounts if you buy an annual subscription, while also providing a free trial that gives access to all features found in its premium version. Their website and apps are user friendly. Plus, there’s an attractive 60-day money back guarantee when purchased directly through Malwarebytes’s website!


For first-time users of Malwarebytes, the free trial offers the perfect way to experience how the software works. Once downloaded, click the icon and follow the prompts for installation on your computer – this should take five to ten minutes after which restart may be required before scanning starts automatically and blocking penetration testing attacks as well as alerting when threats have been found.

Malwarebytes provides complete detection and removal for viruses, trojans, ransomware, worms, spyware rootkits and zero-day threats – including viruses, trojans ransomware worms spyware rootkits rootkits more. Malwarebytes offers subscription plans tailored specifically for each business need – from basic detection up to complete protection with password manager and web protection included as premium plans.

The company provides an array of tools for mobile device protection. These include an iPhone/Android application, remote controls for Mac/Windows computers and PCs and free anti-virus programs – these programs allow remote cleaning/updating malwarebytes on mobile devices as well as security training services to corporate clients.

To protect your devices, it’s crucial to regularly update your operating system and delete unneeded programs or files, free up space for more programs, clear your Recycle Bin, clear out valuable data accidentally deleted by mistake and clear out Recycle Bin. If there’s not enough storage available disk cleanup can also help identify unnecessary files.

Malwarebytes requires a fast and stable internet connection in order to stay abreast of emerging threats, but antivirus or firewall protection could prevent its installation on your computer. To fix this, try temporarily disabling antivirus protection or rebooting for a “clean boot”.

As of July 2018, Malwarebytes’ Nebula platform and Windows Endpoint Agent will no longer support Windows XP, Vista and Server 2008. Users still benefitting from current support will continue receiving protection updates until their product reaches its end of maintenance date.


Malwarebytes offers several self-help solutions for solving technical issues on its website, such as consumer forums, live chat feature and an email address for support requests. Furthermore, Malwarebytes also provides both a free trial version that scans for and removes malware as well as paid version with advanced features.

Malwarebytes has earned high ratings from independent testing labs for its security offerings. Its anti-malware software has received widespread acclaim by industry analysts and can detect threats missed by antivirus programs; additionally, its brute force protection can thwart attacks that involve repeatedly guessing login credentials for systems.

Anti-ransomware software offered by this company protects computers against hackers encrypting files on them and demanding payment in return. It can also block attempts by remote attackers to gain access to them remotely; in our tests it detected all ransomware we tested (such as Locky and TeslaCrypt) but prevented any changes being made to files by these ransomware variants. Its other protection tools can monitor remote connections, protect against phishing attacks and malicious URLs and detect suspicious activity on networks.

Interface of this scanner is user-friendly, offering simple navigation to select which scanner, schedule a scan and create Custom Scan. Real-time protections are enabled by default and it offers Light or Dark themes along with 3 backgrounds so users can customize its appearance further.

However, if an error that cannot be remedied through self-help options arises, Malwarebytes Support Tool is an invaluable resource to assist with problem resolution. The tool creates and uploads logs directly to a secure Malwarebytes server for submission as tickets to their support team; additionally it can attach these logs directly to an existing ticket to reduce time and effort spent submitting multiple reports.

Malwarebytes Support Tool includes an effective cleaner tool to eliminate all traces of Malwarebytes’ products on your computer and help resolve errors such as “unable to connect to service.” Users have reported success using this tool in fixing this problem.

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