Malwarebytes Review


Malwarebytes provides an intuitive and user-friendly program with superior real-time protection, and outstanding customer support that includes useful articles.

However, its focus on basic features makes it an excellent option for users who do not require extra features or want something that does not offer as much.


Malwarebytes offers home users an impressive range of protection features, including on-demand scans to detect existing malware and real-time protection to ward off future threats. Furthermore, its malware database is updated frequently as it offers ransomware and brute force protection as well as customer support that’s aligned with many top providers; furthermore its user-friendly app makes this service all that more appealing.

The main program uses a green “Protected” message across its header, and three tiles along the bottom of your dashboard give access to past scans and reports in the scanner tab, real-time protection in real-time protection tile and detection history in detection tab. When the antivirus detects dangerous files it immediately quarantines them so you can review if you believe it was only false positive while protecting against future infections by keeping malicious programs off your system.

Though this software doesn’t include password managers, firewalls or parental controls, it does provide anti-ransomware and cryptojacking protection as well as stopping ad trackers from spying on your activities online and blocking ads for a cleaner browsing experience. Plus it comes equipped with its own free VPN to further protect privacy online!

Malwarebytes stands out in our tests with its impressive virus detection rate and excellent real-world protection, performance, and usability testing results. Furthermore, its AV Comparatives scores exceed industry average and have been widely lauded for its ability to remove previously undetected zero-day malware.

Another key benefit is behavioral monitoring capabilities that allow for quick identification of suspicious activities and help determine whether potential threats are fraudulent or not. Furthermore, ransomware detection by analyzing file behavior to look for codes which lock files encrypting them then demanding money can also be easily detected with these capabilities.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is an innovative solution with minimal impact on endpoints, ease of use and cloud based management capabilities. Malwarebytes has also developed an intuitive mobile app for Android and iOS devices which monitor your devices for malware or viruses; its Nebula platform enables enterprise level network endpoint management through simple API integration to streamline IT operations.


Malwarebytes offers multiple pricing plans, from its free version and Premium plan (which offers basic protection from malware, including adware). Both plans offer anti-ransomware protection with additional features like VPN access and browser protection; plus there are even subscription plans specifically tailored for businesses.

Malwarebytes stands out as an easy antivirus program with its clean design and straightforward navigation, user-friendly mobile apps, generous trial period and money-back guarantee for premium products; yet some features found in competing antivirus solutions may be lacking here, along with inferior performance in malware detection tests.

As well as its premium products, the company also offers a free tool that scans for malware and spyware on computers running Windows, Mac OSX, Android or iOS operating systems. In addition, they also provide a security suite with additional tools such as password managers and VPN services.

Malwarebytes is an excellent option for business owners looking to protect their computers against ransomware infections, which lock users’ data before demanding payment to unlock it. An effective antivirus solution that can identify and block potential threats should also be considered a valuable preventative measure against these ransomware threats.

Malwarebytes is an effective anti-malware program, although not as adept at blocking ransomware as some top antiviruses. Nonetheless, it makes an ideal choice for those needing only basic protection without advanced features.

Malwarebytes website is user-friendly, offering clear explanations of its features in an accessible manner. There is also an FAQ/answer center which contains answers for frequently asked questions (FAQs). In addition, Malwarebytes’s website hosts numerous articles providing more in-depth guidance for using their program.

Malwarebytes also offers a privacy audit feature to assist users in identifying apps that may be monitoring calls, tracking location or exploiting permissions they haven’t granted – an invaluable feature for parents or those concerned about protecting personal data. In addition, Malwarebytes offers a free iOS app which monitors apps installed on phones and blocks any suspicious ones.


Malwarebytes is a well-recognized name in cybersecurity. Their software combines antimalware and antivirus protection for maximum protection, boasting comparable malware detection rates to leading antivirus providers. Unfortunately, Malwarebytes lacks a comprehensive database of existing threats – instead relying on scanning and behavior monitoring techniques to detect novel threats that have not previously been detected by its scan engine – limiting speed while potentially being less privacy friendly; also keeping extensive logs which may strain older computers.

Independent tests conducted by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives show that Malwarebytes Premium effectively blocks new, zero-day malware; however, it falls short in preventing false positives; in a recent test alone it misidentified safe software as dangerous 15 times; by contrast the best antivirus programs only had two such errors.

Malwarebytes stands out with its incident response feature, which reduces response times and enhances security posture. Administrators can remotely remove malware and recover compromised endpoints; in addition to providing flexible remediation options that allow users to choose whether Malwarebytes takes care of everything for them or provide detailed instructions so they can do it themselves.

The company offers three packages of their products, free, pro, and premium. While the free version offers limited features such as real-time malware detection and removal as well as blocking advertisements and trackers; while its premium counterpart includes password managers and VPN services among many other security features.

Malwarebytes does an outstanding job at eliminating malware, but does not protect against ransomware or phishing websites. While its free product does not include a firewall, its user interface is straightforward, virus detection rates are excellent and Browser Guard and Exploit Protection offer unique protection features; but Malwarebytes might not be ideal for users seeking more advanced protection solutions.


Malwarebytes installation process is fairly straightforward and takes just a few steps to complete. Once downloaded from Malwarebytes’s website, simply open up its offline installer and follow its prompts for setup – once complete you can begin scanning and removing malware from your PC!

Before initiating Malwarebytes installation, ensure you have enough disk space available on your computer. Otherwise, the installation could run into issues during its process and if this persists then try freeing up space by deleting unwanted files or moving them onto an external hard drive if they occupy too much of it. You can check how much available disk space exists by right-clicking C: drive and selecting Properties – also you can quickly check if enough disk space exists by looking at “Properties.”

Once you have downloaded and double-clicked the MBSetup file, double-clicking will launch the setup wizard. Depending on which version of Windows you’re running, it may prompt you to enter a license key or simply click “Next.” Upon completing that step, follow further prompts until installation is complete.

When running the installer, it will ask whether you want to install it on a personal or work computer, so choose what best meets your needs. Both versions provide similar functionality; however, premium offers additional features such as scheduled scans and real-time protection.

Malwarebytes installation could become stuck at 5% or 19% due to malware on your system, and in such an instance it is important that any other antivirus programs be uninstalled prior to trying again so as to ensure smooth functioning without conflicts between different antivirus applications.

If you are having difficulties installing or validating your key, the company offers help through its Support icon located in the top-right corner of the Dashboard. Clicking this will take you to a page containing FAQs as well as an online chat window where a live representative is waiting to answer your queries and assist. Their Support team is available around-the-clock so feel free to reach out anytime if assistance is required.

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