McAfee Antivirus Review

McAfee is an industry leader when it comes to computer security software, with their software providing excellent protection for both computers and mobile devices. McAfee boasts outstanding malware detection rates as well as many extra features like data shredding capabilities and anti-theft technology.

As well as passing AV-Test’s zero-day tests and scoring 100 percent on its widespread and prevalent malware test, plans are available for one to five devices.


McAfee antivirus software works continuously in the background to monitor file systems and prevent malware infections, but can take up a significant portion of CPU and memory resources. A full scan on our test computer required approximately 217 MB and 63% of processor memory – enough to cause fans to make noise as the machine became hot. McAfee’s antivirus software does a decent job of scanning for malware but falls short when compared to suites offering better protection with lighter scans.

McAfee Antivirus subscriptions come packed with many features designed to safeguard your devices against online threats, from viruses and ransomware, spyware and adware detection and removal, firewall protection from hackers and attackers, web filter blocking unsafe websites as well as password manager functionality that safeguards sensitive information.

McAfee software can detect and stop ransomware by identifying suspicious files, while its File Shredder feature securely deletes your data. When you delete files on your Recycle Bin, they remain retrievable if another individual gains access to your device; by contrast, McAfee’s File Shredder securely overwrites each piece of information multiple times before permanently erasing it from memory.

Other features offered by McAfee include App Boost to accelerate program speed by reallocating system resources, and WebAdvisor to block malicious websites. Their security suites come in bundles for one, five and unlimited devices at greatly discounted prices compared to many competitors – making them great value for families. They even offer a money-back guarantee should any customer not be completely satisfied.


McAfee maintains a global threat intelligence network to secure 500 million devices. Their antivirus software can identify and block threats before they reach your device, while their malware scanner provides fast and accurate detection even of sophisticated attacks.

McAfee products are simple and straightforward to set up, offering an intuitive user experience. Their security suite includes antimalware protection, firewall security and virtual private network (VPN). However, users should note that its VPN data cap of only 500 MB per month limits usage; before signing up for one of McAfee’s plans.

McAfee offers several subscription plans designed to cover different devices. Their basic plan covers one device, with higher-tier plans offering protection for five or 10 devices at once. Furthermore, McAfee provides family plans with parental controls features designed to keep children away from any inappropriate apps, content or behavior online.

The company offers an outstanding Virus Protection Pledge that refunds current subscription fees if they cannot remove viruses from your computer. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t cover damage or loss to devices – therefore regular data backup is recommended as part of their solution.

McAfee offers 24/7 customer support via phone and email, including a portal where users can watch videos and read articles that answer commonly asked security questions. Furthermore, users can discuss security-related concerns with one another within the community setting. Furthermore, McAfee provides users with their own dedicated customer service representative who can assist with specific issues; though this level of assistance doesn’t come free like other antivirus products might.


McAfee Antivirus is a top-rated malware scanner with an exceptional detection rating, capable of eliminating most forms of spyware and adware from a computer, such as spyware and adware. Furthermore, this program comes equipped with password manager capabilities as well as web filter protection; additionally it can be installed on multiple computers simultaneously; making this program ideal for households with multiple devices.

McAfee Antivirus installation is easy. Once you have purchased the software, simply download and run the setup file from your account dashboard. Double-clicking will launch the installer program; follow on-screen instructions until completion is reached. If problems arise during installation, try restarting your computer or following McAfee’s troubleshooting tips to complete installation successfully.

Installing McAfee Antivirus requires an internet connection with sufficient speed; otherwise, downloading may experience significant delays. Furthermore, your system should meet minimum requirements set forth by McAfee Antivirus; for Windows systems this includes at least 2GB of RAM and 500MB of disk space available to run this software successfully.

McAfee excels at protecting multiple devices with one subscription. Its plans offer protection for five or more PCs, Macs, and Android devices simultaneously; identity theft protection; credit monitoring services; file encrypting to make files harder for hackers and ransomware to access; password management services and parental controls are also included; it can even scan incoming emails and downloads – its malware protection backed by McAfee’s Virus Protection Promise provides added assurance.


McAfee stands out as an exceptional antivirus suite on the market, featuring a host of features and unparalleled malware detection. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS devices as well as protecting Wi-Fi networks on computers; featuring anti-theft technology and memory booster features; McAfee is the ideal choice to meet all of your digital security needs – they even provide free versions for Android and iPhone devices so you can test out this software first without incurring a full subscription charge!

Anti-malware scans performed with this program are highly reliable, with 100% detection rates on most tests conducted. This software can detect viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware adware Trojan horses and many other threats; you can even use it to check websites or files before downloading them safely; additionally, its privacy scanner checks for trackers or unwanted data that might exist within them.

McAfee Plus (formerly Total Protection) provides your family with comprehensive protection. This security suite features anti-malware protection, identity theft protection, VPN connections and many other tools designed to keep personal data secure – but its multiple features may make navigating the software challenging and finding what you need.

McAfee software collects an abundance of data about your internet and app usage, such as location, device and operating system information. This may be shared with third parties like marketing agencies; additionally, McAfee portal can collect personal information you enter such as email addresses and credit card numbers to monitor dark web to see if any hackers may have obtained your details for fraud purposes.

Customer service

McAfee Customer Service is an effective way to gain assistance and support for your security software. Call them directly with any issues, or use their online chat feature. Additionally, new customers are eligible for a free trial period; please be aware that cancellation must take place no later than seven days before its end or they risk forfeiture of this benefit.

To use McAfee AntiVirus on your device, first install its app. Once complete, begin scanning for malware on your computer or mobile device and use any helpful guides available on McAfee’s website to help with resolutions without needing customer support assistance.

McAfee offers more than just antivirus protection – they also provide features like password managers, VPN services and identity theft coverage that can make life simpler while giving greater peace of mind. My tests revealed that McAfee performed exceptionally well at detecting and blocking malware threats.

McAfee antispyware software for business desktops and servers protects against potentially unwanted programs such as ads, dialers, keyloggers, cookies and remote-control bots that could pose threats. McAfee AntiVirus Plus can be easily administered using the same console used to manage its other antivirus products: either the ePolicy Orchestrator for large enterprises or Protection Pilot, designed for smaller businesses. McAfee uses global threat intelligence data in creating its spyware detection signatures. Furthermore, it comes with a cloud-based management console to lower hardware investment, software licensing costs and staff needs. Furthermore, in addition to purchasing antispyware software you can also purchase managed online antivirus scanning service.

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