McAfee Internet Security Suite Review

McAfee Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security protects one device for one full year and has earned high ratings from independent labs such as AV-Test and AV Comparatives.

Interface of PC Optimizer is sleek yet functional. A basic dashboard offers quick links for running scans or setting up True Key. Furthermore, there’s an introductory carousel promoting other features such as PC Optimizer.


McAfee has long been one of the top antivirus software packages. The company provides various plans depending on your desired number of devices to be protected and features included within each plan. Their basic antivirus plan features malware protection and firewall to block hackers, while more expensive plans offer additional services like parental controls and VPN to safeguard your information while browsing online.

McAfee’s antivirus protection on a Windows 10 PC was proven very effective during our full scan test, which took nearly two hours and found hundreds of viruses and potentially hazardous files that could have compromised the PC. While performing its thorough search process, however, McAfee used very few system resources and did not significantly slow down its PC.

McAfee Internet Security features an effective firewall that monitors network traffic and prevents unauthorised access from your computer. A firewall is an invaluable way to stop unwanted activity on your PC from taking place and can be especially helpful for those who rely on public Wi-Fi connections for work or school. McAfee’s firewall works quickly and efficiently to block all incoming and outgoing network traffic while protecting personal data privacy.

McAfee Internet Security also features a password manager and multi-factor authentication, enabling you to securely manage all of your usernames and passwords while the latter helps protect online transactions by requiring two pieces of evidence as proof for every login attempt.

Although McAfee does not provide any specialized support options, their website features detailed guides and instructions to assist with setting up and understanding their software. In addition, there is live chat available as well as community forums where other users may provide additional help.


McAfee’s firewall stands out among competitors with outstanding performance and an intuitive user experience, as well as great value. McAfee security products are backed by 200 threat researchers with 1,900 patents who collaborate together to produce top results in PC Mag’s tests as well as independent labs; discovering and blocking 13,669 threats every minute respectively.

McAfee offers four plans designed to protect your devices and information. Their most basic plan, McAfee AntiVirus, costs $40 annually to secure one Windows computer; it features file shredding capabilities, system optimization features and ransomware protection; True Key password manager can be added for another $10 annually. In addition, more advanced options such as McAfee Internet Security protect up to 10 computers at the same time for $90 annually.

McAfee products feature an extensive suite of security features designed to safeguard both devices and personal information, from anti-virus detection and removal, two-way firewall protection, secure browsing capabilities, parental controls and identity theft prevention through to virtual keyboard and password manager features – not forgetting mobile device protection via the McAfee Mobile Security App!

McAfee uses one engine across its products to detect and stop malware, making all their detection capabilities excellent – as evidenced by receiving top marks in PC Mag’s reviews as well as impressive scores in AV-Test and AV-Comparatives lab tests.

McAfee recently received top scores in two tests conducted by AV-Test: 99.9 percent for its 0-day malware protection test and 100 percent in AV-Comparatives’ widespread-and-common malware protection test – two impressive achievements given some rough spots encountered by McAfee this year. These scores speak volumes.

McAfee offers various support options, from live chat and customer service portal to an extensive knowledgebase and community forum – although its forums can sometimes be dispersed, but are nevertheless useful and often cover niche topics as well.

Parental Controls

McAfee Safe Family is an effective, basic parental control app. It provides most industry-standard features, including app and website filtering, location tracking, scheduling and activity reports – but doesn’t allow time limits on device usage or block YouTube (though it can block unsuitable videos). These two shortcomings make McAfee less competitive than top apps like Norton Family and FamiSafe.

Setup for McAfee Safe Family is easy. First, enable its device permissions by tapping on the four dots that appear on your home screen and selecting “Allow.” Next, set a password for each child account so you can view their device usage on a map as well as limit their device access by creating geofences with 30-minute intervals.

One useful feature is the ability to restrict websites by content type. This makes it possible to block sites containing explicit or illegal material as well as social media and gaming apps – providing another layer of security against potential risks online for your children.

Another great feature of Time Tracker is the ability to set time limits for individual days of the week or daily usage of devices by children, which is especially beneficial for parents looking to set strict screen time limits on their children’s devices. Time Tracker makes this simple and effective way of controlling device usage by children.

This app lets you search apps by 50+ categories, such as Games, Shopping and Social. Additionally, you can filter apps according to education or puzzle games only rather than action or casino titles. An added feature enables parents to see what apps their children have recently downloaded or deleted; useful if there’s any concern that they could have installed potentially unsafe ones.

McAfee may have earned itself some negative press in the past for affiliated websites, poor customer support and other issues; however, in 2023 it appears to be doing much better. The company revamped its structure and policies which led to an improved McAfee that is worth considering; plans range from one device up to 10 devices with a 30-day money back guarantee available.

Identity Theft Protection

McAfee has long provided antivirus protection. In September 2021, however, they made a shift toward protecting personal data and privacy – including identity theft protection across multiple devices – by offering multiple subscription plans ranging from credit monitoring, social media security to parental controls and identity theft insurance policies.

Mcafee’s basic plan is low on features and pricing is initially competitive; however, upon renewal your costs could potentially increase substantially. Online forums include stories of people successfully negotiating lower renewal rates but this process may prove cumbersome and inconvenient for some users. McAfee does not include identity theft insurance or professional assistance to restore your identity should an incident occur.

All McAfee plans come equipped with both a firewall and virtual private network to help ensure more secure browsing on the internet. A firewall prevents hackers from intruding on your computer and stealing your information; McAfee’s VPN may not be top of its class but adds extra layers of protection that provide peace of mind when browsing online.

Our laboratory tests revealed that McAfee offered strong anti-virus and malware protections, quickly detecting malware to keep it from infiltrating your computer and prevent its spread. However, other programs such as Bitdefender and Kaspersky were more adept at detecting an average of more malware per scan.

Aura plan from Identity Theft Protection Plus boasts several key identity theft prevention features not found in its cheaper plans. These features include three-bureau credit monitoring and faster fraud alerts – essential components of effective identity theft prevention plans – plus up to $2 million coverage for legal, accounting and lost wages fees associated with recovery processes during recovery processes – more generous protection than many other plans offer.

If you are interested in adding identity-theft protection to your McAfee subscription, we suggest exploring our selection of the top identity-theft protection services. Most offer significantly lower introductory rates than McAfee; additionally they save money by including their antivirus program in their plans as well as unique add-ons like file shredders and automated personal data deletion tools that you won’t find elsewhere.

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