McAfee Security Scan Plus Review

McAfee Security Scan Plus is a free diagnostic tool that offers an assessment of installed antivirus, firewall and web protection software as well as scanning open programs to identify any threats.

This program is an extremely lightweight tool that won’t drain system resources heavily; however, full scans may take more time than competitors’ products.


McAfee Security Scan Plus is a free program that actively checks for anti-virus, firewall and web security programs on your computer as well as threats present within any open programs. Once completed, a detailed report will provide insight into your current security status.

Though this program provides reliable protection, its malware-detection rates generally trail those of Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Norton by half-step. Furthermore, its scans consume too many resources on your system and often consume much memory and bandwidth; recently though it was modified to increase efficiency by streamlining some less-important features and remove others altogether.

However, it does possess some standout features that justify keeping it on your system. Its password manager makes keeping track of multiple logins easy while its optimize disk feature can help free up space on your hard drive and the program provides several optimization tools to enhance PC performance.

Real-time scam protection is another excellent feature of its real-time messaging solution. This feature automatically scans text messages and alerts you of any potentially suspicious links or scams; it can even identify phishing scams and malware threats! Furthermore, real-time messaging could prevent you from being locked out of credit card, bank and utility accounts by freezing them instead.

McAfee Security Scan Plus includes a privacy scanner to help protect your personal information. It will scan for potential data breaches on your PC and warn of any threats lurking there as well as block calls and phishing emails while safeguarding against online spies.

McAfee Security Scan is available as a download from their website or from third-party retailers, and requires installation, which may be more complex than other scanning and removal tools. Furthermore, an account on their website is mandatory; we aren’t fans of that either!


McAfee Security Scan Plus is an antivirus program that works to defend your computer against malware. It performs scans across your hard drive to identify threats such as spyware or adware and can help remove them from your system as well as block malicious websites and alert you when your antivirus software becomes outdated, detect spam emails and junk texts that try to access personal information, detect fake text messages from scammers trying to gain entry and so much more.

McAfee program is completely free to use and doesn’t require installation; simply download from their website. In addition, subscribers can purchase updates every year or more and ensure their computer remains protected against new threats.

McAfee stands out among other antivirus programs with its robust malware scanning and real-time protection engine, password manager, email scanner and back up service features that provide comprehensive protection. Furthermore, its company backs this up with its McAfee virus protection pledge, guaranteeing money back if any malware remains after treatment with McAfee is unsuccessful in eliminating it from your device.

McAfee provides an impressive customer support section with helpful guides and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). It’s user-friendly, allowing you to resolve your issue without needing to call live representatives directly. In addition, their community forum features knowledgeable members that are ready to provide rapid solutions.

While McAfee Security Scan Plus does a decent job of protecting your computer, it should not be seen as a replacement for an antivirus program. One drawback it has is incorrectly classifying open-source and freeware software as malware; another downside can be it slows down PC performance a little; but overall this option should provide reliable protection and should provide peace of mind to those concerned about identity theft.


McAfee Security Scan Plus is a free tool developed by American global computer security software company McAfee that scans your system for threats and provides a report on its current security status. It includes features such as firewall management, malware detection, adware removal and performance optimization as well as online threat protection to safeguard computers, mobile phones, tablets and macs against potential online risks.

No installation required and performs a comprehensive scan in less than 2 minutes to check for updated antivirus, firewall protection and web security programs; monitor browser history for potentially unwanted programs (PUPs); detect phishing attacks/cryptojackers as well as cryptojackers/phishers; has file shredding feature to delete files securely without risk of recovery by unauthorised users; file shredder; secures files by securely erasing them ensuring they can’t be recovered by unwanted individuals; provides file shredder feature to permanently delete files securely so they cannot be recovered by unauthorised individuals; includes file shredder feature to safely delete files without chance of recovery by unauthorised parties; can safely erasure file shreder function ensures all types of file from recovering unauthorised parties or unauthorisation; as it has built-in file shredder technology which ensures files cannot be recovered by unauthorised individuals or recover by recovering unauthori.

But it does not provide real-time protection against viruses and phishing websites, only being able to detect existing threats via periodic scans. It may also false positive, misidentifying useful open source or freeware applications as malicious ones, which can impede performance and drain system resources.

This program also offers various identity protection services, such as credit and transaction monitoring, security freeze, identity theft coverage and more. In addition, data brokers and analytics monitoring is included to make sure private information does not get compromised while it also has a privacy cleaner to delete files and settings from computers.

McAfee LiveSafe goes beyond basic security tools by providing additional features like performance optimization, safe download monitoring, and secure file shredding. The program is intuitively designed for use across multiple devices and has achieved perfect marks from independent testing laboratory AV-Test on five separate occasions; making it an excellent choice for those seeking comprehensive security suite for PCs or other devices.


McAfee Security Scan Plus is an anti-virus program that can scan your computer for malware and threats, with an easy, intuitive user interface, low system requirements, fast scanning process and free download from its official website. Plus it comes with 24/7 customer service available via social media channels, live chat on website’s live chat feature, community forums or a phone number – great reassurance if your PC ever becomes infected!

McAfee Security Scan Plus employs a signature-based method for scanning files and detecting malware, matching files against known signatures found in its database of known threats to detect potential threats and warn you. Unfortunately, however, this type of approach cannot actively protect against new threats in real time, rendering this product less effective than competitors that provide real-time protection and detection features.

McAfee performed poorly during lab tests conducted by independent testing firm AV-Test. While it detected all known, or “widespread”, samples, it missed nearly one third of zero-day ones. Other brands like Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Norton had better detection scores during all bimonthly rounds of tests over that same period of time.

McAfee offers a selection of products designed to meet the needs of most PC users, such as antivirus, internet security and LiveSafe. Features available in these programs include parental controls, disk cleanup and performance optimization. McAfee is well known for providing excellent customer support; with live chat, community forums and an expansive FAQ library. Furthermore, its plans all offer money-back guarantees so it offers risk-free protection options for newcomers to antimalware protection.

McAfee Security Scan Plus may have its faults, but it remains an effective anti-virus software option for most PCs. With low system requirements and fast scanning times it makes an excellent choice for older systems or devices with limited processing power. Unfortunately it lacks advanced protection features like webcam monitoring or identity theft protection which would otherwise make this choice much more appealing.

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