McAfee Total Protection Review

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is an all-in-one security suite that protects your identity, privacy and devices. It comes equipped with advanced features like ransomware defense and VPN security to keep you secure.

The Home Tab offers quick-glance information about the security status of your computer, with quick links for running scans, setting up True Key and checking application updates. However, its rotating carousel appears unnecessary.

Virus protection

McAfee offers top-tier virus protection for home computers. Their scanning and cleaning tools effectively remove even the most persistent malware threats, while on-demand scanning lets you scan files, folders, or software at will. Their password manager features multi-factor authentication to safeguard data security; additionally their firewalls prevent unauthorized access to home networks while their Secure VPN protects with up to five licenses for privacy protection.

McAfee’s suite lacks an easy-to-use dashboard for all its features, which would make navigation simpler than having three separate applications for antivirus, identity theft protection and parental control. Also, McAfee’s password manager and VPN apps exist separately from each other – an inconvenience if you want both features.

Overall, McAfee suite is easy to use and understand. Starting with a security score and offering options such as updating definitions, scanning for viruses or running full scans – not forgetting its option to scan external storage devices or monitor for suspicious behavior on PC – its software detects infected files offering quarantine/deletion/sending directly back for analysis from McAfee when found.

McAfee recently revised its suites from being solely about device security to being more focused on identity and privacy, in line with selling off its enterprise business and shifting focus toward consumer-focused offerings. Their Total Protection suite now comes in plans that cater to single, five, 10 or unlimited device protection; pricing starts from $35 for an introductory year plan before increasing by $110 annually thereafter.

By opting for a higher-tier plan, you can add more devices and unlock additional features. For instance, McAfee Total Protection Premium suite adds $1 million identity recovery insurance and security freeze for your accounts; also dark web monitoring of 60 pieces of PII; plus dedicated support representatives are included as part of this suite.


McAfee Total Protection provides antivirus and several additional security tools to protect multiple devices at once, from antivirus protection to identity theft prevention, parental controls, file encryption and password management tools. Compatible with Windows, Macs, Androids and iOS devices alike – making it an excellent solution for families that utilize multiple devices!

McAfee WebAdvisor boasts an outstanding record in protecting against viruses and malware, consistently scoring highly in tests conducted by A-V Comparatives and A-V Test. Furthermore, one of its unique offerings includes cryptocurrency monitoring to detect illegal cryptojacking activities; furthermore its WebAdvisor tool detects web pages for risky behaviors to help safeguard users against exploit attacks or phishing sites.

McAfee Total Protection’s VPN can also be a helpful feature, helping users avoid digital ID theft and safeguarding accounts, search habits and locations. Furthermore, multi-faceted privacy protection enables users to gain an edge against identity thieves by protecting sensitive files or shredding them off-line and deleting cookies.

McAfee’s user interface is user-friendly, featuring cleanly designed tiles with descriptive labels that make for an intuitive navigational experience. You’ll find quick scan and full scan options in the Home tab; while below this strip lies links for Settings, Updates, ID Protection, VPN connectivity, Help services and Help desk options.

Premium and Advanced plans of McAfee include Dark Web Monitoring, which continuously scans for 60 identifying parameters or fragments to help protect identity theft. In case of a breach, McAfee can notify you about any shared data and how you can remove it; also included is $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance coverage and virtual support agent that can answer common queries while also helping remove malware if the issue persists; for more urgent matters call McAfee directly and speak to one of their live support agents directly.

Parental control

McAfee offers parental control software as an add-on to its antivirus suite, providing essential parental control features like web filtering and app filtering, screen time monitoring, location tracking, family requests, activity reports and in-app purchase blocking. Unfortunately, some key features found in other parental control apps – like YouTube monitoring, call and SMS monitoring social media monitoring SOS button don’t feature as readily. In addition, unlike some top parental apps like Qustodio that allows parents to set a specific time for kids using an app – so this software falls short when it comes to setting specific times for use of specific apps by your children – like some top parental apps do like Qustodio.

Another huge plus of McAfee Safe Family app is that it works on all major platforms – Android and iOS alike. Most competitors don’t provide this capability. In addition, this support library features 24/7 live chat support as well as phone support; though its library might not be as extensive. Finding articles by topic also proves challenging which makes finding what you need time-consuming.

Overall, I was really pleased to find McAfee’s updated antivirus suite appealing. With its recent facelift and addition of ID protection features, it has become much more user-friendly and less technical-speak is used – an added benefit. Furthermore, you can now monitor an unlimited number of devices at once; something other competitors don’t offer.

Security credentials of the software remain strong; while it fell a bit behind Kaspersky and Norton in SE Labs tests, it still scored well and made the top ten products tested. Malware detection rate stands at 98%; however, false positives may be higher.

McAfee Total Protection package may be an ideal choice for most users, yet it does have some drawbacks. The software may become laggy on Macs with older processors; moreover, its cost may exceed some competitors; though this does include extras such as identity theft monitoring.

Overall, I would suggest the McAfee Total Protection bundle if you need both antivirus and parental control protection for your family. Although its premium price might seem steep initially, its reliability against viruses and other threats more than makes up for its initial outlay.

Smartphone app

McAfee Total Protection is an excellent security app designed to protect your devices against viruses, ransomware, malware and spyware threats. With advanced threat detection technology identifying and eliminating them quickly as soon as they emerge. Alongside its virus protection features, this software also offers identity and mobile firewall security measures to keep your personal information safe from harm. Antivirus scanners operate continuously in the background to detect and eliminate any potential threats. Web Advisor’s Web Advisor blocks annoying advertisements and trackers for a safer browsing experience, while Performance Booster clears cache files, deletes unneeded files and prioritizes apps in order to increase performance speed of laptop computers.

This software features powerful privacy protection tools, such as file encryption and secure file shredding tools. In addition, there is a vulnerability scanner which analyzes program lists to identify potential issues; and also password management and VPN options which help protect digital data. Overall, the software is user friendly with an intuitive design; however, initial launches may be laggy on older computers due to slow system resources.

Another useful feature is being able to remotely locate and track down your device if it gets lost or stolen, something which iPhone and iPad owners find especially helpful since these devices often store sensitive information like banking details, website logins and private images that could otherwise be lost forever. Furthermore, you can even remotely freeze its data so as to prevent unauthorized access of your data by thieves.

Other features of the software include parental controls that enable you to keep an eye on your children’s online activity, mobile firewall protection that blocks potentially unsafe Wi-Fi networks from connecting, password manager for managing all passwords and login information in one central place, and anti-phishing protection that can protect against being tricked into fake email scams.

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