McAfee Total Protection Review

McAfee Total Protection (TP) features an intuitive user interface with shortcuts for antivirus scanning, VPN connection, tracker removal and home network defense all accessible directly from its home screen. In addition to password management and identity theft protection it also provides password reset feature and password management service.

WebAdvisor was tested against 100 brand new phishing sites and stopped 53%, eliminating malware payloads on download in 46% cases for an impressive 100% detection score. Furthermore, its dark web scanning feature can monitor for leakage of email addresses or personal information stored online.


McAfee Total Protection uses antivirus, firewall and other features to defend against malware such as viruses, spyware, adware, ransomware and other forms of threats such as phishing sites and VPN access. Available for Windows PCs, Macs, Androids and iOS devices this suite comes in various pricing plans; its Essential plan covers five devices while its Advanced plan offers even more features and supports up to ten.

McAfee stands out in its field with its antivirus feature, with above average virus detection rates and proactive scanning of newly downloaded files to detect new threats. In addition, McAfee monitors your apps’ activity for any suspicious connections or behavior – should any such app connect to suspicious websites or behave abnormally, McAfee will immediately block it!

However, McAfee software often struggles to keep pace with new threats, leading to false positives that block legitimate software programs instead. Luckily, McAfee quickly resolves such issues.

McAfee’s firewall complements Windows’ own default firewall by screening outgoing connections while leaving Windows’s monitoring of incoming ones to monitor. You can configure McAfee’s software to check specific folders with regularity or run quick scans that scan for potential virus sources on PC, or run full system scans that scour every drive and folder on your system, including network ones.

As with other security suites, McAfee features a dashboard which provides helpful details about your protection. For instance, it tracks your overall security score and suggests ways you can increase it; if for example your email password was recently breached and needs changing you can simply click a button and gain points towards improving it – an example being email password resets being counted towards improving this score.

Overall, the McAfee dashboard is simple to use, yet would benefit from having an improved interface. Account information can be scattered among two websites and an app, creating confusion for newcomers to the suite. Furthermore, help files often display outdated interfaces, making it more challenging to find answers for questions.


McAfee Total Protection offers an effective firewall feature designed to safeguard data leaving your PC from malware and other threats, using one button. Scans your device or lets you schedule one at the beginning of each day; app runs in background without impacting system performance; monitors outgoing traffic while letting Windows handle incoming connections; uses whitelisting approach, meaning only programs you allow through can send data through firewall.

Our tests with it showed it kept our system free from malware and adware while being fast in scanning files, with only occasional spikes in CPU usage. There’s also a feature called Quick Scan that checks locations commonly targeted by attackers; full scans typically take 40 minutes; the app itself may become loud when running.

McAfee Total Protection’s WebAdvisor browser plugin stands out in our tests by monitoring the dark web for breaches in personal information that could lead to identity theft. When tested against 100 new phishing sites, its WebAdvisor browser plugin was able to block 53% from visiting and eliminate their payloads on download for an impressive 96% overall detection score; which equaled Avast Free Antivirus, Guardio Internet Security, Norton Genie, Sophos Home Premium and ZoneAlarm Extreme Security among its peers in our tests.

Secure Connect and ID Protection stand out as key differentiating features from its competition: they both provide secure VPN connections for Mac or other devices and monitor dark web for any personal identifiers (PII) which have been exposed. Both features come under McAfee Virus Protection Pledge which guarantees to remove all threats detected from your system within three months or they offer money-back guarantees if this isn’t possible.

McAfee offers a 30-day free trial of its antivirus protection software for Windows, macOS and Android devices. If you wish to cancel early to avoid being charged at the end of this trial period, just do it seven days beforehand to prevent being charged – though regular usage will still occur as normal. If you wish to continue using McAfee after its 30-day free trial has ended, either purchase an annual plan from their website with 30-day money-back guarantees, or opt for monthly billing with upgrades available for additional fees.

Password manager

McAfee’s password manager is among the more advanced solutions on the market, using biometric authentication to log into your device and authenticate applications – so no more forgetting passwords or being locked out! Plus, it syncs across all your devices so you’ll always have access even if you switch computers!

McAfee Total Protection provides more than just password management – it also features VPN access, tracker removal tool and file shredder features. Furthermore, it ensures protection for connected devices via its anti-virus program, network intrusion detection and web filter that blocks dangerous websites. In addition, McAfee Total Protection will continuously scan PCs for malware or threats for your peace of mind.

McAfee Total Protection offers an antivirus program, known as McAfee AntiVirus Plus, which performed well during our tests without slowing down our computers or adding too many features. While not offering much in terms of extras or features, McAfee Total Protection still gets the job done and can be easily used. Furthermore, McAfee Total Protection comes equipped with a free VPN that’s always active – you can access this through either its Protect Your Identity menu in Settings panel or clicking “Sign In To Your True Key Account” button online – in both cases easily activated through Protect Your Identity menu in Settings panel or “Sign In to True Key account”.

McAfee Password Manager suffers from several flaws beyond its weak AES 256 encryption. You are only able to store up to 15 passwords compared to competitors like Dashlane which offer unlimited storage. Furthermore, its user interface (UI) isn’t as user-friendly compared to competitors; tabs for scanning, privacy and more occupy half the screen whereas they should all be located together within one unified interface like competitor products do.

McAfee offers multiple support channels if you require assistance, including knowledge databases and virtual assistants, community forums, social media (Facebook, X/Twitter and YouTube) and dedicated phone numbers. In addition, sign up for their SecurityWatch newsletter which delivers updates regarding privacy and security news and stories – not forgetting a 30-day money-back guarantee which allows you to try the software risk-free before deciding to continue or cancel.

Identity protection

McAfee Total Protection provides identity theft monitoring as part of its security suite, including antivirus software, virtual private network (VPN), password manager and 24/7 customer support team access. Each plan differs in services offered and cost; all three plans provide basic features like credit monitoring, dark web alerts and social media monitoring while offering different amounts of identity theft insurance coverage.

McAfee provides data breach prevention by keeping an eye out for signs that your personal data has appeared online or been leaked, and detecting potential risks to your computer. When you launch the McAfee app for the first time, a dashboard displays your protection score on a scale from zero to 1,000 with recommended actions for improving it; clickable items provide further detail or advice, though sometimes some actions are unclear or not actionable enough. As each issue is fixed your protection score increases accordingly.

Other security options offered by McAfee include remote device locks that encrypt and lock devices in case they’re lost or stolen, making this feature especially suitable for people who use public computers to access email or banking accounts. Furthermore, McAfee’s personal data cleanup tool scans for and deletes information stored in old, dormant online accounts while checking high-risk broker sites that could contain your information and alerting you so you can request deletion if needed.

McAfee’s privacy policies offer insight into how the company uses and protects your personal data, with its Terms of Use outlining that information could be shared among family members, service providers, legal authorities and third-parties for business use. Furthermore, McAfee reserves the right to transfer it as part of any sale or merger transaction involving its data; you can opt-out at any time.

Overall, McAfee’s antivirus and firewall were among the best in our tests, but there were mixed reviews on Better Business Bureau website regarding auto-renewal policies and customer support accessibility issues. Furthermore, its password manager and identity protection applications are dispersed across separate applications, making them harder to use compared with competing products that provide one dashboard that incorporates all functions together.

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