McAfee Total Protection Review

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection features an intuitive user interface and provides plenty of assistance, from knowledge bases and community forums to live chat and virtual assistant support.

With competitive pricing and an updated interface this year, it has become an outstanding security suite that protects against digital identity theft while providing secure VPN networks for public Wi-Fi networks – and keeps families safe online.


McAfee Total Protection helps safeguard your PC against viruses, spyware, adware, Trojan horses, rootkits, bots, keyloggers and worms. Designed to provide continuous online safety protection while simultaneously scanning files on your hard drive for potential malware threats, its firewall will block data flow from untrusted sources into your system and will stop untrusted USB sticks before they infiltrate it further.

McAfee Virus Protection Pledge provides a money back guarantee if their program can’t detect and eliminate all types of malware on your device, working across Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Their security suite features a basic Secure VPN which automatically turns on while browsing to keep information safer from hackers and data thieves; its password manager helps generate complex passwords to avoid hacking into personal accounts; they even help locate and remotely wipe data off lost or stolen Android and iOS devices!

McAfee stands out from other antivirus programs by including ransomware protection within its software. It monitors for suspicious file changes that might indicate ransomware encrypting them, and will create copies before their use is compromised by ransomware attacks. Furthermore, its alert system notifies you when new malware has been discovered so its labs can conduct further forensic analyses before alerting its customers and sending any sample for analysis.

Installing this program on both Windows and Mac computers is simple, and once scanned is complete it will notify you. Its user-friendly tools show it was designed with average users in mind; its UI is user-friendly with intuitive tools to make using it effortless. Users can access support through its live chat feature, community forums, knowledgebase, troubleshooting tools or by simply downloading troubleshooting tools to address their own unique problems.


McAfee Total Protection offers a comprehensive suite of tools to keep your devices safe from online threats, such as real-time scanning to detect and block malware, password manager to store credentials securely, VPN for privacy on unsafe networks, identity monitoring services and custom guidance through its industry-first Protection Score.

The program features a feature that stops unwanted programs from running in the background and slowing your device, which can wreak havoc with stability and slow down performance. Furthermore, its firewall acts as a secure wall to filter processes that appear suspicious and isolate them; and can even detect certain forms of malware like Poweliks trojan which runs fake Google Chrome processes and increases CPU utilization.

McAfee stands out with its Virus Removal Guarantee, offering free malware removal throughout your subscription. This can save time and money in the long run by eliminating costly repair services or new devices altogether. Furthermore, its malware scanner offers various scanning options – quick, full and custom scans; plus USB drives and removable disks!

McAfee’s security suite has received an upgrade, with messages now more clearly articulated to reduce user confusion. It now sports an easier user interface with five tabs at the top of its window that consolidate all its various features.

McAfee may not offer advanced security features, but that doesn’t stop consumers from opting in to it if they are looking for them. Instead, McAfee has begun shifting its focus from viruses and malware protection towards identity and privacy protection that is more applicable for families than viruses and malware protection. Their current suite offers several features intended to safeguard identities and data such as parental controls, password manager and file shredder – among others.


McAfee is one of the top antivirus makers and has made an effort to ensure its products are user-friendly for non-technical users. Their suite is no exception – most general tools are easy to learn but it takes time to familiarise yourself with everything available.

McAfee’s anti-phishing tool offers you protection against malware attacks and prevents hackers from hijacking your browser, using a massive database of known phishing sites to identify any potentially suspicious addresses. Furthermore, McAfee provides another tool which monitors social media accounts and search histories to look for any sign of identity theft; additionally it automatically activates VPN connections when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

An additional feature is a vulnerability scanner that searches your system for outdated software and offers to update it automatically – useful since many vulnerabilities and exploits are addressed through updates; running outdated programs increases your susceptibility to cyberattacks.

There’s also a privacy protection tool which lists data brokers and allows you to review their records to check for leaked personal information, then remove yourself from any directories where it might have appeared. While it can be useful, Norton provides similar monitoring and removal of leaked data more effectively than this tool does.

Other features include parental controls, a secure password manager and an encrypted file vault. Mobile security protects Android and iOS devices against malicious apps while its firewall stops unwelcome connections entering the home network. In case a lost or stolen device goes unfound or is misplaced it can even remotely manage all security settings of other devices on its network remotely allowing remote management of security settings and their configuration settings remotely.

Identity Theft

McAfee Total Protection includes an identity theft tool that regularly scans the Dark Web for leaked consumer data. If it detects your information with one or more data brokers (companies that collect and sell consumer info), it will notify you and request its removal from those online data brokers. In addition, its advanced plan feature, Personal Data Cleanup offers additional protection by listing those data brokers with your info as well as giving you the power to ask them directly to delete it from their records.

Ransom Guard, another McAfee feature, keeps an eye on your files to detect suspicious operations and flag any fake processes that hog your CPU, such as Poweliks trojan which hijacks computers to run its own processes that take over much of their processor power. Meanwhile, File Lock protects sensitive files on PC so hackers won’t easily gain access to them while QuickClean will delete cookies and temporary files which could give hackers clues as to your usage patterns.

Identity Theft will work with you to arrange cancellations and reissues if your ID is stolen, while security freezes prevent anyone from opening credit card or bank accounts in your name and help victims regain lost money. Please be aware that this feature isn’t included with our basic package; additional payments must be made.

McAfee Total Protection offers much more than these core functions; in addition to password managers and VPN services, McAfee Total Protection includes password managers and VPN. You can use parental controls to monitor children’s internet use while blocking inappropriate sites and setting time limits on family internet use. Furthermore, it has an intuitive user interface featuring five tabs at the top that allow for navigation of its features as well as a Protection Score that measures which tools are active within it.

File Locking

McAfee Total Protection offers an all-in-one suite of antivirus tools with an easy and comprehensive interface, designed for ease of use. This comprehensive antivirus solution features real-time and scheduled scans, browsing protection and firewall services; password manager/file lock protection to combat ransomware attacks; as well as monitoring Dark Web for 60 identifying parameters or fragments that could indicate identity theft as a potential victim.

Block unauthorised software activity on your Mac by monitoring for suspicious browser hacks and detecting attempts at running malware in apps – an impressive capability available with our multi-device subscription that lets us protect PCs, iPhones, Android smartphones and iPads as well.

McAfee Total Protection also boasts effective system tune-up tools that can optimise Windows startup, get rid of junk files, and speed up a slow computer. Unfortunately, full scans take quite some time to finish; there’s no quick scan option.

McAfee has made its software user-friendly despite the somewhat chaotic user interface by filling the interface with helpful tidbits about each tool and setting, including links that lead you online for further exploration of specific tools, as well as providing community forums where questions and advice can be exchanged. Furthermore, phone and email support options provide additional help when needed; and for an additional fee you can even have Techmaster perform troubleshooting/fixing duties for you – but please note this feature may not be available on all plans!

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