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MediaCoder is an all-in-one transcoding solution, gathering many popular media codecs into one program. The purpose is to be an all-purpose transcoder; though with its abundance of features that will appeal to audiophiles, but may be overwhelming for casual users.

Hardware-accelerated conversion with GPUs like QuickSync and NVENC is available, as is DVD/BD ripping/ripping and online video conversion.


MediaCoder is an all-in-one multimedia transcoding solution, incorporating cutting-edge audio/video technologies with customizable parameters to give complete control over transcoding processes. New features and codecs are continuously added, making MediaCoder an indispensable media encoding solution.

MediaCoder can be used to reduce file sizes, improve quality and make files compatible with multiple players or devices. MediaCoder includes support for an extensive array of audio and video formats including MP3, Vorbis, Ogg, AAC Windows Media Audio RealAudio WAV H.264/MPEG-4 AVC MPEG-2 Part 2, DivX, Xvid as well as others. In addition, “Device Mode” presets provide quick conversions.

This application allows for fast batch encoding by running tasks simultaneously and on multiple cores for faster processing speeds. Furthermore, audio and video editing features include adding effects such as cropping, flipping, cutting or adding subtitles if required.

Additionally, this software can also be used to rip and capture videos from media sources like DVDs or Blu-rays. Furthermore, multiple outputs can be added simultaneously for one project while selecting different resolutions for each of them.

MediaCoder can either be installed as a standalone program or run via a client called “MediaCoder Agent”, an open-source transcoder which runs without needing for the main MediaCoder application to remain running. TCP video frames from MediaCoder’s main app are received here for processing with an encoder of choice and returned back as encoded elementary streams to MediaCoder itself for transmission back out as needed.

Users seeking an even simpler application will appreciate that MediaCoder also features a simplified mode that removes some of its more advanced settings for an even simpler experience. Although MediaCoder has an intimidating learning curve, its wide array of features and performance makes it a worthwhile and versatile tool for audio/video enthusiasts. You can purchase MediaCoder through FossHub website as a perpetual license or for a set amount of time licenses.


MediaCoder is a free universal transcoding program for Windows PC that brings together all the latest audio/video codecs and tools into one straightforward, out-of-the-box transcoding solution, complete with adjustable parameters and user control settings. Since 2005, new features and latest codec updates have been continuously introduced – it really serves as a Swiss Army Knife of media transcoding!

Transcoding media files into different formats is one way of reducing file size and improving playback quality, and also for different mobile devices, extract audio from videos/discs/files downloaded partially, fix partially downloaded video files as well as convert media into formats compatible with iTunes, Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker or Sony PSP players/software programs/players.

Furthermore, this software supports multiple GPUs for accelerated video encoding, making it a powerful tool for quickly converting videos in short order – this feature being particularly beneficial in large-scale video encoding projects. While free to use and free of cost (though there may be limitations such as text ads in its user interface or web pages loaded with ads popping up upon startup), the application qualifies as adware due to these behaviors.

A premium version of the software is also available, which removes restrictions, though not recommended for professional use. Licensing per seat (physical computer) comes with purchase of license. Validation takes place over the internet upon software startup and release upon shutdown.

MediaCoder offers multiple editions, from Handsets Edition (for mobile phones) and DVD/Blu-Ray Edition to its VOD Edition which provides large-scale video transcoding with high-quality audio extraction for businesses. Each edition boasts its own feature set which can be seen on its website; licensing costs will differ based on which edition is selected. FossHub serves both free software downloads as well as paid software titles with its community forum providing support to its customers.


MediaCoder is an advanced media conversion and editing software solution with a comprehensive range of features for editing media files. Users can use MediaCoder to improve video quality, reduce file size, make them compatible with different players/devices and add or remove subtitles/change audio tracks/crop video footage easily and convert easily – it even features an easy tabbed design so users can select their options to convert quickly! MediaCoder works well across most popular operating systems!

Advanced users will appreciate its comprehensive feature set, making it an excellent choice. Notable among its many unique offerings are GPU encoding acceleration and on-device media transcoding. Furthermore, this program can enhance video and audio content with filters while offering wide transcoding parameters for tuning and tweaking; supporting various codecs and file formats as well as stitching two videos together and rotating it if required. However, its advanced features may be overwhelming to novices; for this reason there is also a “Simple mode” available which hides several tweaking parameters from view thereby making their user experience less intimidating and less overwhelming than its advanced counterparts.

This software allows users to produce high-quality video for web streaming, broadcasting or portable devices. It supports HD and SD resolutions as well as various audio formats; processing live streams in real time enables real recording capabilities; including baseband sources like NDI SRT MPEG Dash HLS ProRes DNxHD AVC-Intra XAVC as well as recording high resolution proxies for reduced bandwidth consumption and smooth playback.

MediaCoder stands out from other video transcoding programs by not requiring additional plug-ins or resources, making it highly compatible with most popular video players such as Windows Media Player, macOS Media Player and Android Media Player. Furthermore, it consumes minimal CPU and RAM resources so as to not slow down your computer during its usage; however it’s recommended to have the latest Flash Player version installed to avoid issues.


MediaCoder is a free universal audio and video transcoding program, bringing together numerous popular media codecs into a user-friendly user interface. With its vast array of configuration options and its highly customisable nature, MediaCoder makes a perfect all-purpose transcoding solution.

The software offers an extensive array of audio and video effects that can be applied to files. Furthermore, its batch processing capability makes this solution particularly helpful for larger projects. Furthermore, DVD and BluRay conversion into compatible digital formats makes this solution suitable for playback on portable media players and mobile phones.

MediaCoder goes beyond basic video encoding capabilities with advanced codecs for HD and lossless compression like H.265, HEVC and AVC video compression formats. Furthermore, MediaCoder can convert existing DVD and BluRay movies to new container formats that save space on hard drives while improving file management.

MediaCoder stands out from similar programs like FormatFactory in that it can be downloaded and used free of charge; however, its revenue sources include bundling OpenCandy software recommendation service with its installer as well as showing text ads within its GUI. Furthermore, MediaCoder includes a “nag screen” that appears after certain file conversions with requests to donate $20 for its removal – thus qualifying as an adware program.

This program is easy to set up and compatible with most modern Windows operating systems, such as XP, Vista, 7 and 10. Furthermore, both 32- and 64-bit versions are supported – for optimal performance of their computer it is advised that they download the most up-to-date version.

MediaCoder is one of the more popular Video applications alongside TinyTake and SMPlayer; however, it does have its limitations. New users may find MediaCoder confusing at first, taking some time to learn its intricacies. Luckily there are ways around these obstacles and tap into its full potential!

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