MediaCoder Review


MediaCoder is an all-in-one transcoding solution, supporting numerous formats and codecs while offering advanced encoding settings for audio/video files.

Since 2005, it has been under active development, offering cutting edge audio/video technologies, customizable parameters that you can tinker with, and powerful performance without compromising quality.


MediaCoder is an advanced transcoding tool, capable of transforming audio and video files to formats compatible with specific devices. Additionally, MediaCoder can reduce file sizes across audio/video media as well as copy/rip discs, fix corrupted or partially downloaded videos and extract an audio track from video files.

This software comes equipped with numerous codecs to ensure it can support most popular audio and video formats, while offering users an array of customizable parameters to optimize quality for optimal results.

With these features, users can create high-quality MP3, WMA, FLAC and OGG files, transcode to MPEG-4 formats like DivX or Xvid and even extract audio tracks from video files. In addition, this program can enhance audio/video contents using filters and multiple encoding options while normalizing volume levels and extracting audio tracks from them for use as the basis for their editing or other tasks.

The app enables users to select between two types of transcoding: lossless and lossy. The former discards data which won’t be perceivable by most humans, making it perfect for archiving or preservation, while lossy minimizes file sizes by decreasing bitrate – perfect for streaming and delivery purposes.

MediaCoder offers a host of encoding settings, such as its Device Mode presets for popular portable devices. Furthermore, users can customize various encoding parameters – including codec and bitrate settings – for optimal results.

As previously stated, MediaCoder software is available free of charge; however, premium versions with additional features may be purchased. Furthermore, there is also an accessible web-based version called MediaCoder HQ that can be accessed from any desktop computer, tablet or mobile device; it provides professionals with advanced encoding and video editing tools as well as manage large scale encoding projects as well as handle high resolution images.


MediaCoder is a free universal batch media transcoder which integrates many popular audio/video codecs and tools into one comprehensive solution. The program can easily transform files to formats best suited for specific multimedia devices, compress audio/video files, extract audio tracks from videos and even repair corrupted video files.

The software offers some of the latest in audio and video conversion features. Users can access a comprehensive set of parameters to adjust and tune encoding processes. Furthermore, GPU encoding acceleration is supported and multiple video/audio encoders can be supported simultaneously – as well as presets for different target platforms.

Compare it to similar programs, it is one of the most powerful and versatile. However, its complexity can be daunting for beginners.

Notably, larger files and advanced codecs require more conversion minutes; however, you can monitor this usage on the account dashboard and will only be charged for successful encodings.

MediaCoder can be used to convert DVDs and Blu-Rays into widely used formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV and FLV. Users can use MediaCoder to reduce file sizes while improving quality while making their files compatible with various players or devices.

Once you become comfortable with its interface, becomes an incredible swiss army knife of video and audio conversion and encoding. All the tools necessary are in one convenient place and capable of enhancing, trimming, or even ripping content off discs.

MediaCoder makes DVD ripping a straightforward process: insert your disc and launch the application; click “add file” from the task interface and choose a VIDEO_TS folder from which to choose an add file option, followed by “Start”. Select which track to rip before clicking Start to start conversion – once complete, the software will inform you it is ready for download onto your device.

Audio Editing

MediaCoder is an audio/video encoding software with additional functions like video editing and image resizing capabilities. Users can download it free, but there are extra features users may find beneficial in its premium version that could make MediaCoder even easier to use and navigate than ever. Plus it’s powerful video transcoding/converting application capable of supporting most of the popular formats found on multimedia devices!

MediaCoder stands out among the many encoding and transcoding software programs online as it provides all of the functionality that any user requires in a simple to install, easy-to-use package. MediaCoder supports any codec supported by Windows OS as well as being capable of converting media files to virtually all popular formats.

It’s an impressive batch media transcoder, featuring many cutting-edge audio and video codecs and tools. Additionally, its architecture allows it to expand as new codecs become available; so your business won’t experience downtime as new codes arrive regularly.

MediaCoder also features the ability to easily customize any aspect of media content, from color filters and crop image sizes, to cutting out certain portions of a video file, changing and normalizing multichannel audio, processing subtitles, removing station logos etc. Additionally, this software offers image processing by applying various effects, resizing images and creating thumbnails – as well as performing lossless conversion with various output formats available.

In addition to providing a GUI interface, this software also functions as a command line program allowing it to easily integrate into third-party applications and web services. Changes can also be made directly to source media files as well as tweaking audio/video encoder settings for optimal quality output.

Minor problems may arise with this software, such as slow performance when processing large files. Otherwise, however, the application remains stable and reliable; you can download it from Stanley Huang’s official website for Windows users of all versions.

Video Editing

MediaCoder brings together all sorts of audio and video enhancement tools into one application, creating a comprehensive program capable of almost everything: it converts between the most popular audio and video formats, edit videos using filters and effects, crop or reduce file size, add text/images as needed etc. Plus it’s even rippin from DVD/VCD/BDs as well as capture from video cameras!

Once you become comfortable with its interface, everything becomes much simpler. Audio fans will appreciate the range of options but may find the sheer volume daunting for beginners looking to convert files. Predefined conversion templates provide an ideal starting point while favorite settings can even be saved as profiles for easy reference later on.

Setting the profile used to create your files can also be very useful when working with multiple projects and need consistent output directory, constant bit rate and quality settings across them all. Another unique feature is GPU encoding acceleration when available – an effective way of taking full advantage of hardware capabilities when converting HD or 4K videos.

Another feature is the option of watermarking videos with text or images, helping prevent others from copying your work while safeguarding your privacy. Furthermore, you can crop videos by cutting away unneeded portions.

MediaCoder also features additional capabilities that include splitting videos into segments, cutting out unnecessary scenes or adjusting brightness, contrast and hue of video content. Furthermore, MediaCoder can be used to add background music or audio tracks from either CDs or MP3 files directly into video footage.

Overall, MediaCoder is an impressive audio/video converter that features all the most widely-used open source codecs. It can handle virtually all file formats without the need for additional tools or third-party plugins – an ideal option for both home users and professionals looking for one central tool to tackle all their most frequently performed tasks.

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