MediaCoder x64 Premium Review

MediaCoder is a multifunctional multimedia software tool for Windows operating systems that enables users to convert various file formats.

Version 0.8.52 includes enhanced 10bpp video support for both x264 encoding and NVENC-accelerated H.264 coding (requiring an up-to-date graphics driver).

The Premium version of the software can be obtained directly through its creators website and allows for multiple seat licensing options.


MediaCoder x64 Premium from Broad Intelligence provides users with a flexible solution for transcoding files for playback across an array of formats. The tool serves as an effective centralized platform to transform media content while optimizing output files in terms of size and visual/audio quality.

This program offers many features designed to increase productivity, and can handle large files with ease. These features include supporting numerous audio and video formats as well as batch processing and built-in customization features like trimming or cropping videos or adding subtitles; additionally it also supports popular codecs and can convert DVDs/CDs.

MediaCoder also features advanced options designed to give users with various levels of expertise a more tailored experience. It enables users to adjust audio and video settings as well as select which codecs will be used when encoding video. In addition, MediaCoder can extract audio from video footage or edit content with filters while offering an intuitive user interface without the need for prior technical expertise.

This tool is compatible with numerous operating systems and devices, such as desktops and mobile phones. Additionally, it supports numerous file formats for DVD and Blu-ray conversion purposes and offers free download. There is also an upgrade version with more features and support features available.

The premium version of the tool includes productivity-enhancing features, higher bitrate support and an easier user interface, making it perfect for professionals needing a versatile transcoding solution. In addition, there are other features not found in the free version like automated audio volume normalization and creating karaoke projects; additionally it can detect device type automatically and use specific profiles accordingly.


MediaCoder is an ideal software solution for video and audio transcoding, offering comprehensive features to reduce file sizes while ripping DVDs/CDs as well as repair corrupted or partially downloaded files. Furthermore, its extract audio tracks from video files as well as convert videos for playback on various multimedia devices make this an invaluable software option.

This versatile tool offers an initial steep learning curve for novice users, but its advanced options can give more control to users who require greater control in their encoding process. It supports various codecs and formats; GPU acceleration provides extra speed during transcoding; users can batch process multiple files at the same time for simultaneous conversion.

This software also offers basic editing features, such as cropping, merging and adding subtitles. While no strict file sizes or duration limits exist for larger files, processing them may consume additional system resources and require longer processing times.

Though MediaCoder may appear complex at first glance, its interface is actually user-friendly; users can access an online user manual covering all its features from either their web browser or in-app help menu. Furthermore, MediaCoder works on most major Windows platforms and includes a built-in converter for WAV and MP3 files.

MediaCoder comes in both free trial and premium versions; with both versions providing access to additional features. Users can upgrade from free trial to premium at any time; depending on which license type is purchased, MediaCoder can either be installed as either an Internet licence or USB key license – the former requires active Internet connectivity while USB key licences allow use in network-less environments.

MediaCoder can be upgraded to the Premium VOD Edition for high-volume video transcoding. This specialized version offers features specifically targeted toward video on demand industry needs, such as multiple audio track conversion and batch audio volume normalization.


MediaCoder is an all-in-one solution for transcoding audio and video files. Its features come from different codecs and software tools, but they have all been combined into one virtual object to form one comprehensive tool which should meet most media transcoding needs. However, its intended audience includes professionals as well as audiophiles – so other alternatives might be better suited than MediaCoder for these needs.

Mediacoder Premium for Windows is an audio and video transcoding software with support for multiple file formats, as well as numerous customizable features to allow you to tailor output files – audio settings and visual quality included – to your liking. Furthermore, Mediacoder supports batch processing to save you both time and effort.

This software comes complete with extensive documentation and an informative FAQ page, along with support options such as email and phone support from its developers. Depending on which type of subscription license you select, different features are included – some more advanced examples being HEVC encoding, 10-bit color depth encoder (requiring Nvidia GTX 10XX or Intel QSV for compatibility), HD video editor.

Once you’ve downloaded your program, installation is easy by running its installer file and following its instructions. Installation usually only takes minutes to complete and once complete you can immediately begin using it with its user-friendly user interface featuring clearly labeled buttons and menus.

Simply drag-and-drop files and click “Add.” Selecting your target destination folder, configure encoding options, and start the conversion process are also options available to you. Furthermore, this interface offers editing tools for trimming/cropping videos as well as subtitle and audio track settings to enhance the process further.

MediaCoder now offers a special edition specifically tailored for mobile device encoding, preconfigured to support common screen resolutions and playable video formats on popular mobile devices. Additional specialized features such as 2-pass audio volume normalization, automatic track splitting and support for up to eight parallel tasks on multi-core processors make MediaCoder suitable for this task.


MediaCoder is an extremely versatile media transcoding software, boasting an impressive variety of features to meet every media transcoding need. From improving audio and video contents with filters to providing a large set of encoding parameters for fine-tuning conversion speeds using GPU acceleration encoding acceleration for fast conversion times, MediaCoder covers almost every popular audio and video format such as MP3, Vorbis, LC-AAC HE-AAC Opus AC-3 MPEG Audio L2 WMA OGG Windows Media Audio MusePack Speex AMR FLAC WavPack Monkey’s Audio OptimFrog ALAC TTA PCM; to handling most major container formats including AVI MPEG PS MPEGTS Matroska Theora Huffyuv H.264 RealVideo and many others.

Although its user-friendliness may put off casual users, its wide variety of advanced options will satisfy audiophiles and video enthusiasts. Features include batch processing for up to 8 parallel tasks in multi-core processors; built-in customization tools for trimming, cropping, adding subtitles and brightness adjustment as well as volume normalization; plus batch export capabilities with export to WAV or MP3.

Furthermore, this app serves a wide range of uses – from reducing file sizes to creating media content suitable for playback on media devices or online publication or broadcast. Furthermore, ripping audio/video discs, repairing damaged files, parsing cuesheets and automating file naming are among its many capabilities.

Tagging and indexing capabilities enable users to organize files quickly and efficiently, and the program offers playlist creation for easy playback. Additional handy features include a built-in media player, multilingual support interfaces, support for multiple CPU cores, as well as a clean and intuitive layout.

MediaCoder was first released as a beta in 2005 and since then it has undergone ongoing improvements, adding new features all the time. Due to these benefits it makes an ideal solution for businesses that require high quality encoding quickly as well as media producers needing a comprehensive tool to prepare and publish video and audio contents. Furthermore, its free trial version offers users a chance to try the program prior to making a decision – plus both macOS and Windows users have access to this product!

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