MediaMonkey Review


MediaMonkey is a digital music organizer designed for serious collectors. It makes organizing and sharing collections between Windows, Android, Apple (iPhone, iPad or iPod) devices, TVs and DLNA media players effortless.

MediaMonkey features an easy-to-use interface that features tabbed playlists and party mode, as well as auto-organization and a powerful tag editor with plenty of customization options.

Organize your music collection

MediaMonkey can help your music collection remain tidy. It automatically tags files, downloads missing album art and even finds hidden extras such as song lyrics; all without slowing down! Plus it supports many file formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC and OGG!

iTunes and Windows Media Player playlists and ratings are compatible, and CDs ripped to MP3, OGG, WMA or other formats can also be imported for playback on multiple devices simultaneously with volume adjustments that support multiple devices as well as the creation of mixes for any occasion.

Search album art and track information via freedb or other databases is another cool feature, while its Renamer can rename or replace tags for you, while you can organize your music by composer – something not many players offer.

MediaMonkey is quite easy to use, although it takes some getting used to all its tools. Most settings can be customized easily and hovering over buttons or controls will show tooltips explaining what each one does. Furthermore, MediaMonkey can even be personalized to reflect your style by customizing skins and plugins available for installation.

This program can also serve as a home media server for UPnP/DLNA and Chromecast devices, sync with iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets, convert between audio and video formats, as well as backup/transfer your media collections between computers.

This application offers both a free version and premium “Gold” edition that provides additional features, including bit-perfect CD ripping and automatic file conversion. Although more costly than its freeware counterpart, the Gold edition provides users with large media collections who require cleaning up – multi-language support and more comprehensive database are just two features not found in freeware edition. Both editions can also be extended through third-party plugins or user-created addon scripts.

Rip and burn CDs

MediaMonkey can help your music library run more efficiently whether you have thousands of files downloaded from the internet or need to rip audio CDs, thanks to its powerful ripping capabilities which can handle duplicated songs, albums and playlists that come up when collecting an extensive music collection. Plus it can organize it by genre as well as download lyrics and artwork!

MediaMonkey is not only an excellent digital media player; it can also assist you in creating mix CDs. Furthermore, MediaMonkey allows for customization and reskinning allowing it to truly reflect your unique tastes and aesthetic.

MediaMonkey excels at this important feature that many other programs fail to capture correctly. When scanning large music libraries, some software takes hours before showing anything tangible on screen – an experience which can be particularly frustrating when users simply want to start listening! MediaMonkey takes an altogether better approach; even while processing continues you can see some of your music!

MediaMonkey makes it easy to copy files from a Data CD onto your hard drive and then burn it as physical media. You can also copy this data onto an UPnP/DLNA server and stream it directly to TVs, mobile phones or other devices; convert unsupported formats into MP3 or other formats compatible with devices; or simply convert unsupported file types directly.

Level track volume, an exciting feature available only with Gold version software, allows for equalizing track volumes on a CD. Furthermore, this tool checks that ripped tracks are accurate.

MediaMonkey is an advanced yet intuitive media management tool designed to organize your music and media library, backup its contents, and sync them across mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, it can organize video files, podcast subscriptions and downloads; making this software essential for any Windows user wishing to get their media under control.

Create mix CDs

MediaMonkey’s library management tools make coordinating large music collections easy. From cataloging your entire collection and sorting it into “collections”, to organizing it automatically however you choose – MediaMonkey makes this task effortless while your computer continues running other programs – by intelligently verifying, tagging and filling in missing details via Amazon, Freedb or Filename; then syncronizing tags so they all appear under one category in Music Manager.

MediaMonkey can rip and burn CDs, making it simple to create mix CDs for playing in your car or home. Budding DJs will appreciate its Auto-DJ feature which automatically mixes tracks for them – perfect for getting parties started! Additionally, MediaMonkey lets you synchronize music between portable devices like iPods and MP3 players as well as creating statistics reports as HTML, Excel or XML files; its visualisations and skins offer further functionality while its plugins add even further functionality.

Another wonderful feature is that it provides you with a progress bar while scanning and cataloguing your music library. This is essential because this player gives a real sense of what is occurring; something most other players fail to do.

MediaMonkey can help organize or expand your existing collection, as it comes equipped with handy features and an intuitive user interface. A trial period is free; additional features can be unlocked by purchasing premium gold version. Available only on Windows operating systems but expandable through plug-ins for other formats as well.

Sync your music

MediaMonkey can help you organize and control all of your music files – be they on a computer, network, cloud storage service or CDs. Furthermore, MediaMonkey enables you to backup and transfer music between mobile devices such as iPods, iPhones and Palm Pre, sync songs between PC and these devices and download album art or extra features like song lyrics if available. MediaMonkey even helps with ripping CDs using AccurateRip technology to ensure bit-perfect data ripping results.

Media Monkey can automatically adjust the volume of music files when they’re synced to iPods or similar portable devices, as you synchronize. It does this by comparing peak levels against what the maximum peak level allowable is on each file before making adjustments accordingly – this ensures tracks play at an even level on these devices.

MediaMonkey can do more than sync and rip, however. In addition to its sync/rip features, MediaMonkey also allows you to tag your music collection with rich and detailed data – something accomplished via its MP3 tag editor which supports ID3v1 and ID3v2, WMA, OGG and APE tag editors, as well as its automatic track and album art lookup function via free image hosting sites or search services such as Freedb and CD-TEXT.

Your library can either be automatically updated at startup, or manually checked for changes at any time. Tag music based on filename or select specific folders to scan and tag automatically. Also automatically import ratings or other metadata from other media players or podcast programs like Winamp or iTunes into its database.

Making sense of all of the tools and settings can be intimidating at first, but hovering your cursor over an option or control usually reveals a helpful tooltip describing its function. A little effort put into learning how to take full advantage of all these features will pay dividends when your collection becomes organized according to your ideal configuration.

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