Mendeley Desktop Review

Mendeley Desktop is a reference management application featuring a PDF reader, document sharing and collaboration, citation generator and plugins for Word and LibreOffice that automatically synchronize between computers and devices.

Drag and drop files or entire folders to Mendeley window to add them as library entries. Alternatively, use folder selection feature to quickly upload all documents in its contents.

Manage your research library

Mendeley Desktop is a software application designed to assist researchers in managing, reading, annotating, and sharing research papers and documents. The application features a PDF reader as well as an integrated research library with advanced citation management tools – and can even organize references, documents and annotations into a fully searchable database for easy organization of documents with multiple citation styles and annotations.

Mendeley Desktop stands out as an invaluable feature due to its ability to automatically sync and back up a user’s research library, ensuring it remains available even if their computer becomes unusable.

Mendeley makes using multiple computers easier by offering synching capabilities, so users only have to update their library once, which will then update on each device they’re working with – saving time and effort as you won’t have to manually update each library individually.

Mendeley can help save time by automatically recognizing and importing information from documents and PDFs, such as journal articles, books, presentations and websites. With one click on a button the software extracts document metadata like author names and titles for document metadata extraction.

Software to quickly and efficiently cite papers written in any academic writing style is now available, with downloadable plugins for word processors making citations simple to create and format, or users simply having to drag-and-drop PDF documents to create new references in the program.

Organization and searching a user’s research library is made simpler using this software’s folder and tag tools, particularly useful for students engaged in long research projects that require multiple resources. It also serves to keep tabs on project status by alerting a user when its completion nears.

Mendeley Desktop offers academic researchers a powerful collection of features that make it the ideal solution. The software offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing research libraries, collaborating with colleagues and reading/annotating documents, as well as constantly adding new ones – including mobile apps, Web-based libraries and browser plug-ins that import citations directly from supported databases.

Collaborate with other researchers

Mendeley Desktop offers many collaborative features to assist researchers working on academic assignments and projects together, such as sharing your library, annotation/highlight tools, PDF reading capabilities in real time, seamless integration with word processors for adding citations/bibliographies easily into documents – which helps speed up writing processes while maintaining consistent formatting – and more!

Mendeley offers more than just its desktop application: we also provide a web-based reference manager and plugins for several word processing programs that work across platforms – enabling researchers to access their research from any location and share it with colleagues regardless of platform or program they use.

Mendeley offers groups to enable collaboration among researchers. You can create public or private groups, inviting up to 25 members into one at once. Plus, use Mendeley’s search bar to easily locate related groups based on topics.

Once you create a group, you can add papers to it and share them among its members. Additionally, upload any shared files directly into your library via Mendeley web dashboard. Public groups are visible to all who access Mendeley while private ones can only be viewed by their respective members.

Right-click a file and choose “Share,” this will generate a link so others can access and download it easily. This feature is great for sharing entire libraries or collections of documents with anyone interested.

Mendeley Desktop can not only facilitate collaboration with fellow researchers, but it can also assist you with organizing your research library effectively. Categorizing documents into folders makes finding documents simpler while automatically synchronizing and backing up ensure no data loss. Unfortunately, Mendeley Desktop software is incompatible with Mac OS versions which use Apple silicon M-series SoC processors – this limitation should be noted.

Automatically sync and back up your research library

Mendeley Desktop software and Mendeley Web application work in concert to synchronize your library, meaning any time you add or delete items on one platform, they are instantly reflected on both platforms. Furthermore, Mendeley Web app enables sharing of libraries or individual folders between multiple users for collaborative working efforts.

Mendeley automatically extracts and displays document details such as authors, titles, and publication dates for every document in your library or bibliography. It allows for easy discovery or generation. Furthermore, Mendeley supports multiple citation styles as well as being capable of importing PDFs and Word documents via drag-and-drop functionality – plus live tagging allows for live searching results as you type!

Mendeley makes it easy and efficient to highlight and annotate PDF documents. Once annotated, your notes can be accessed directly within Mendeley library as notes/comments on specific parts of PDF can be created for later review by other users via journal club tool or Notebook feature – plus your annotations can even be exported easily into other documents!

Mendeley offers more than just an outstanding reference manager and academic social network – it also boasts iOS and Android apps that enable you to view your library on mobile devices, with full PDF reading/annotating features included for maximum convenience.

As soon as you download and install Mendeley Desktop software, you will be asked to sign in using your Mendeley account credentials and install any additional plugins such as MS Word plugin or Web Importer. After signing in, your library will synchronize automatically between Mendeley Web and desktop version – any changes made will appear instantly! You can manually sync at any time by clicking an icon in either version’s menu bar; regular sync is recommended so any updates reflect across both programs.

Scan and display identification details for your research publications

Mendeley Desktop can automatically detect and display identification details for research publications that meet its criteria, making them easier to find and open while opening up access to additional features that enhance research experiences such as PDF annotation and text search.

Mendeley web and mobile apps allow you to import citations and PDF documents from other sources such as the internet. A free Web Importer browser extension enables automatic importing of references and documents from webpages; furthermore a Word plugin lets you import them directly into Microsoft Word.

Mendeley Magic can automatically scan documents and collect bibliographic information, such as author, title and DOI details for you. This feature saves time when adding new citations or organizing your library by scanning PDF documents for details that match those found in Mendeley database; then updating existing citations or adding the new document directly from Mendeley Magic.

Manually adding entries can also be accomplished, either from file system sources or using the Web Importer browser extension to import existing citations from RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero and Papers software packages.

Folders are an indispensable part of organizing your Mendeley library. Folders enable you to categorize documents within the library, making file organization more manageable – and can even create subfolders if necessary! Adding and managing folders is key for keeping everything under control in Mendeley – add or manage as many as needed, move files between folders as necessary, create subfolders if necessary or nest them for added flexibility.

If you are working with others in the same discipline, group folders provide an efficient and safe method of sharing documents among all. Mendeley provides this feature so that research conducted collaboratively between colleagues is managed effectively.

Once your group is set up, you can invite up to 50 members. Once accepted, you can start collaborating and sharing documents among yourselves using Mendeley web and mobile apps; view, annotate or create your own documents from scratch!

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