Mendeley Desktop Review

Mendeley Desktop

Mendeley Desktop is an intuitive reference manager, academic social network and PDF editor used by researchers worldwide. It allows them to automatically sync their research library across devices – so they don’t miss a beat with any documents being lost!

Mendeley’s PDF reader now allows users to highlight and take notes while reading documents, while Watched Folders automatically import new files into their Mendeley libraries.

Organize your PDFs

Mendeley Desktop offers an assortment of tools for organizing your research library and documents. This software features a PDF reader which enables you to view and annotate multiple documents simultaneously; a citation plugin that makes writing articles in Word and LibreOffice simpler; document sharing capabilities; data extraction features; as well as a powerful search engine – these features allow for effortless management and organization of reference libraries.

Mendeley Desktop offers several default filters to assist in sorting and cataloguing your references, such as recently added, read/unread and document title/author-provided keywords filters; in addition to tags added by yourself for each document or recently created folders which contain multiple filters for easy categorization of documents.

Mendeley provides another way of exporting annotations and highlights into a file on the righthand sidebar panel, by selecting text to highlight and clicking the pen icon. Mendeley will keep track of your annotations, showing highlighted text in PDF viewer.

Mendeley allows you to edit PDFs directly, while other programs such as Adobe Acrobat provide greater editing flexibility.

Mendeley offers another useful feature that makes PDF importation from databases and the internet much simpler, since many PDFs contain unrecognized filenames that make searching harder. Renaming helps make finding files outside Mendeley simpler as well.

Mendeley is an excellent way for academics and researchers alike to organize their references and documents efficiently, helping to manage research while citing articles in the correct style. Not only is it free, but its wide array of features makes it the ideal way to manage research effectively.

Collaborate with colleagues

Mendeley Desktop is a comprehensive research management app that integrates reference management, academic social network interaction and PDF editing in one app. Available on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems and compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices – Mendeley is free software designed to help academic researchers organize their academic research as well as collaborate globally with users around the globe.

Mendeley offers an intuitive user-interface and offers numerous features that make its use effortless. Users can add documents to their libraries via drag-and-drop or manually upload. Mendeley recognizes metadata from multiple sources and automatically imports information like authors, journal names, keywords and cited references which saves both time and effort when adding documents manually or importing them via Mendeley manually. Plus it allows sharing documents between multiple users while recording modifications made over time!

Mendeley offers an easy and straightforward way to save documents and their PDFs directly from any online source into its library, regardless of platform. Users can capture citations, abstracts and full articles in Mendeley Collections–an organizational tool which lets them group similar references together–or share these collections publicly by creating Public Groups.

Once files have been added to Mendeley library, they can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet and any changes are synchronized and saved automatically in the cloud – meaning there’s no risk of losing work! Furthermore, Mendeley offers a file organizer to keep user’s local files organized: it scans folder contents automatically downloading PDFs then renaming them according to a predetermined naming scheme.

Mendeley provides an easy and straightforward method for inserting in-text citations and bibliographies into Word documents using its plug-in or BibTeX; this feature is especially convenient if you are working on multiple projects simultaneously. Keep in mind, though, that formatted citations that appear in Mendeley may differ significantly from what eventually appear in published works.

Extract data from PDFs

Mendeley Desktop features many tools that make managing, searching and sharing research libraries simple and efficient. You can quickly extract data from PDFs while working collaboratively. Furthermore, its Citation Plugin automatically generates citations for documents in LibreOffice documents as well as web pages accessed through Citation. Lastly, Mendeley can serve as an annotation and markup PDF reader with annotation capabilities.

Mendeley stands out from other reference managers by its ability to sync across multiple computers and devices, giving you access to your entire research library from any location via browser or downloading the Mendeley Web App. Plus, your citations and PDFs are stored securely in the cloud – meaning even if your PC crashes, Mendeley servers provide backup.

Your EndNote library can easily be converted to Mendeley files by selecting all relevant references, clicking ‘Export’ in the action panel and choosing the XML format for exporting. Ensure you name and save this file to an appropriate location on your machine – note that an exported XML file only includes references, metadata and any attached PDFs that might exist at that point in time.

The desktop version of Mendeley provides two panels; the left displays your library and collections, while the right panel lists documents and annotations for an item you select. Double clicking will open a document into its own window for reading and annotating in the Center panel; you can also access information regarding that document (Citation details, Abstract content and keywords) within that same window, as well as viewing notes from members of your Mendeley group in its Right Sidebar Panel.

Zotero users can import their BibTeX files directly into Mendeley for easier PDF linking and automatic citation management. In addition, files may also be imported manually by dragging and dropping into either your library or watch folder; watch folders are special folders which monitor specific locations on your computer for new PDFs and add them automatically when they’re found – saving both time and effort when looking for PDFs!

Cite your research

Mendeley is a modern version of Facebook with professional networking features and scientific collaboration capabilities rolled into one easy-to-use application that indexes research papers, PDFs and other tools in an easily searchable index for desktop computers and the web.

The program lets you store documents and citations in the cloud, synching them across multiple computers – so if one crashes, all your documents can still be easily redownloaded from the internet (provided syncing was enabled).

Mendeley offers various ways of adding documents or citations to word processing documents. One is via Microsoft Office 365’s Citation Plug-in for Word 2016+; another option is simply dragging and dropping papers from Mendeley into your document; they will automatically be formatted with their selected citation style.

Another method for adding citations is to highlight the section you wish to cite and click Mendeley Cite on the toolbar. This will temporarily open Mendeley program so you can search your library by author, title, or year for relevant references before selecting and clicking OK – your Word document will then automatically include this citation.

Mendeley Desktop allows you to tailor the fields that appear for each document type by going into its Preferences > Document Details section and checking or unchecking certain templates – for instance if you frequently cite journal articles using MLA 7th style citation format you could add a Date Accessed field to its Journal Article template by checking it. Cite plugin and desktop programs both offer support for multiple citation styles, including MLA, Chicago, APA and ASA citation formats as well as footnotes, endnotes and parenthetical documentation. Mendeley offers free services for academics and students, providing access to research-support services through iPhone and iPad applications. In addition, paid subscriptions are also available to businesses, schools and other institutions as well as an API that enables integration with other software products.

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