Microsoft Safety Scanner Review

Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free tool designed to detect and eliminate malware on a Windows computer. However, its download limit only allows for one use per computer.

Microsoft Defender for Emergency Use uses the same engine and virus definitions, making it ideal for protecting computers that have become infected with spyware or other forms of malicious software. It was specifically created as an emergency measure.

What is Microsoft Safety Scanner?

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free malware scanner designed to assist Windows computers in eliminating infections caused by malware infections. Designed to supplement existing antivirus software programs and detect any infection that bypasses them, the scan tool is regularly updated by Microsoft to detect threats that bypass traditional antimalware protection as well as making use easy without needing installation or updates.

Microsoft provides an on-demand scanner which can be easily downloaded directly from their website and runs as soon as it arrives on your system. There are versions for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows systems; simply make sure you download the one corresponding with your operating system by visiting System Settings on your computer and going into “About”.

The program offers three scanning options: quick, full, and customized scans. Quick scan is designed for speed; it only looks at key areas of your computer while full is more comprehensive, examining every file and folder on your hard drive; however it may take longer. Lastly, customizable allows you to select which drives or files need scanning.

Once the scan has completed, the program will present a list of any infections it has discovered. If any are identified, the program will attempt to reverse any changes caused by them; otherwise it will report that removal was unsuccessful.

Contrary to some malware scanners, this free security tool does not detect or block pop-up ads; instead it warns if any suspicious programs are found. Furthermore, it allows users to delete temporary files and reset Windows Registry, making it an invaluable tool in helping resolve certain problems.

This program should not replace ongoing antimalware protection, but can provide quick assistance in the event that traditional antivirus tools do not successfully address a situation. Easy to use and without installation requirements, this solution provides users who have had trouble using other removal tools an effective remedy.

Downloading the Scanner

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free tool designed to detect and remove malware from computers running Windows, and also reverse any changes made by threats that have been identified. The software is regularly updated, compatible with anti-virus protection programs, easy to use and does not consume much system resources; plus you can download either 32 bit or 64 bit versions depending on your computer architecture. Download Microsoft Safety Scanner now from their website – there will be both 32 and 64 bit options!

Downloading is very straightforward: once you select a compatible version for your system architecture, the software will begin downloading automatically. When this completes, you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions before selecting which type of scan to run – remembering to be patient during this process can take time!

Once your scan has finished, any threats discovered during it will be reported back to you and instructions will be given as to how best to address them. If unsure, Microsoft Support offers assistance while in extreme cases reinstalling may be required to resolve issues.

Microsoft Security Scanner can be an excellent backup option should your antivirus software become ineffective or you are experiencing difficulty getting rid of malware infections using other tools and solutions. With its 10-day expiration period, it prevents users from abusing it as a replacement solution; to keep yourself protected it’s advisable to redownload after this time has elapsed to ensure that you have the latest virus definitions installed and are up-to-date.

Running the Scan

Microsoft provides its Windows users with many major and minor tools to defend them against unique malware attacks, one being the Microsoft Safety Scanner which can perform manual virus scans to remove stubborn malware that other antivirus software cannot manage to eliminate. While not a replacement for full anti-virus suites, this tool serves an excellent function as it removes threats that even other anti-virus solutions simply cannot eradicate.

To download the Microsoft Safety Scanner, visit Microsoft’s website and click either 32- or 64-bit links depending on your system architecture. After downloading, double-click to open it up, accept terms and conditions and run the scanner according to onscreen instructions.

Your options for scanning include quick, full, or customized scans. A quick scan is the fastest, scanning only those parts most likely to contain viruses, spyware and other unwelcome programs; full scanning takes longer, analyzing every component thoroughly; while customizable allows you to select specific folder locations to include or exclude from scanning.

Once you’ve selected your scan type, click “Scan Now,” and the program will immediately begin checking your computer for malware based on what kind of scan type was chosen – this process could take anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours, and during its run-time a progress bar will indicate how much time remains until completion.

If the Microsoft Safety Scanner detects malware on your system, it will provide a list of detected items along with information on where they were found on your computer and an explanation on how you can manually delete it from there. If any piece of malware remains undetected after removal attempts have failed, an alert message may also appear with instructions for manual deletion and, should one of them remain confusing or unknown to you, visit Microsoft Malware Protection Center for additional assistance.

If you suspect a specific piece of malware on your system, Microsoft Safety Scanner can help clean it up by finding and deleting it. But keep in mind that this tool doesn’t offer real-time protection or stop new infections from entering; so use it only as a supplement to your regular antivirus software for best results.

Using the Scanner

Utilizing Microsoft Safety Scanner is an invaluable way to identify and remove malware that might be impacting your computer. It works in both safe and normal mode and scans the whole system or just disks; additionally it identifies suspicious files which should be sent back for further examination by vendors. Unfortunately it cannot be paused once scanning has begun; so make sure you’re well prepared before starting this process.

This program will conduct a full scan of your system for any signs of viruses, spyware and junk software which might be hindering PC performance. Once completed, it will present you with a list of suspect files along with their locations on your system to aid in finding malicious ones and taking necessary measures to delete them from the PC.

Another attractive feature of this program is its absence of an expiration date; this feature encourages users to use it only as an emergency backup and not replace higher-quality virus checking software with it. Furthermore, the scan can be run without needing administrative privileges or access.

Once your system has been scanned for potential threats, its results will be shown on your screen. Please be patient as this process can take a considerable amount of time. If any files are detected as being malware by Microsoft’s safety scanner they will show their location and description along with any instructions on how to manually delete them after being identified by you as suspect files. The safety scanner won’t remove them automatically, however. It is your responsibility to do this manually once having identified suspicious files on your own.

The Microsoft Safety Scanner is an essential piece of emergency preparedness software. Easy to use and regularly updated, it works together with antivirus software for maximum protection – although I would still suggest investing in more comprehensive antivirus suite. Download it directly from their official website, using it up until 10 days has elapsed before its usage is expired.

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