Mixcraft Review

Mixcraft is a digital audio workstation (DAW), featuring MIDI sequencing and editing as well as an impressive selection of loops, sounds, and virtual instruments.

Mixcraft stands out from competing products by making fine militone pitch adjustments straightforward without creating synthetic artifacts, as well as offering a convenient grouped track feature that lets you edit clips and their automation in groups.

Easy to use

Mixcraft is one of the easiest programs available for recording and mixing music, designed by musicians to be both intuitive and easy to use. With loops, samples, virtual instruments, effects processors and unlimited creative potential for any musician imaginable – as well as lightning-fast sound engine technology with reality-defying pitch and time-stretching features as well as support for various audio interfaces and hardware controllers – Mixcraft offers endless creative potential!

Mixcraft also allows users to build and save chains of audio plug-ins for future projects, making this feature particularly helpful when you find the ideal combination of plug-ins for creating specific effects. Doing this saves time as it means not having to start from scratch every time a similar effect is needed – an invaluable time saver!

Another feature is the ability to record live performances, edit it later for a more professional sound and record all at the same time. This is ideal for bands or solo performers looking to improve their performances and capture ideas as they occur instead of trying to remember later.

Recording tracks allows the user to choose between mono and stereo recording modes, giving full control over sound quality and helping prevent the often-muddy recordings often associated with digital recordings. In addition, this program offers high-quality, customizable equalization functions to improve final product.

The program comes equipped with a piano roll editor that functions similar to any computer-based MIDI sequencer, making it a useful tool for drummers or keyboardists who wish to create their own drum loops or melodies. The editor shows MIDI note velocities as well as information such as program changes, channel pressure settings, breath controller settings and pitch bend settings – perfect for creating personalized melodies!

This program boasts a vast library of loops that can be easily added into the Main Grid to compose music, automatically matching their tempo and key to those of any given project. ReWire integration also enables access to sounds and virtual instruments from external music programs while also synchronizing loops’ start/stop times via ReWire interfaces.


Mixcraft is an advanced voice recording software program with many additional features to meet any challenge you throw its way. Offering an array of instruments and effects to work with, as well as simple navigation features for easy multitrack music projects and MIDI creation, Mixcraft offers everything you need to record audio or MIDI tracks effortlessly.

Mixcraft stands apart from most DAW programs by not restricting the number of audio and MIDI tracks that you can add to a project, making organization easy with submix and master tracks. Another useful feature, Track Regions, allows you to select, edit and move groups of clips (and automation) at once; saving both time and energy when reconfiguring song arrangements.

Mixcraft also comes equipped with Melodyne Essentials, a highly advanced pitch correction plug-in. This upgrade from its previous GSnap counterpart makes an immediate improvement to pitch correction capabilities of Mixcraft, while Vocoder tracks provide you with easy ways to quickly produce unique vocal tracks in just a few clicks.

Acoustica has enhanced Mixcraft 8’s audio engine to become more efficient and provide sample-accurate internal timing, ensuring smooth performance even when loading complex projects and providing real-time CPU/system load indicators at all times.

Another significant advancement is the Performance Panel, similar to Ableton’s Session View. You can drop MIDI and audio clips or loops into its grid slots and trigger them based on project tempo; automatic track sync up; updated audio warping with high quality time stretching and pitch shifting algorithms can all make jamming much more fun using Novation Launchpad or MIDI controller – making the program truly enjoyable for creating live loop performances! Furthermore, loop recordings directly to Performance Panel grid locations allows instantaneous creation of live loop performances directly within its grid locations!


Mixcraft is an all-in-one recording studio solution for Windows PCs that offers an intuitive user interface to allow for music creation, editing and recording with MIDI and audio tracks, 28 pro effects/virtual instruments as well as loop library/guitar tuner support and wide support of hardware control surfaces/third party audio interfaces – perfect for beginners in the recording field!

Mixcraft was specifically created for home producers looking for an easy and efficient way to work with music. It features an intuitive user interface, high-quality sounds, great support and has an extensive help system available online – qualities which have contributed to its immense popularity with amateur producers.

Acoustica, the company behind Mixcraft, has been creating music production software since 1997. Mixcraft 9 continues their legacy of ease-of-use with its user-friendly interface that makes recording and editing effortless. You can move panels around to suit your workflow needs as well as personalization settings that let you personalize each session to your unique workflow needs.

Another feature is its built-in ad-blocking function to stop advertisements from disrupting recording sessions, making it easier to focus on work without worry of distractions. Furthermore, its streamlined graphical representation of your track can easily be navigated using the arrow keys for navigation.

Software also supports various sound channels and enhancements, such as equalizers and amplitude envelopes, to add depth to recordings such as adding reverb or fade effects to recordings, as well as reduce background noise levels or eliminate pesky pops and clicks from recordings. In addition, many file formats and split options are supported as well as their file sharing functions.

Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio is an outstanding entry-level DAW for PC owners. It does everything a top-tier DAW would and more for an unbeatably affordable price; whether used as your main DAW or secondary tool, its robust selection of plugins and instruments more than makes up for their low price tag.

Mixcraft Pro provides access to an enormous selection of instrument and effect plug-ins exclusive to this package, including sampled instruments, electric piano emulations, rock organ simulations, ToneBoosters reverbs compression equalizers and equalizers, among many others.


Mixcraft is a full-featured audio and MIDI recording program with over 7,500 professionally produced loops, music beds and sound effects spanning multiple genres. Furthermore, its intuitive user interface makes recording complex projects with multiple tracks simple – something not often seen among audio recording programs! Crafted by musicians themselves for unrivalled ease-of-use yet raw power in the industry.

Mixcraft now includes two powerful new sampler instruments: Alpha and Omni. Designed to foster creativity by providing an intuitive grid-based system for simultaneously laying out MIDI notes and playing sounds simultaneously, these instruments make mixing live loop performances quicker than ever! Great for use with Novation Launchpad controllers or your computer keyboard keyboard to rapidly create stunning live performances with live loop performances!

The piano roll editor has been upgraded, featuring new tools for drawing MIDI controller automation and step-editor views for creating mono and polyphonic patterns. A new vocoder track allows users to quickly add electronic vocoder sounds into their projects with just a click, while mixer panels have been improved with additional gain, preamp, and EQ controls to quickly access essential mixing functions.

Mixcraft boasts not only powerful features, but also boasts a comprehensive set of pro-grade effects and instruments, including an extensive library of sampled instruments, powerful mixer panels, ToneBoosters reverbs, compressors, filters and equalizers, plus an adaptive sequencer capable of simple or advanced composition.

Mixcraft makes video editing simpler than ever. Easily crossfade video cuts, add titles and transitions, and make consistent changes to video content with its intuitive user interface. Load and edit videos and still images before saving them in web-friendly formats; plus its built-in media manager provides file format editing options and an array of file format editing features; advanced metering/routing capabilities allow you to produce professional-grade mixes/masters – it even lets you export high quality audio files directly from its application!

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