Mixing and Recording With Magix Music Maker

MAGIX Music Maker

Magix provides an impressive variety of audio software for every task imaginable, ranging from easy music creation using building blocks in MUSIC MAKER to professional editing and mastering with ACID Pro and Samplitude Pro X; there’s sure to be something for every audio enthusiast out there.

Note: If your song contains entirely self-recorded sounds (without using soundpools or Vita instruments), no license is needed for commercial use.


MAGIX Music Maker boasts an expansive library of instruments and loops suitable for every genre, providing endless opportunities for creation. MAGIX Music Maker’s intuitive operation and high technological precision help turn creative visions into reality – make MAGIX Music Maker part of your creative arsenal today!

This software is tailored specifically for beginners and hobbyists looking for fast results with professional quality music production. While it doesn’t boast all of the complex functionality found in high end digital audio workstation (DAW) programs, it still provides you with all of the tools necessary to produce songs or beats quickly and effortlessly. With its user friendly interface and drag and drop functionality, getting to work fast has never been simpler!

The software includes six free Soundpools to help you build a foundation for your music. Each loop conforms to an established musical key, matching pitch and speed for easy compatibility across genres.

Once your arrangement is complete, it can be saved as WAV or OGG format. If you only want to export parts of it (using playback markers for example), simply activate “Only export between start and end markers” in the Export dialog.

With MUSIC MAKER 2024 PREMIUM, you have everything you need to create your first songs. Record a drum and bass track using snappy loops from genuine rock Soundpools; create unique grooves using piano, synth and mallet samples; even use the MIDI Editor without knowing music notation; even use vocal recordings or melodies if you like! You’re soon off your way; master it all with groundbreaking technology from iZotope and Native Instruments plug-ins!


Once your music has been recorded, the next step in music production should be mixing. Mixing involves arranging different tracks so they come to the forefront when necessary – for instance ensuring lead vocals are clear during chorus and that cool keyboard lick in measure 10 doesn’t get lost in the mix.

Music Maker’s built-in mixer makes arranging and mixing songs simple: its separate volume controls and stereo pan controls for each track, plus an EQ with a visual display of frequency range – ideal for quickly identifying clashes or spikes at a glance.

An assortment of effect plug-ins are available for use with individual objects, tracks and the master mix, such as compressor, 10-band equalizer and reverb to create optimal sounds. Furthermore, FX buttons above the track view enable you to apply these effects directly onto entire tracks for use within the mixer.

As part of its final stage in music production, Mastering tools offer professional sounding songs. By adjusting overall level and tone of your songs with these tools, your songs will sound fantastic across any system.

Music editing software, more commonly referred to as Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), is widely used by musicians, producers and DJs for creating new songs or remixing existing tracks. MAGIX Music Maker was launched as a consumer-targeted music production program back in 1994; it is based on Samplitude from the same company which offers professional-level DAW functionality.

MUSIC MAKER is an excellent starting point for those new to music production, from novices with no prior knowledge to experts looking to start recording, editing and mixing music quickly and effortlessly. For advanced users who require full-scale production capabilities such as ACID Pro or Samplitude Pro X production as well as professional audio editing with SOUND FORGE Pro editing solutions; MAGIX products cover every stage of musical creation: song creation through song production to editing audio tracks professionally – in other words MUSIC MAKER is there at every step!


Setting your vocals up correctly can make them sound more natural. To do this, apply an effect such as reverb to tracks containing vocals; listen back several times to listen out for any results that suit your song’s instrumental versions or versions with different voices and listen back several times before selecting settings such as guitar amp simulation for use on one track only.

When adding reverb to vocals, always decide the appropriate setting based on how well the overall mix sounds. Too much reverb can quickly become artificial as ears quickly adjust to it; too little may not suffice either.

To record your own vocals, simply choose a track and switch it into audio recording mode by clicking on the red record button in its header. Your arrangement will play back while you sing along – if necessary, drag inward on its object border to shorten or expand recordings as necessary.

To create more professional recordings, the Vocal Tune function offers an ideal solution. It automatically adjusts vocal recordings so they match up in rhythm and tone with their accompaniments.

MAGIX Music Maker is a digital audio workstation (DAW) designed from its inception with beginners in mind. Derived from Samplitude’s more advanced and complex model, its interface has been simplified and user-friendlier – featuring an easy linear timeline in the center as well as browser windows and editing windows around it for greater usability.

MAGIX Music Maker Pro software features a wide array of loops, effects and virtual instruments. Additionally, using your computer keyboard you can program melodies note by note using MIDI. In-app tutorials are available to teach looping techniques as well as learn MIDI basics as well as effects. Import external plugins or use microphone recordings directly; there’s even an unlimited free version and fully featured paid version available at MAGIX’s in-app Store!


Record audio tracks using the built-in software instruments available with MUSIC MAKER. Simply drag an instrument from the Soundpool into your composition and begin playing it using your computer keyboard or MIDI controller. MUSIC MAKER also includes an extensive library of loops and sounds in all popular formats, which you can edit directly in the timeline or duplicate to create variations of them. When recording vocals or melodies via microphone or MIDI-compatible device (such as digital piano), MUSIC MAKER automatically adjusts playback pitch to ensure it fits with your song perfectly!

Soundpools feature an array of styles and genres, from electro to Latin vibes, trap or movie scores. Loops can be adjusted across seven pitches for ultimate flexibility when it comes to creating music arrangements. In addition, there’s also an integrated sampler which makes quick beats, so you can quickly compose beats before adding vocal recordings or software instruments from your own collection to complete your productions.

Utilizing software instruments, you can effortlessly compose melodies with an abundance of emotion. Choose from various virtual instruments – Vita LE provides acoustic drum sounds while Revolta provides electronic bass and synth sounds; Grand Concert SE offers high-quality piano recordings – to create captivating melodies. Plus, there are effects such as reverb, echo and compression to customize audio/MIDI tracks even further!

If you require additional effects, additional VST instruments and programs can be purchased in-app from Magix’s in-app store at competitive rates. Furthermore, Magix offers discounted Soundpools and software instruments directly.

Magix Music Maker is an intuitive program for making and recording your own music, designed specifically to meet consumer market requirements. Based on Samplitude’s professional DAW but tailored specifically for consumer use, Magix Music Maker features simple controls and in-app tutorials to get beginners up and running quickly.

The free version of SOUND FORGE contains only limited features; to gain access to advanced functions you’ll need to upgrade to either Plus or Premium editions and unlock them. These functions include the ability to import recordings directly and export your final composition as WAV or OGG file for high-quality audio output. You can also digitize records using SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab’s digitizing feature in order to eliminate hissing and crackle from recordings that you own or digitize with this software.

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