Mobogenie Review


Mobogenie is an all-in-one free management suite for Android phones that also acts as a mobile app store, offering users an effortless and effortless way to access applications, games, ringtones, wallpapers and music files.

Existing contacts can be edited, new ones added and text messages organized and retrieved; additionally pictures, videos and music can also be stored on the computer for backup purposes.

Manage your phone

Mobogenie provides many features to help you manage your Android phone from your PC, including backup/restore for apps, music videos, pictures and contacts as well as file management functionality to give full control over SD cards for file transfers between phones as well as SMS send/receive capabilities from PC.

Mobogenie stands out from other mobile phone management tools by enabling you to back up and restore an entire smartphone, not just individual apps or games. This means that should you lose or switch devices, all your data can easily be restored back. Furthermore, this tool even makes transitioning smooth by transferring apps/games over from old phone to new device and vice versa – helping make switching seamless.

Mobogenie makes managing hundreds of contact entries easy on smartphones, making it simpler to create new groups and edit existing ones while eliminating duplicates for a better list. Furthermore, you can upload and download free games and apps without using up data from your plan – perfect for those trying to cut costs!

Mobogenie also boasts its own mobile app store with an expansive selection of popular apps and games, all tested by Kaspersky to guarantee 100% safety and security. Furthermore, its user-friendly design provides an alternative experience to Google Play; however, some may find additional software installation offputting.

Backup your phone

Mobogenie provides users with an effective means of managing their Android smartphones by offering an effortless method for backing up, transferring, and restoring data between PC and device – including contacts, messages, apps, music, pictures, videos and books.

The software delivers this goal through an easy-to-use interface that enables users to browse and install apps, games and more from a secure online store. Furthermore, it syncs content between phone and PC as well as allows for storage on an SD card – supporting file formats like VCF for contacts and CSV for messages; APK/APKT applications; MP3/OGG/WAV music formats; JPEG, PNG and BMP images and videos as well as PDF, EPUB and MOBI books (PDF EPUB MOBI).

One unique advantage that sets this program apart from similar applications is its capability of downloading online content directly onto an Android device – this includes apps, music, ringtones and wallpapers. Users can browse categories, collections or top-selling items to find exactly what they need before clicking install to access it all!

Mobogenie provides Android users with tools for optimizing performance and battery life on their devices. It helps clear away internet, software, registry junk files from system clutter by clearing away internet, software and registry junk files as well as managing device resources to regain lost battery power. Furthermore, its backup and restoration features are highly effective; additionally, its ad-supported interface sometimes features app ads; its syncing doesn’t always work and content transfer between desktop computer and device is slower; additionally it requires USB debugging which may put some users off.

Speed up your phone

Mobogenie is an app with numerous capabilities designed to make using your phone more effective. It manages contacts, messages, backs up your data and can even root it if necessary. Furthermore, its search function enables users to quickly locate apps, music and videos while giving suggestions of new offerings from both Android and Apple. Furthermore, download this free program onto both computers and phones!

Android Device Backup software enables you to back up contacts, SMS’s, apps, music and pictures as well as videos and books on your Android device. It has an intuitive user interface and offers plenty of free apps, plus useful tools for managing Android devices smoothly.

Mobogenie is one of the most widely-used third-party app stores for Android, yet there have been security and privacy concerns raised about it in the past. Mobogenie has worked to address these concerns by teaming up with world renowned anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab to make sure all apps on their platform are clean and safe for their users.

Mobogenie Market is an app store designed to offer an alternative to Google Play, though it lacks some of the features found elsewhere – for instance Uptodown offers direct downloads instead of redirection back to Google Play, which may prove frustrating for those wanting direct use of an app on their device. Furthermore, USB debugging must also be enabled on certain Android devices to work effectively with this store.

Uninstall stock apps

Mobogenie makes it easy for you to uninstall apps from your phone if they become frustratingly familiar, by scanning for and listing all installed applications – both system ones as well as third-party ones – as well as providing an uninstall button for each. Simply click this to remove it from your device!

Mobogenie can also help you access and manage your files and media content. This app enables you to back up contacts and messages, download music videos and wallpapers from the internet and synchronize these files across devices. Furthermore, Mobogenie allows for contact transfer between PCs and smartphones as well as clearing out junk files that have collected on devices over time.

Another impressive aspect of this app is its ability to provide personalized recommendations for apps compatible with your phone, claiming a smarter and more intuitive system than Google Play (though this claim remains unverifiable). Furthermore, users are given an option to avoid being targeted by ads on their phones.

Mobogenie offers a free alternative to Google Play that’s quick and easy to install, boasting an intuitive user experience. Furthermore, its privacy-protection options may make it a good fit for those concerned about their personal information on Google Play; additionally it can help manage text messages more efficiently while keeping your inbox clear; additionally it may offer access to new ringtones and music to keep your phone stimulating!

Restore your phone

Mobogenie provides an easy and secure solution for backing up and restoring all the essential data on a lost or new phone, including contacts, messages, apps, music files and videos. All files are encrypted for added safety.

Users can explore and manage contacts, messages, apps, music, pictures, videos and books using an intuitive file manager that closely resembles Windows Explorer. It supports VCF for contacts and CSV for messages; APK and MPK applications; MP3, OGG M4A AAC audio; BMP GIF JPG PNG images as well as WBMP 3GP AVI MPEG MKV FLV video playback as well as TXT PDF EPUB books are supported.

Mobogenie features an easy way for users to search and download online content directly onto their smartphones, including apps, games, wallpapers, ringtones, songs and YouTube videos. Plus its program makes navigation simpler by offering category, collection or top-selling items searches – perfect for quickly browsing content!

Mobogenie can root your device to free up memory, as well as provide a comprehensive PC cleaner capable of clearing away Internet, software and system junk as well as Recycle Bin contents. Available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems alike.

Install and setup of this application are straightforward, though you must enable USB debugging first on your Android device. Furthermore, it takes some time for the home screen to display. However, overall it’s an invaluable tool for performing many difficult tasks that otherwise would be cumbersome on Android devices – offering an alternative experience on their devices than either Google Play or Amazon’s App Marketplaces.

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