Mobogenie Review


Mobogenie is an Android phone manager that also works on PCs and provides features such as backup, text messaging and music/video management.

Mobogenie also claims that all apps and games on its market have been tested with Kaspersky to ensure user safety and are malware-free.

However, these programs could contain adware which can slow down your computer. If this is the case for any program on your system, be sure to remove it as quickly as possible.

It’s free

Mobogenie is a free Android app that enables users to easily organize contacts, apps, music and images on their device. This synchronization tool also backs up phone data onto a computer as well as send SMS messages on behalf of user contacts. Mobogenie also enables users to search for new apps as well as download music and videos directly onto devices; in addition it will analyze your device and suggest apps popular among other users for you to try out.

One of the many advantages of Mobogenie is its ability to let users edit existing contacts and add new ones, explore photo galleries and wallpapers, investigate audio tracks by name, duration and size to discover potential ringtones or notifications, install and uninstall apps as needed and manage updates or copy them directly onto an SD card for storage purposes. Furthermore, users can search the Internet for new music, pictures and videos and direct users directly to download links without risk of unknowingly downloading spurious files unknowingly.

Android Backup can back up and restore data from Android phones onto other devices, optimize their performance, find lost devices and delete junk files; transfer apps, games, music and videos between devices – perfect for people wanting to switch but lacking enough storage space!

Mobogenie is an easy and effective way to manage Android devices from a computer, providing access to manage Android device from an efficient way. Unfortunately, its primary flaw lies with intrusive ads and popups which may become intrusive at times; therefore it would best suit users willing to tolerate a few commercials and pay for service; still it remains an excellent solution for Android users looking to optimize their devices to their maximum capacity and is also a safer alternative to Google Play which may expose them to malware and viruses.

It’s easy to use

Mobogenie is an easy and simple way to manage Android phones from a computer. You can use Mobogenie to back up and restore data, transfer files, download music and wallpapers as well as manage contacts and messages online from PC. Furthermore, this program helps manage apps on smartphones as well as help delete junk texts!

Mobogenie can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and offers seamless synchronization via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or direct USB connection between devices. Furthermore, its file manager enables import, export, deletion and copy of files directly onto SD cards – while more advanced users may prefer consulting its window of technical details such as device model number, OS version number, screen resolution size and battery life, plus its MAC address and serial number for accessing technical details about their device.

Mobogenie stands out as an extremely useful app because of its ability to search apps directly on a desktop and transfer them straight away to an Android phone for installation – saving money on mobile data bills by eliminating unnecessary downloads. Furthermore, this tool also searches albums/artists/ringtones/YT clips; additionally providing access to their search tools which display information such as app name/size/version as well as price and ratings of them as well as accessing more music content!

Mobogenie also helps organize your text messages by categorizing them into groups for easier searching and can eliminate spam texts from telemarketers and advertisers. Plus, Mobogenie lets you stay connected with family and friends by allowing multiple email addresses to be added as contacts!

Mobogenie may offer less variety than Google or Amazon app stores, but its organizational features make up for it. Unfortunately, its user experience may be somewhat cumbersome as you wait for new content to upload onto your phone.

It’s safe

Mobogenie has earned much trust among Android users thanks to its security features. Mobogenie puts user safety first and utilizes top-rated antivirus software and antimalware tools in order to safeguard users against potential malware that might otherwise make their way onto other app stores. Mobogenie stands by this claim of prioritizing user safety above everything else; thus demanding developers adhere to high standards; those not meeting them will be removed from Mobogenie altogether.

Mobogenie differs from Google Play by permitting you to install applications not authorized by them, which could potentially pose a danger. Third-party apps could potentially steal personal information and even contain malware – therefore, unauthorized sources should never be trusted when installing applications that require banking transactions on a phone.

Mobogenie provides more than a secure environment for downloading and installing apps – it also helps manage mobile devices more effectively. By backing up and restoring pictures, contacts, music, as well as transferring them between devices – Mobogenie makes managing mobile devices much simpler! Plus it features an in-built space manager to free up space on your phone while managing apps more efficiently!

Mobogenie provides more than app management features; it also provides music and video services. With an extensive music store containing over 440 million tracks available in 30 languages and videos and ebooks also in multiple dialects – not to mention its search function which helps find what you’re searching for!

Mobogenie may provide useful services, but it comes with several downsides. Ads can be quite intrusive and it is often promoted through bundled downloads. Also, its program may not be as safe as other Android applications – although not considered malicious by antivirus scanners it could still cause issues on your PC and slow it down significantly – making removal from Wipersoft an effective and hassle-free option if desired.

Mobogenie is an application you can install on your PC to help manage your Android device. It offers multiple functions for both mobile users and desktop PC users alike, including backing up SMS messages, sending them from PC, downloading apps from Mobogenie market, backing them up selectively as CSV files for future reference or deletion and more.

It’s not a virus

Mobogenie Market is an Android app store designed to safeguard its users against malware. This store puts user interests before developer interests by mandating that app creators comply with strict safety standards – an incredible advantage over traditional app stores that promote apps which could contain harmful viruses or malware.

Mobogenie Market does, however, suffer from several issues that are characteristic of app stores in general. First and foremost is being an ad-supported app store which means every inch is filled with ads, which can become quite intrusive at times. Users will frequently find themselves being directed back to Mobogenie’s website or programs included with the application which can cause considerable irritation as well as slow down their computer significantly.

Although Mobogenie is not technically classified as a virus, it should still be removed quickly from your system for its own good. Once installed on your PC, this software will remain running in the background and impact PC performance while sending personal data to unknown third parties – both serious threats. It is imperative to eliminate Mobogenie quickly in order to protect yourself from its risks.

There are various tools available to you for uninstalling unwanted programs and malicious applications like Mobogenie from your PC. These tools can repair damaged browser settings, fix Windows startup up problems, and eliminate Mobogenie malware from your system. One such tool is CCleaner by Piriform which scans for suspicious files and programs on your system before offering you a list to select and “Clean”.

To eliminate Mobogenie from your computer, a powerful antivirus program must be in place and regularly updated. Furthermore, regular backups of personal information should also be performed and operating systems kept current.

HitmanPro can also be an effective way to prevent unwanted software from entering your computer by detecting and eliminating malware like adware from spreading throughout the network. It provides comprehensive protection from infections while simultaneously helping keep other computers secure.

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