Moho Pro 14 – The Best 2D Rigging System For Animators

Moho (formerly Anime Studio Pro) provides one of the finest 2D rigging systems available to animators. Attend this webinar and discover how Jeremy Purcell (Assistant Director for Puffin Rock) utilized Moho in order to construct its pipeline and help make the show.

Harness the power of 2D rigs with forward and inverse kinematics; pin bones for special control; constraints, automatic squash/stretch and animation transfer – plus new bone dynamics such as Wind for animating characters!

Rigging System

Moho’s primary focus is vector drawings, but it also supports bitmap art drawn in other programs – making it an excellent option for animators requiring both vector and bitmap work. Unfortunately, Moho lacks some key hand-drawn features such as an advanced brush engine and nodal compositing which may prove necessary depending on your artistic needs – which may not be a problem for all users but should be carefully considered if required by you.

Moho Pro’s rigging system was created to make character animation fast and straightforward using bone-rigging techniques. Furthermore, its cutting-edge tools such as an advanced timeline editor, inverse and forward geometry tools, auto-squash/stretch to any bone, copy/paste animation between characters with similar skeletons, pin bones for special control features, plus much more can make character creation quick and painless!

Moho Rigging System is ideal for animators seeking a more professional approach in their animation productions. Ideal for TV series animation where characters must remain consistent across episodes while reusing artwork can help save time, it is also designed for high-speed workflows making Moho an attractive solution.

Moho 14 brings its innovative vector system to animation and rigging, keeping shapes consistent as they move. Users can draw directly in Moho with vector drawing tools or import Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint files with layer structures intact for use as input into Moho’s timeline, designed for speed and efficiency with interpolation modes including Smooth, Step, Easy In/Out that suit any style of animation or rigging.

Moho includes an expansive Content Library packed with characters, props, and scenes designed by professional animators to inspire your animation process and provide a great opportunity for you to learn Moho basics.

Moho’s Physics engine brings your animated projects to life! Add some extra life and realism to characters with Wind Dynamics or add some texture with Particle System; there are endless possibilities!

3D Workspace

Moho Pro 14 was built specifically with animators in mind, giving maximum control to create natural and professional animation. You’ll enjoy working in a 3D workspace that is easy to use and provides real-time viewing of results. Plus, its 3D camera tool makes multiplane effects quick and simple!

Moho Pro’s user-friendly skeletal system makes rigging and animating characters simple, with Smart Bones, Vitruvian bones, forward kinematics (FK) and inverse kinematics (IK), advanced Constraints, Pin bones for special control, automatic squash/stretch options and copying between various character skeletons – not to mention automatic squash and stretch options! Plus it provides key frame timing control. Plus its timeline feature makes timing of your animation easier!

Moho provides you with an impressive set of vector tools to easily draw directly into the software and apply various brushes and effects, as well as animating each element of your artwork using its innovative vector system designed specifically for animation and rigging – curvatures, linewidths, exposure settings, paths masks gradients opacity and point colors are all animateable!

Moho Pro 14’s Graphics Engine has been enhanced to give your animations a more polished and realistic appearance, offering smooth vectors, gradients and blending modes without artifacts or artifacts.

Moho’s scripting interface has been upgraded to Lua 5.4.4, giving you more freedom than ever to build tools and improvements for yourself and contribute them back into the program – further making it powerful and versatile! A growing community of users are contributing their expertise towards making Moho more user-friendly and flexible than ever.

Users of intuitive vector tools and an innovative skeleton-based animation system such as Moho Pro are empowered to craft characters, props, and backgrounds using Illustrator, CorelDraw or Inkscape and then bring them into Moho Pro for animation to breathe life into their creations.

Moho comes in two versions, Moho Debut and Moho Pro. Both versions share many of the same features; however, Debut may have certain restrictions that make it unsuitable for professional animators. A single license purchase grants you access to both versions; licensed users receive lifetime updates for both software editions as well as support and documentation services.

Animating Lip Sync

Moho Pro (formerly Anime Studio) is an animation tool developed specifically to meet the needs of both amateur and professional animators alike. With a comprehensive set of tools to produce top-quality 2D animation, Moho Pro offers everything needed to produce professional-grade 2D animation, from a vector drawing and painting system, fully-functional skeleton-based rig, frame-by-frame timeline for frame-by-frame animation and auto lip sync capabilities – plus importation of Photoshop files, real-time media connection capabilities as well as pressure sensitive tablets support!

Primarily used for character animation using skeletal rigging, CGI is an efficient technique which dramatically decreases the time needed to render each frame of an animation compared to traditional pen/pencil and paper animation methods where each frame must be individually drawn by hand.

Moho software is ideal for solo animators working with cut-out animation styles that employ bones as the animator manipulates their rig with brush strokes. There is a wealth of resources to assist novice users and tutorials for more advanced users alike; plus its user interface and menu structure make Moho intuitive to use – there is even an active community with numerous forums where users can ask questions or receive feedback on their work! Furthermore, its affordable nature compares favorably with similar high-end programs; just one purchase option with no monthly subscription costs required or fees!

Moho Pro comes equipped with a comprehensive content library which features characters, props and scenes for use in animations, as well as textures and brushes to make them more realistic. This content library can save time when learning the program compared to drawing all from scratch; its main disadvantage may be lip syncing issues with longer audio files that must be adjusted through frames by either changing timings between frames or using shorter files; note however that Toon Boom Harmony also suffers from similar lip sync issues but their solution is more sophisticated and automated than Moho’s!

Vector Tools

Moho animation software enables you to produce professional quality 2D animation easily. Its user-friendly interface features various tools for rigging and puppet or bone based animation; several feature films have made use of Moho including The Breadwinner, Song of the Sea and Secret of Kells. Moho’s use is suitable for new animators or experienced ones looking for cost-cutting through using rigged puppet animation techniques.

It features pre-animated characters, props and scenes as well as brushes to help users immediately start creating animation. Furthermore, there’s a scripting interface allowing users to add their own tools, while built in effects can be applied directly to characters or scenes along with camera and lighting tools for complete customization of animation creation.

Moho’s vector drawing tool is tailored specifically for animation and provides high-resolution scalable artwork that does not degrade when stretched to screen size, giving animators an advantage over bitmap drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator. Furthermore, this software includes multiple design tools which allow animators to add points, work with beziers and mold shapes and fill colors for enhanced creativity.

An intuitive physics engine makes animation of any scene quick and realistic, from characters moving realistically, hair, grass or anything else in an environment to rain or clouds pouring down or flocks of birds flocking together in flocks – with realistic movement! A powerful physics engine also enables you to add various effects such as smoke, rain clouds or flocks of birds which further add depth.

Moho software stands out from competing products such as Animate CC with several distinct advantages that set it apart, including its superior rigging system and ability to produce rigged puppet animation. Furthermore, its multiplatform support – HTML5, WebGL and SVG animations can all be created easily – makes Moho an invaluable asset for animators wanting to publish their work online.

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