Moho Pro (formerly Anime Studio)

Moho Pro (formerly Anime Studio) is an animation program that gives you the tools necessary to produce high-quality 2D animation, suitable for casual animators as well as professionals alike.

Its powerful 2D rigging systems and traditional animation tools will enable you to reach your goals more rapidly.

2D Rigging System

2D animation software with a powerful bone rigging system rivaling Adobe products and vector drawing tools to produce high quality hand drawn style animation. An easy beginner mode guides users through using the program while boasting an extensive library of characters, props and backgrounds for use within animation projects.

The smart bone rigging system features both inverse and forward geometry to provide a more intuitive approach to animating skeletons, in addition to advanced constraints and automatic squash and stretch on bones, pin bones for extra control, relative copy between multiple skeletons, as well as a comprehensive hierarchy system and more.

Other features of the software include a professional timeline, advanced lip-synching capabilities, vector to bitmap conversion, automatic meshing, frame by frame animation and physics. The timeline provides shortcuts for common tasks like freeze frames, pushes and reset poses as well as colored keyframes that help make navigation of the timeline easy.

Animation tools in Toon Boom Pro are highly intuitive, making creating more naturalistic and realistic movements easier. Furthermore, there is extensive support via online forums, Facebook groups and YouTube videos; pricing of this software is more competitive compared to Adobe and Toon Boom products, with frequent sales opportunities.

Smart Bones

Moho (formerly Anime Studio Pro) is the ultimate animation software solution for digital artists. Boasting two-dimensional rigging tools to bring characters and objects to life quickly and intuitively with its user-friendly interface, Moho also comes equipped with professional timeline, physics simulation tools, motion tracking technology, as well as 64-bit architecture for advanced users.

Moho Smart Bones is an innovative rigging system that empowers artists to quickly sculpt the skeletons of characters or any object with just a few clicks. Featuring both forward and inverse kinematics, Pin bones for special control purposes, Constraints to limit squash-and-stretch animation between various skeletons, Copy/paste animation between various skeletons and more, Moho Smart Bones makes the creation process quick and painless!

Moho stands apart from other 2D animation programs by not featuring rigid bones; rather, its bones can flex or deform without losing shape or animation, making it easier for artists to animate characters realistically and create motion blur effects. This makes animating characters simpler.

Moho offers many exciting new features in its latest version, such as an upgraded graphic engine, improved drawing and frame-by-frame tools, Liquid Shapes, Curvers, New Freehand Styles and Smart Line Boil. Furthermore, this comprehensive toolkit allows for professional-quality animation creation using vector and raster drawings with multiplane camera effects, audio recordings, and lip syncing; in addition to supporting various file formats including scanned images and videos.

Liquid Shapes

Moho’s latest edition comes equipped with an all-new graphics engine to power its animation toolset – including powerful 2D rigging systems, Smart Bones and Liquid Shapes to bring your visions of animation faster than ever.

Moho’s rig has revolutionized character behavior, enabling joints to bend without distortion and providing intelligent bones as control levers for facial expressions, face rotations and body movements – technology found in professional animation software such as that used for The Breadwinner and Song of the Sea from Irish studio Cartoon Saloon.

Moho Pro is optimized for drawing vector shapes and supports all Adobe Illustrator color tools, making it easier than ever before to draw shapes that keep their consistency while moving. Furthermore, Moho’s unique vector system has been updated with more organized windows and additional features that enable animating any style easily.


Moho Animation Tools have received an internal upgrade that greatly increases performance. Now you can draw with vectors optimized for animation and use an assortment of powerful effects with real-time preview on canvas.

Your characters can also be easily created and rigged for animation using Forward or Inverse Kinematics, bone locks, pin bones for special control, dynamic settings such as Constraints, squash-and-stretch automatic settings, copy/paste of similar skeleton characters across characters etc. – making for effortless character rigging!

Moho 14 also brings many updates to its user interface (UI), including better organized windows and values displayed as percentages, pixels or frames. Finally, Moho 14 introduces an advanced scripting interface built around Lua 5.4.4 that allows you to develop customized tools or improve existing ones!

Moho stands apart from Toon Boom Harmony Premium by featuring an advanced nodal compositing system that enables users to achieve effects otherwise unobtainable with traditional methods. Furthermore, its Smart Bones make animating character joints effortless – perfect for facial expressions and body rotations! Furthermore, keyframes from an animation can be saved as curves to apply them across other objects in their project.

Physics Engine

Moho Pro offers many cutting-edge features to assist with creating outstanding animation. These include an ultra-flexible bone rigging system (with smart bones, bone dials, target bones and flexi-binding), flexible frame by frame capabilities and vector tools with Bezier handles – not to mention photoshop file import that keeps layer structures intact – accurate SVG, AI and EPS export and more!

The physics engine is also quite impressive. It turns your scene into an interactive gravity playground and allows you to animate characters and objects realistically, such as raindrops falling, smoke billows releasing, bird flocks taking flight etc. Additionally, you can rig and animate custom objects, bring them to life using particle system technology as well.

This feature is an invaluable asset for anyone seeking to add depth to their scenes. The advanced rigging system can handle virtually any character you can dream up. Meanwhile, the intuitive physics engine makes use of your imagination rather than calculations alone. Unfortunately for someone unfamiliar with using such software before, however, the system may seem intimidating at first. There are plenty of online tutorials that can assist in understanding its workings more quickly.

Particle System

Moho Pro is an animation software program with cutting-edge features and an easy user experience. Animators can take advantage of features such as bone rigging, FK (forward kinematics) and IK (inverse kinematics) to animate characters; plus an advanced particle physics engine provides realistic smoke, fire and water effects as well as lip sync synchronizing movements of characters’ mouths with dialogue audio audio tracks.

Other features include being able to animate using an overlay timeline, bitmap frame-to-frame capabilities, optimized Bezier handles and Smart Warp support as well as having access to various compositing tools that allow users to integrate various elements and effects seamlessly.

Finally, Moho offers an active community of users who are always available for advice or help. In fact, they contribute directly to developing new features of the software itself! Those curious to find out more can visit its forum or ask any queries on its official support page.

Wind Dynamics

Moho Pro (formerly Anime Studio) was designed with professional animators and digital artists in mind, featuring state-of-the-art animation tools that will improve both their projects and workflow. From Vitruvian bones, motion tracking, 64-bit architecture, Smart Warp function and more; creativity knows no limits!

This version of the software features some excellent new features and a revamped User Interface, in addition to various upgrades and bug fixes.

Moho’s unique vector system is designed for animation and rigging, keeping shapes consistent as they move. This enables you to animate any style of art! Additionally, Moho allows users to import Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint files and animate them directly within Moho using its flexible tools for animating curvature, line width, exposure curve profiles paths masks gradients opacity point colors etc.

Moho Pro is easy for most people to use. The software is used by schools nationwide to teach animation and prepare students for careers in the field. There are tutorial videos and a helpful forum available, along with a free trial version if anyone would like to experience Moho first hand.

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