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Moho Pro

Moho Pro is an animated feature film studio used globally by professional studios and agencies to produce Oscar nominated films. Designed specifically with vector tools optimized for animation in mind, the program imports images or 3D objects quickly before seamlessly tweening them to perfection.

Character rigging with an intuitive Smart Bone system is its core competency, but the software offers other powerful capabilities like an array of effects, bitmap-to-vector conversion, frame by frame animation and professional Timelines as well.

Physics Engine

Moho Pro’s powerful physics engine allows you to take your animation to an entirely new level, turning scenes into gravity playgrounds where characters and objects respond to one another and interact with their environments. Furthermore, its particle system lets you create raindrops, smoke clouds, grass blades, bird flocks and much more; plus there’s Wind dynamics, giving you absolute control of strength, direction and turbulence of windflows!

Before Pixar came along, most animated movies and shows were produced using 2D animation that cycled frames together to form moving pictures. Although Moho doesn’t offer frame-by-frame capabilities like Toon Boom Harmony does, its tools still allow you to produce hand drawn-looking 2D animation.

Moho offers an assortment of rigging tools that help quickly build character skeletons and quickly animate them with either inverse or forward kinematics. In addition, this software offers its Smart Bone system for easily animating any object or creature to give more natural-looking motion; designed to work seamlessly with its physics engine while being flexible enough to bend and twist to replicate real world movement.

Other features that make this an outstanding suite of animation tools include being able to resize vector shapes without losing quality, an adjustable timeline that can be modified with just one click and drag, and automatic tweening that enables smooth or stepped timing of animations. Furthermore, artwork from Photoshop or Procreate can be imported or drawn directly in the program using its impressive vector brush tool and animated over moving armatures; plus there’s even Papagayo which lets you synch character lip movement to audio clips allowing realistic dialogue animations!

Moho Pro is an extremely popular 2D animation suite and boasts an active community on its official forums, providing users with a great resource to learn and share information about this software as they embark on animation projects. This community can serve as an invaluable asset when beginning animation projects of their own. Moho software comes in both a more affordable, lightweight version called Moho Debut that lacks some advanced features but may serve as a good starting point for beginners. Moho Debut comes equipped with predefined content and motions so animating can begin right away. Moho Pro software is multilingual, supporting English, Spanish, French, Russian, German and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). The developer’s website includes documentation in Czech and Japanese. Furthermore, Moho Pro offers numerous free plugins to extend its functionality; these may be found through either its official Moho Pro website or third party platforms such as Blender or GitHub.

Particle System

Moho Pro offers advanced features designed to take your animation skills further. These include Smart Bones, frame-by-frame animation, an intuitive rigging system and a robust physics engine – which enable more realistic character movements with smoother results and natural results. Furthermore, this software supports numerous plugins that provide additional functionality.

Moho Pro’s physics engine can help you create everything from fire and smoke effects, clouds and rain to gravity effects for truly amazing effects. You can even add this virtual sandbox effect for additional creative freedom!

Moho Pro also comes equipped with a powerful particle system to add some eye-catching visuals to your animation, such as raindrops, fire, smoke or flocks of birds. When used alongside its powerful physics engine, this feature can truly bring scenes to life!

Moho Pro offers many other features that help make it an excellent 2D animation program, such as supporting multiple file formats, bitmap-to-vector conversion, integrated lip synching and professional timeline capabilities. Furthermore, this 2D animation program comes equipped with visual content libraries as well as tools like bone rigging and bezier handles – plus more advanced tools!

Moho stands out as an outstanding animation software by offering a free trial version for 14 days. This gives you full access to its program and gives an ideal way to assess it before purchasing it. Furthermore, its comprehensive tutorial can teach users how to utilize Moho and begin creating animations quickly.

Moho offers an attractive alternative to Toon Boom Harmony as an animator-friendly software with no monthly or annual costs, as well as being substantially cheaper – perfect for animators on a tight budget!

Moho’s wide array of features make it an attractive option for both amateur and professional 2D animators alike, making Moho an excellent choice.

Moho Pro 13.5 is an expansive upgrade, featuring numerous changes and improvements that enhance stability, workflow optimizations and architectural updates. Furthermore, this release increases compatibility with macOS 13.5 as well as addresses various other issues. Furthermore, support for Unity game developers using FBX plugin is added, leading to greater usage among professional studios of Moho software. These feature upgrades should help increase Moho user base while winning over new studios using Moho software.


No matter your animation needs – from simple fluid animations to intricately detailed scenes – this 2D animation software offers all of the tools necessary for you to be as creative and expressive with your animations as you please. Thanks to features such as smart bones and 64-bit architecture, your creative options will expand significantly when using this 2D software.

Users will quickly adapt to its user-friendly interface, making it ideal for newcomers as well as experts alike. Many educational institutions and trade schools include it in their curriculum. Furthermore, its vibrant online community makes help readily available online if needed.

While not as comprehensive as other software like Toon Boom Harmony, Cinema4D remains an excellent choice for animators. Its advanced rigging tools can transform any character to look hand drawn while its Smart Bone system helps make them more flexible and responsive to actors’ movements. Furthermore, Cinema 4D boasts a more advanced nodal compositing system which lets animators achieve effects more difficult to achieve through other programs.

Rigging is an integral element of any 2D animation program, and Moho Pro’s rigging system is among the best available. You can quickly build simple skeletons for characters, creatures or objects in minutes using its user-friendly system – inverse kinematics, pin bones for special control, dynamic bone dials and automatic squash/stretch feature can all help make animation look lifelike. Plus you can copy/paste animation between characters sharing similar skeletons!

Moho Pro’s advanced physics engine and particle system make it one of the most powerful 2D animation programs on the market.

Moho offers an assortment of tools to assist in quickly and efficiently completing your project. Its timeline and layers windows are intuitively organized, making the experience simpler to grasp and use. Moho also supports both vector and bitmap drawing techniques along with traditional frame-by-frame and advanced cel animation techniques.

Only drawbacks include its cost and lack of features compared to some other programs; but, it remains an excellent option for professional animators as well as students seeking an affordable way to learn animation.

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