Money Robot Submitter Review

Money Robot Submitter

Money Robot Submitter is an invaluable tool that makes managing and building your private blog network simple and manageable, while improving search engine rankings.

Furthermore, this software offers outstanding customer support through various channels including Skype, live chat and email. There is also a Facebook group where other users of the software can offer help and advice.


Money Robot Submitter is an SEO tool that streamlines the process of link building and improving search engine rankings. The free 7-day trial gives users an opportunity to evaluate its capabilities before making a commitment; during this period you can also ask their support team any queries about their product; their ticketing system offers round-the-clock customer assistance as well.

Money Robot Submitter stands out as a cost-effective submission service that includes unique features not found elsewhere. For instance, its automatic spin and submit to article directories feature helps improve ranking while automating social media marketing efforts can reach larger audiences more effectively.

Money Robot Submitter stands out from automated link-building software by not employing spam links that could incur penalties from search engines. Instead, it uses various techniques – directory submission and social bookmarking among them – to build backlinks for an SEO campaign and diversifying backlink creation methods is key for its success. Furthermore, Money Robot Submitter comes equipped with an article rewriter feature so your content remains unique.

Money Robot Submitter stands out as an intuitive software application with an extensive user manual and 24/7 support team to guide its use. Furthermore, its multilingual support makes using it simpler for international users.

Money Robot is an ideal option for both small and large companies seeking to optimize their websites for search engines, saving both time and effort while reaching a wider audience. The software includes social media automation features to schedule posts and monitor engagement on social media accounts; compatible with both Windows and Mac computers as well as remote desktop applications and VPS servers, with monthly subscription rates starting at $67 a month as well as one-off payments of $497 for an annual plan.


Money Robot Submitter is a submission service offering several features designed to increase backlinks to your website. They also offer a seven-day free trial period so you can see if the software meets your needs before making a decision to buy. Money Robot Submitter’s user-friendly software boasts numerous features that set it apart from similar submission services.

Money Robot’s initial step requires creating a list of keywords you wish to rank for and choosing a strategy tailored specifically to your goals and needs. Once done, follow the steps on the dashboard to begin creating a campaign. Money Robot will submit articles directly on your behalf across various websites in order to increase search engine rankings while simultaneously building backlinks back to your website for maximum exposure in competitive niches.

One of the greatest advantages of this tool is its ability to easily create Private Blog Networks (PBNs). This feature helps to rank money sites faster and more effectively – especially useful for large media companies looking to quickly build numerous high-quality backlinks.

Money Robot’s article rewriting and spinning capabilities are another invaluable asset. They ensure your content remains original and distinctive while simultaneously saving time and effort by automatically rewriting articles into multiple variants.

Last but not least, this tool offers an inbuilt article generator which can assist in producing unique content for backlink building campaigns. Utilizing artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques to produce high-quality articles which will boost your SEO efforts as well as help find topics which suit your website or niche market.

Furthermore, this software is extremely user-friendly and requires no prior technical expertise for operation. With its automated features that make content submission to websites simple with just a few clicks. Furthermore, LiveBacklink Monitor enables you to stay abreast of search engine rankings for maximum effectiveness.

Customer Support

Money Robot Submitter boasts an array of features designed to make it user-friendly for everyone, such as its built-in captcha solver and proxy servers, which make content submission automatic without human intervention required. Furthermore, its backlink monitor feature enables users to monitor live backlinks and anchor texts, with massive server resources constantly looking out for quality backlinks so you can focus on creating high quality content while the software handles everything else for you.

One advantage of this software is its capability of spinning articles and submitting them to multiple article directories, helping increase website traffic and search engine rankings while automating social media marketing strategies that reach wider audiences and bring in more visitors.

Money Robot Link Building Software also offers customer support via email, Skype and helpdesk ticket system – with responses promised within four hours to any questions or issues regarding its software. Furthermore, they host a Facebook group dedicated to Money Robot Link Building Software users so they can ask any queries related to its use – this community serves as a great resource for those just getting started with Money Robot Link Building Software.

Money Robot is a reliable submission service that can increase the rank of your website in search engine result pages (SERPs). With its intelligent submission process and auto-spin feature, Money Robot saves both time and effort while producing keyword optimized articles for web 2.0 properties. In addition, its software automatically solves simple captchas like photo, text and calculation captchas for you!

This software is an indispensable asset to any SEO professional who wishes to advance their search engine optimization efforts. Thanks to its multiple threading features, this tool can perform multiple tasks simultaneously for increased productivity and speed, making it invaluable to both small media firms as well as large media corporations.

Money Robot Submitter stands out from other submission services by not requiring a monthly subscription fee; however, multiple payment plans are available that begin at $97 monthly billing and $81 annually billing.

Final Words

At present, it’s essential for any business or institution to have an official website, but due to billions of other websites competing for top spot, reaching the peak can be challenging. Money Robot Submitter provides an effective tool that can assist your efforts of reaching the top search engine rankings.

This software is very user-friendly and offers many advanced automation and customization features. For example, it can automatically solve Captchas and schedule submissions, saving both time and money over time. Furthermore, you can import existing Web 2.0 accounts such as expired Weebly or Tumblr blogs with high page authority for future re-registration with us.

Once your campaign is in order, simply hit the start task button to let Money Robot backlink maker go to work for you. A running progress report will appear at the bottom window as it creates Tier 1 A Web 2.0 accounts and backlinks; simply remember to have these backlinks indexed once complete!

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