Movavi Video Converter Review

Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter supports an extensive range of digital formats and devices that can be converted. Furthermore, presets have been included for popular mobile and set-top devices to further facilitate conversion.

The software includes various features to assist users in editing videos before conversion, such as cropping, rotating and adding watermarks.

Free to download

Movavi Video Suite is an easy and comprehensive set of tools designed to allow users to create and edit video files. The software offers features like format conversion, extracting audio from videos, animated GIF creation and compression without losing quality – perfect for sharing on social media platforms like YouTube. Although the free version provides limited features, most users should find more than enough functionality here to meet their needs.

This application supports various file formats and devices. With ready-made presets that let you convert files to certain sizes and quality settings, the program optimizes video for playback on mobile devices while still being user-friendly enough for beginners to use easily. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes adding subtitles or other text overlays simple as well as adding watermarks on output files in its free version – its only limitations being its 7-day trial period and watermarks on output files.

If you need a fast and reliable video converter, Movavi’s free version may be your answer. This app supports different file formats and can convert them in minutes; safe download with no malware, spyware or viruses to worry about! In addition to video conversion capabilities, this application also lets users trim, crop, rotate and adjust videos prior to their conversion – plus comes equipped with its own player for previewing files before conversion begins!

Movavi’s video converter stands out from its peers by supporting multiple file formats and devices, including all major digital and analog formats like AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV and RMVB as well as over 200 mobile phones such as iPhones and Androids phones. Furthermore, its functionality includes creating ringtones from videos.

Downloading this video converter from its official website is free for both Windows and Mac, however some of its most useful features are only available through upgrading to Premium for a small fee if you require reliable and quick video conversion capabilities.

Free to try

Movavi Video Converter is an all-in-one tool designed to let users convert videos and images, edit them, create GIFs, and more. Compatible with numerous formats and platforms (such as YouTube and Facebook) as well as offering high-quality conversion and support for various mobile devices, this easy-to-use solution offers features useful to both beginners and experts alike.

This program is an all-in-one tool that provides users with everything they need to convert video files, extract audio from them, edit them, create slideshows and video collages, compress large video files without losing quality and compress large video files without losing quality – not to mention creating slideshows and video collages with its intuitive user interface. Perfect for novice users!

Movavi video converter download is free, offering a seven-day trial period. Compatible with a wide range of file formats and supporting drag-and-drop actions, batch processing supports can simultaneously process multiple files at the same time and basic video editing tools are included like cropping, rotating, adding watermarks and subtitles as well as creating animated GIFs while adjusting video color contrast and color settings; additionally it can rip DVDs as well as create slideshows!

One feature that distinguishes it from other video converters is its ability to extract the audio tracks from movies – this feature can help those wanting to conserve space on their computers by saving space with audio-track-free versions of movies. Furthermore, this program can rip DVDs and play them back directly on a computer – although note that it cannot convert blu-ray discs.

Movavi Video Converter is an easy photo, audio and video conversion application which supports almost every format available today. This versatile converter can transform AVI videos to MP4, WMV to MKV files and even MPEG-1 to MPEG-2 formats; furthermore it compresses files for smaller space consumption which makes this perfect for portable devices such as phones and tablets; it even upscales HD quality resolution videos!

Compatible with all devices

Movavi Video Converter can manage an extensive variety of media files and devices, including mobile phones like iOS, Android and TVs. With a straightforward user interface that enables drag-and-drop file addition or folder selection, the Movavi Video Converter automatically adjusts settings and conversion times according to desired formats automatically; plus it offers batch conversion for even greater efficiency!

As soon as a file is added, a window will pop-up with an estimated quality and size estimate for its final result. From there, users can click arrows to adjust quality or click checkboxes next to files to select presets; when selecting specific devices the program will also automatically choose an appropriate profile that can play back the content on those devices.

Apart from converting video and audio formats, this program also can save screenshots as JPEG or PNG files or create animated GIFs, edit basic edits like cropping, rotating and watermarking videos as well as apply watermarks or subtitles – as well as reduce camera shake using its built-in video stabilization feature.

The program can also extract soundtracks from movies or short clips and save them as MP3, AAC, WAV or OGG audio formats for later listening pleasure. Furthermore, large file sizes can be compressed without losing their quality – supporting up to 180 formats with predefined profiles for over 200 mobile devices!

Movavi Video Converter features an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed for all levels of experience, and works on Windows and Mac operating systems without taking up too many system resources during operation. Users can quickly download and install this application by following a few simple steps in its user manual; once complete, Movavi will launch immediately upon setup completion and can upload videos directly to YouTube, Facebook and iTunes.

Free technical support

Movavi Video Converter provides users with an unparalleled experience when it comes to media file conversions. It allows them to process multiple files at the same time and convert them to various formats; additionally it features many video editing tools and can even help stabilize shaky footage footage.

Movavi Video Converter’s ability to generate subtitles for videos is another feature it excels in, supporting various popular subtitle formats like SRT and ASS and with its font size/color adjustability, it makes reading subtitles much simpler for viewers on-screen. Furthermore, the program also converts audio/image files to subtitles.

This software features a library of presets designed specifically for different devices, saving users time by eliminating the need to select each device themselves. Furthermore, this video converter works seamlessly on all major mobile phones including Apple iPhone and iPad.

Movavi Video Converter stands out among video converters by being easy to use and providing comprehensive features. It supports various file formats including HD videos. Furthermore, this software can merge multiple files together into one large video file as well as split large videos into smaller segments for easier viewing and reduce file sizes by eliminating unnecessary information.

Simply drag files or images directly onto the interface or use the Add Files button to add videos, audio files and images. Batch conversion capabilities save time while processing copy-protected media files or DVDs is also supported by this program.

Movavi Video Converter features an extensive library of video and audio effects that can be applied to videos and photos, as well as filters and color adjustments that can transform them. Furthermore, Movavi can automatically detect the optimal frame rate for playback on different devices, remove noise from video clips, enhance low-quality files’ quality as well as remove noise altogether from files with low bit rates.

Movavi video converter goes beyond mere conversion, offering additional capabilities such as short videos being turned into animated GIFs or extracting audio from videos to save it as separate files, compressing them without losing quality and adding or downloading subtitles from the Internet.

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