Movavi Video Editor Review

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is an efficient and cost-effective video editing program with professional-grade features that makes creating engaging videos simple for all. Its intuitive controls and user-friendly interface makes creating stunning videos effortless.

Stabilizing and smoothing out shaking footage, extracting music from audio files, creating slideshows with photos, supporting chroma key effects and splitting or duplicating files as well as preview effects, transitions, and text presets are just a few features it can accomplish.


Movavi Video Editor provides experienced videographers and newcomers alike with an array of effects, filters, transitions and transitions that allow you to add the finishing touch to their footage. Furthermore, titles and logos allow for visually captivating videos that grab viewers’ attention – plus, you can create portable save files, append existing projects and export your clips directly onto popular video hosting platforms such as YouTube and Tiktok!

The software offers a user-friendly and sleek interface, making even first-time users comfortable navigating its intuitive features. A drag-and-drop feature makes adding clips, editing their duration/pacing, applying various effects/overlays/audio tracks easy; similarly, Titles allows you to quickly create stylish titles/subtitles for videos by customizing text style/font style/background color etc to match your project aesthetic; plus choose from an extensive array of animation styles/animations/color options for captions/opening credits/captions/opening credits/subtitles etc.

Movavi Video Editor goes beyond traditional editing tools with advanced features usually only found in professional-grade software, including chroma keying, image stabilization, frame positioning and animation features. Furthermore, Movavi also includes several sound enhancements and noise suppression filters as well as beat detection for easy audio-video synchronization.

Movavi Video Editor stands out from other video-editing programs due to its support of multiple codecs for both video and audio editing, including H.264 and MP4. You can then upload your videos on popular social media sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Tiktok using any one of these formats.

The software features an excellent assortment of stickers, emojis, callouts, frames and frames to add visual interest and engage viewers in your videos. Furthermore, Titles and Overlay effects tools enable you to create stylized text, captions, watermarks with stylized font styles (including 3D titles!). In addition, you can edit size/position/duration/animation speed as well as choose from various text color and background options for more captivating titles.


Movavi is a simple video editing software suitable for both novices and experts alike. Offering built-in effects, audio, graphics, text features and user-friendly navigation tools, Movavi provides all the tools necessary for quick video editing without being as feature-packed as some of its rivals. Although Movavi may not offer as many bells and whistles than its competitors, it still stands as an attractive solution that will allow you to quickly edit videos efficiently.

Movavi video editor pricing plans offer different solutions depending on your individual needs. The free plan offers basic file conversion for 180 formats and over 200 device profiles, while its premium counterpart provides ultrafast conversion, extensive preset library access and more features – plus both plans come with money back guarantees and 24/7 online support.

Movavi video editor is an adaptable program designed to create high-quality videos and slideshows with ease. Equipped with filters, stickers and transitions that will make your videos appear professional; plus advanced tools such as keyframe animation, screen recording and slow-motion effects; it can even create stunning titles and intros! Windows 11 compatible, the Movavi editor makes video creation effortless!

Another incredible feature of the software is its chroma key feature, making it simple to add backgrounds to videos quickly. Additionally, this can even create professional-looking green screen videos! Additionally, there are numerous templates included which will assist with quickly making stylish slideshows.

Movavi video editor stands out from other video editing programs by being cheaper and easier to use, plus offering a trial version so you can test before making your decision to purchase. Unfortunately, though, the trial version does not contain all features found with paid licenses.

Movavi is an affordable and straightforward multimedia program for creating professional-looking videos and slideshows to share memories with family and friends. The software makes editing home movies, birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies and other special occasions simple.


Before digital video editing was a tedious process resembling typing on a typewriter; today you have many more tools at your disposal to easily shuffle clips around and add clips as desired. This non-linear editing technique is known as non-linear editing (NLE), and there are various NLE programs on the market ranging from entry level apps such as Adobe Premiere Elements up to professional tools like Final Cut Pro or HitFilm Pro that you can choose from.

Movavi falls somewhere in the middle, offering features tailored both for novices and more advanced users alike. It boasts an extensive library of filters and special effects which can transform regular footage into something amazing; additionally it includes an inbuilt screen recorder which allows video capture from webcams or external sources.

Movavi offers another outstanding feature with their video converter: the ability to convert video files to different formats, perfect if you need them for viewing on mobile devices or sharing online. Their converter supports many formats and is available both Mac and PC users.

According to its official website, it is safe and free from malware. As it comes from a well-established software developer, its products undergo thorough screening processes by major anti-virus companies before becoming available for download.

The support team is responsive and helpful when you encounter issues, offering phone, email and live chat support services. Should any issues arise, they may request you send your log files for analysis by the development team; if this information does not belong to you however, simply decline.

Movavi provides an expansive knowledge base with step-by-step tutorials and tips for using their program, along with a free seven-day trial version without restrictions or upgrades available to upgrade into its full version for an affordable one year subscription plan that gives access to all features within it.


Movavi Video Editor’s intuitive user interface makes it the ideal program for anyone who wishes to create engaging videos. With access to an array of effects and transitions that can be added quickly with just one click, stickers and callouts provide plenty of customization opportunities when adding text, objects or other elements into videos; additionally it comes equipped with royalty-free music tracks and sound effects that add even further depth and life into any project.

Movavi Video Editor provides another useful feature with its beat detection function, allowing users to monitor the tempo of audio clips on the timeline and adjust accordingly in order to create a coherent soundtrack for their video. In addition, noise reduction tools and voiceover features are available within this software program.

Movavi Video Editor makes creating videos easy, with step-by-step instructions and tutorials designed to get you going quickly and smoothly. The software features a user-friendly layout comprised of three sections – media panel, control panel and timeline – so that it’s simple and straightforward for anyone to start editing videos right away. On its timeline you can arrange video clips as well as add effects, titles or stickers easily.

This program also offers numerous video editing tools, including cropping and rotating videos as well as splitting, trimming and merging clips. Furthermore, video filters exist that can enhance both color and contrast of your footage, plus supports various file formats for export to any device or social media platform.

Additionally, the software offers an extensive collection of effects, transitions, and stickers which you can add to videos by dragging-and-dropping onto the timeline. Furthermore, this tool can even help create animated slideshows.

While this program has many impressive features, some more advanced options may be lacking. Professional editors may find lack of support for slip and roll editing techniques problematic; however, most amateur and semi-professional users shouldn’t be bothered by this gap in functionality.

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