Mozilla Firefox Quantum 65 – A Fast Web Browser That Gives Google Chrome a Run For Its Money

Mozilla Firefox Quantum 65

Mozilla Firefox Quantum 65 is a fast web browser that stands up well against Google Chrome. Featuring new features that make it stand out, this free browser stands out amongst its competition.

It offers improved tracking protection with simplified options for standard, strict, and custom settings as well as stronger stack smashing protection and improved pop-up blocking.


Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox Quantum, has lagged behind Google Chrome since its debut. Now however, an overhaul promises that could bring them back on track: up to two times faster performance while utilizing less computer resources.

Mozilla used the release of Quantum as an opportunity to rebrand their browser, now known as Firefox Browser, with features like faster performance and greater privacy improvements in mind. Furthermore, this updated browser includes customizable homepage and search bar functionality which make finding what you’re searching for easier than ever before.

The newly rebranded browser boasts a minimal design that works across most major platforms. It supports multiple languages and serves as an effective, lightweight alternative to browsers with more bells and whistles. Its security features offer protection from spyware, malware and viruses; data breaches may be avoided due to blocked ads and analytics trackers; your browsing habits won’t be shared without your knowledge and consent; while browsing histories won’t be revealed without prior consent from you.

Firefox Quantum represents a substantial upgrade to both its architecture and codebase, employing multiprocessing to better handle heavy tab usage while providing improved performance and stability compared to previous releases of the browser which ran everything in a single process and were more prone to slowdown or crashes.

Notable modifications to the browser include its use of hardware acceleration for media-rich content like videos and games, making desktop computers significantly faster while supporting more mobile devices including Android and iOS platforms.

Quantum’s security improvements go beyond performance gains. With its flexible password management system and encryption of email messages, Quantum makes it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your private information. In addition, its HTTPS support offers additional protection from phishing scams or any other potential attacks.

The new browser also boasts enhanced debugging features for developers, with smarter stack traces to identify third-party code and collapse it by default, helping you focus on your own work more easily. Furthermore, JavaScript debugging has been enhanced through support for the ES6 TypeScript specification.


Mozilla’s latest version of Firefox is an impressive Web browser offering strong security features. This free browser protects against viruses, malware, spyware and phishing attacks as well as online trackers that collect personal data for marketing purposes. Furthermore, Firefox comes equipped with a privacy feature to keep browsing histories private from other Internet users.

Firefox, the free browser available in over 90 languages and across various platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS and Windows, boasts add-ons and extensions which enhance its functionality and security. Firefox faces fierce competition from rival browsers Chrome and Opera – with Opera leading with 66% market share of all browser marketshare.

Firefox Quantum, built on the Gecko engine, incorporates significant changes that enhance its performance. These include multiprocess architecture to more evenly distribute processing loads and reduce memory usage on modern PCs; Rust as a safe concurrent and high performance alternative to C; as well as enhanced graphics and media engines supporting more video formats than before.

Built to be fast and powerful, with an intuitive user interface that is simple to use, Opera is designed to make online life easy for its users. It includes pop-up blocking technology as well as integration with Google search; in addition, its built-in app Pocket lets you save content as well as listen to audio versions of articles.

Firefox’s security features are comprehensive, including its ability to block cryptomining scripts, social trackers and fingerprinting. Furthermore, third-party tracking cookies are blocked and your personal data from websites which have used them can be deleted easily – these measures help stop companies using your information for targeted marketing and protect you against identity theft.

This browser is supported by an active community of developers, making it one of the safest options on the market. Furthermore, it has an effective phishing detection tool and HTTPS protocol security features as well as offering customizable and comprehensive user experiences.


Mozilla is offering you the freedom to personalize Firefox Quantum exactly to your needs. As an open-source web browser, this gives you access to numerous features you may no longer require or that don’t fit your style – including unchecking any that are unsuitable for you or shifting them around as desired. Easily set up your toolbar exactly how you’d like it by right-clicking any free space to open up the Customize menu – then drag items from it into an overflow menu for hiding purposes by default and placing them exactly as desired!

This new release introduces several improvements and additions to customization options, such as being able to change the display language for the Firefox UI in the Options page – multilingual users will appreciate this improved experience for managing their language preferences. A revamped Content Blocking section gives standard, strict, and custom settings to control online trackers. Furthermore, Firefox 65 adds stronger stack smashing protection on GNU/Linux systems; an updated Task Manager page at about:performance that offers memory usage details about tabs and add-ons; support for Storage Access API on desktop platforms; stronger stack smashing protection on GNU/Linux systems; strengthened stack smashing protection on GNU/Linux systems; improved experience managing language preferences; revamped Content Blocking section gives standard strict and custom settings control of online trackers ; and support for Storage Access API on desktop platforms.

Another significant change to Firefox is that upon exit, if it has been configured to restore browsing sessions automatically after restarts, Firefox will now notify you when exiting if this feature has been enabled in Security & Privacy section of Options page or Control Center. Additional improvements include enhanced security for GNU/Linux and Android with support for AV1 video codec support; Flexbox Inspector tool to highlight and debug Flexbox container sizes, as well as an easier Rules panel that manages CSS changes more easily.

Mozilla has enhanced the look of Firefox on high-resolution monitors through a project called Photon and introduced an inbuilt dark mode called Night Mode for private browsing.

Firefox currently trailing behind Chrome and Safari with 7.4% market share. With this latest update, hopefully they can catch up and challenge Google’s dominance of browser marketshare. Firefox Quantum is available now for Windows, Mac and Linux with support for multiple languages on each platform as well as mobile app versions available for both iOS and Android.


Firefox users have access to thousands of extensions designed to tailor it specifically to their individual needs, from productivity tools and ergonomic enhancements, ergonomic support and productivity auditing programs, ergonomic analysis tools and other extensions aimed at increasing ergonomic efficiency across browsers and more. While some extensions are exclusive to Firefox itself, others work across browsers too.

With the launch of Firefox Quantum, Mozilla has altered their add-on policy to only support add-ons created using WebExtensions. This has caused several popular add-ons to become inoperable; many were disabled or added to a list of legacy extensions; others are being modified so as to work properly with this version of Firefox.

The latest version of Firefox features several security and convenience features that enhance users’ browsing experiences, such as protection against malware, phishing and spyware, helping keep people safer online. In addition, private browsing and password managers help users remain in control of their online data.

Firefox Quantum includes numerous enhancements designed to improve the user experience. These include supporting AV1, an open standard for video compression which improves web compatibility and load times while saving bandwidth and storage costs, as well as stronger stack smashing protection that prevents malicious actors from taking control of vulnerable programs and corrupting them.

Mozilla’s Pope noted that recent enhancements furthered the theme of privacy found within ETP and Firefox Quantum, including the Facebook Container feature which separates an individual’s Facebook account from other parts of their browser session in order to prevent tracking from leaking across. Furthermore, Mozilla introduced a privacy tool which enables individuals to opt out of tracking on sites featuring embedded Facebook capabilities like Share or Like buttons.

The latest version of Firefox is available for Windows, macOS and Linux and it is highly recommended that users upgrade to the 64-bit version for optimal performance and memory management. As with previous editions of the browser, this one comes equipped with numerous security features to keep you safe online.

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